Lemon and Lace Presets Review 2024: for Any Photo Style

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Lightroom Tips

If you’re a photographer who’s actively leading a blog filled with beautiful images, then you can greatly benefit from purchasing Lemon and Lace presets. They are good at enhancing photos with an airy and bright feel while also adding a vintage film aesthetic. 

Lemon and Lace Presets Packs

The official Lemon and Lace studio website offers a wide arrangement of presets styles for portrait and lifestyle photos that are designed to emphasize the colors and details, boost contrast or align different tones. All preset collections are supported by modern Lightroom version as well as CS5 and CS6.

Lemon and Lace 01

lemon and lace happy hour collection

These Lemon and Lace presets are perfect for lifestyle and portraiture. These effects lower contrast and adjust the general color scheme to make it moodier and darker. The enhanced photos look exceptionally eye-catching and will be to the liking of your clients.

Lemon and Lace 02

lemon and lace happy hour 2 collection

Price: $20

After the success of their initial collection, the studio designed another package of presets that followed a similar theme. The key distinction between the two bundles is the lack of any matte effects. These presets are ready to beautify your shots with moody tones that will make them more captivating.

Lemon and Lace 03

lemon and lace happy hour fall collection

Price: $19

This package was also somewhat inspired by the previous preset collections, as it allows you to enhance your photos by slightly adjusting the contrast and adding a bit of warmth. Perfectly suited for Boho photography, it can be a great alternative to DoYouTravel presets if you’ve grown tired of this style.

Lemon and Lace 04

lemon and lace boss lady collection

Price: $20

Are you a fan of shooting different branding subjects or lifestyle headshots? Then this collection of Lemon and Lace presets is exactly what you need to boost your workflow while achieving top-tier results. You can use them to adjust white balance, tweak color tones to make them slightly warmer, and receive a clean professional look.

Lemon and Lace 05

lemon and lace bundle so fresh collection

Price: $15

This isn’t a single preset collection but rather 4 different packages wrapped into one bundle. It includes 44 tools that are designed to add a light, airy feel to your photos while also representing a solid alternative for Dirty Boots presets.

Lemon and Lace 06

lemon and lace сalifornia dreaming collection

Price: $20

If you feel like your work is lacking a certain nostalgic feel, then these Lemon and Lace Lightroom presets should be right up your alley. They mute the colors and add pastel tones while infusing the image with a sense of warmth. The enhanced skin tone will look perfectly smooth while the overall color scheme will gain a nice balance.

Lemon and Lace 07

lemon and lace confetti cake collection

Price: $19

This preset collection can be used for most photography genres regardless of whether you're working on implementing your landscape, city, portrait, family photo ideas or senior picture ideas. If you’re willing to try out new effects and are open to enhancing your photos with bright, daring shades that look like Alen Palander presets, this bundle will meet and exceed all your expectations.

Lemon and Lace 08

lemon and lace dreamy studio collection

Price: $15

This bundle of Lemon and Lace presets is targeted at photographers that do most of their work in their studios or homes. The included effects are perfectly suited for enhancing child, couple, female, and wedding pictures while providing particularly great results with natural lighting.

Lemon and Lace 09

lemon and lace gold fox collection

Price: $19

If you want to add crispness to your pictures, these are the presets for you. Akin to Aspyn Ovard presets, this collection primarily focuses on making the colors more popping and less matte. The provided tools are especially effective at enhancing evening and morning photos.

Lemon and Lace 10

lemon and lace happy hour winter collection

If you’re a fan of some of the previous packages but are interested in presets that were made specifically for wintertime photos, you can get this collection. It will ensure your holiday pictures will shine with stunning whites and deep tones. If you use the included presets on outdoor portrait photos, you can make the skin tones of your models look smooth and creamy.

Lemon and Lace 11

lemon and lace collection for boudoir

Price: $20

This collection includes 6 high-quality Lemon and Lace presets that you can use to ensure your boudoir photography looks clean, sharp, and aesthetically appealing.

Lemon and Lace 12

lemon and lace magnolia mint collection

Price: $20

If you're a fan of Peter McKinnon presets, then you’re going to adore the light and airy enhancements these tools add to your images. Moreover, they infuse the photo with pastel colors while preserving its clear and fresh look, making them the perfect choice for spring and summertime photoshoots.

Lemon and Lace 13

lemon and lace paint in colors fall collection

Price: $20

This enormous bundle includes 40 presets that are designed to make your photos stand out from the pack. It doesn’t matter what look you’re going for – daring, subtle and airy, gloomy, B&W, clean, vintage – you’ll find an appropriate effect inside.

Lemon and Lace 14

lemon and lace pink frost collection

Price: $20

This trendy preset package contains tools that allow you to increase the saturation of the colors and make them more dramatic while being suitable for both studio photos and those taken outside. The collection offers a broad range of effects that vary from warm to cold, helping you easily find an appropriate option for each image.

Lemon and Lace 15

lemon and lace pure joy collection

Price: $19

These presets were made possible thanks to Stephanie Reeves photography. This classic collection includes top-notch tools for enhancing wedding, portrait, family, and senior pictures. However, there’s no reason you should limit yourself to just those genres.

Lemon and Lace 16

lemon and lace sherbet studio collection

If you’re primarily a studio photographer, you know how important it is to tie the entire shot, particularly the backdrop, together. These presets can help you with that task by making the skin tones of your models look matte, soft, and smooth. They also add bright, slightly dimmed colors, the intensity of which you can adjust to your liking.

Lemon and Lace 17

lemon and lace sweet peach collection

Price: $19

This collection is heavily reminiscent of LXC presets and serves to lower the color temperature of the undertones and introduce some artistic shadows that make the model’s face more pronounced and attention-grabbing. You can use these tools for non-portrait photos as well.

Lemon and Lace 18

lemon and lace vintage lace collection

These Lemon and Lace presets are perfect if you want to add a vintage feel to your work. They add depth to the colors while ensuring the greens look soft and subdued, allowing you to enjoy an aesthetically-pleasing, charming result.

Lemon and Lace 19

lemon and lace wonderland collection

Price: $15

This collection includes 10 presets, 9 snow overlays, and 2 winter lighting overlays. If you ever feel like your wintertime photos don’t feel festive or “wintery” enough, these tools will help you deal with that problem. However, it should be mentioned that these presets are best used on photos taken in daytime light to ensure the results look realistic.

Lemon and Lace 20

lemon and lace woodland santa collection

Price: $19

This bundle contains tools that beautify your shots with warm undertones while boosting the overall sharpness. It’s a terrific fit for wintertime photos, as it strengthens the whites and adds soft, bright tones. Moreover, these presets can provide equally great results for other genres as well including wedding and family photography.

Lemon and Lace 21

lemon and lace evergreen clean collection for mobile

Price: $9

These Lemon and Lace Lightroom presets enhance your photos with a greenish hue while delivering natural results when applied to JPG photos taken with your phone. They help balance out the colors, highlight pastel tones, and remove unnecessary skin gloss.

These tools can be installed on the Lightroom Mobile version and used for performing batch editing or adjusted to fit your own retouching style and saved as new presets.

Lemon and Lace Studios on Instagram

lemon and lace studio instagram

Username: @lemonandlacestudios
Genre: travel, portrait, travel, family
Followers: 3k

If you would like to check out what kind of results you can expect from using Lemon and Lace presets, go to their Instagram page. There you'll find images that were enhanced with these tools posted by photographers from all corners of the planet. Some of the photos can even inspire you for your next photo shoot.

Additionally, I should mention that the comment section under the posts is open so you can easily find like-minded photographers to learn a lot of useful information, for instance regarding Instagram profile photo requirements, how to build your social media following or general photo tips.

FREE Bonus Tools

free alternative lightroom presets by fixthephoto

Can’t afford to purchase expensive preset packs but still want to create high-quality professional photos? Then check out these free alternatives to Lemon and Lace presets from FixThePhoto for the desktop version of Lightroom. Make your photos brighter, boost contrast, increase saturation, and adjust specific tones. You can also learn how to install Lightroom mobile presets, if you like to edit images on the go.

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