Embrace Presets Review

Embrace Presets Review

embrace presets

Embrace presets were created by Jasmin Jade, a talented boudoir and portrait artist from Arizona. Bringing a peculiar film look to images, they are a great choice for pictures taken outdoors. This post is devoted to all Embrace Lightroom presets for you to understand how they may change a photo. A variety of image samples will come in handy. Remember to read till the end, as there you can find a selection of free plug-ins resembled those crafted by Jasmin Jade.

Embrace Presets Collections

Excited and inspired by the everlasting charm of film photography, Jasmin created 8 unique collections of Embrace presets. Keep reading to find out more details about each bundle.

The Runway Collection

embrace nation fashion presets Download Professional Lightroom Presets

This pack is a nice addition to the toolkit of fashion photographers. It comprises 9 presets, 6 of which are colorful and 3 are B&W. Jasmin was quite inventive naming her colorful plug-ins, known as L.A, Milan, London, New York, Paris.

Fire & Ice Collection with Jen Rozenbaum

embrace boudoir lightroom presets

Price: $97

Together with Jen Rozenbaum, Jasmin crafted a universal package of boudoir Lightroom presets to completely satisfy the needs of boudoir photographers.

Actually, this bundle has all the necessary effects for this genre. However, wedding and lifestyle shooters also resort to this collection when they need to give their shots a cinematic touch. In total, there are 23 presets & 23 practical tools for LR. Examining the entire pack, you will be impressed by its variety.

The Willow Collection

embrace nation willow collection

Price: $55

Downloading the Willow Collection, you get 29 top-notch presets and a selection of handy tools to make your workflow even simpler. Applying these filters, you can make brown shades more pronounced and highlight green areas of a shot. There are effective instruments for portrait editing that you can use to make the skin tone creamy and smooth.

Wanderlust Collection

embrace wanderlust presets Download Must-Have Lightroom Presets

If you are after a moody look and muted color in your images, the Wanderlust presets are a perfect match. They work amazingly with pictures taken outdoors, as well as images of couples, wedding and families.

In case you practice shooting during Golden Hour or like working on a gloomy day and want to professionally enhance your shots, these plug-ins will be very helpful. The entire pack includes 20 presets – 14 color, 3 B&W and 3 practical tools (add grain, remove grain and reset all).

The Embrace Collection

embrace nation collection

Price: $55

Embrace Nation presets are highly popular among different photographers, as they feature necessary filters to improve indoor and outdoor shots, taken during Golden Hour, on a cold winter day, in the morning, etc. You can confidently use them to perfect wedding and family photos. The collection consists of 10 presets (7 color and 3 B&W).

The Jade Presets

embrace nation jade presets

Price: $55

Slightly resembling the Embrace Collection, these presets work more gently. They add warm earthy shades to images, slightly rising contrast. You can apply these 15 effects to outdoors shots, those taken during Golden Hour and with backlighting. The warm tones can nicely complement family, wedding and couple photos.

The Boudoir Tones

boudoir lightroom presets embrace Download Wedding Lightroom Presets

Designed to simplify the work of boudoir photographers, these Embrace presets ideally even out the skin tone, giving it a fresh look. You can use them for images taken in low or direct light, to achieve a moody effect. The pack includes 37 top-shelf presets and 9 Skin Brushes that make skin editing real pleasure.

Embrace Volume II

embrace nation presets

Price: $147

After the immense popularity of the Embrace Collection, Jasmin created the second bundle, which continued the initial idea. There you can find 13 WB toning filters and 30 top-quality premium presets. These tools have been tested and approved by many photographers across the globe, so think about getting them too.

Embrace Presets on Instagram

embrace nation instagram

Username: @embrace_presets

Genre: wedding, boudoir, portrait photography

Followers: 14.7k

Jasmin Jade is actively promoting her Embrace Nation presets and you can learn the opinion of other shooters, who have tried out her plug-ins. Visit this Instagram page and see in what way you can transform your images, using these tools. Each photo has a description including the name of the preset that has been used during editing.

Besides, you get a chance to win some presents and giveaways, so subscribe not to miss the opportunity.

FREE Alternatives to Embrace Presets

Since it is impossible to find free Embrace presets, FixThePhoto retouchers created similar effects that you can get without spending money. Examine the options below and download those you like.

Warm Filter

warm wedding freebie for photographerwarm wedding freebie for photographer

Want to add some warm shades to your wedding pictures? Try this free filter. It also makes photos softer and clearer.

Orange Shadows

portrait freebie for photographerportrait freebie for photographer

Editing images taken outdoors, you should definitely use this preset. It adds an orange fade look and an airy feel to them.

Warm Light

warm light freebie for photographerwarm light freebie for photographer

One of the best free Lightroom presets for portrait editing. The skin tone acquires a warm shade and a fresh look.

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