Embrace Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Embrace presets are designed to make photos look like film. You can use them to enhance images captured outdoors. This article contains detailed descriptions of popular preset collections that are great for adjusting portrait and boudoir images in Lightroom.

New Embrace Presets Havanna Collection

havanna embrace presets

This new collection comprises 22 presets and is an optimal choice for those who like aesthetic and natural tones. If are interested in golden hour photography and want to make your pictures more vibrant, these filters allow editing images the way you like. The bundle is similar to DoYouTravel presets. It is great for travel bloggers who take photos of beaches and mountains.

If you want to get stunning results without paying too much effort, then contact professional retouchers. They will quickly edit your images for your family albums. Besides, you will be able to submit such photos to photography contests as well.

Honey Dew Presets Collection

honey dev embrace presets

This unique set of 13 presets can add warm tones to pictures. You can make the skin look creamy white and tanned without solid shadows, which often appear in backlit photos. Honey Dew wasn’t developed specifically for refining skin like other presets. It was designed to achieve a warm and captivating golden-hour look.

The Runway Presets Collection

the runway embrace presets

This bundle of Embrace Lightroom presets provides fashion photographers with a handy toolset for improving images. It consists of six colorful and three black-and-white filters. You should pay attention to the names of the colored plugins. The pack contains L.A., Milan, London, New York, Paris presets that were inspired by the architecture and culture of those cities and convey their special atmosphere.

Fire & Ice Collection with Jen Rozenbaum

fire and ice embrace presets

Together with Jen Rozenbaum, Jasmin crafted a universal package of boudoir Lightroom presets to completely satisfy the needs of boudoir photographers.

Actually, this bundle has all the necessary effects for this genre. However, wedding and lifestyle shooters also resort to this collection when they need to give their shots a cinematic touch. In total, there are 23 presets & 23 practical tools for Lr. Examining the entire pack, you will be impressed by its variety.

The Willow Presets Collection

the willow embrace presets

Downloading the Willow Collection, you get 29 top-notch presets and a selection of handy tools to make your workflow even simpler. Applying these filters, you can make brown shades more pronounced and highlight green areas of a shot. There are effective instruments for portrait editing that you can use to make the skin tone creamy and smooth.

By using these tools, you can batch edit in Lightroom with several clicks.

Wanderlust Presets Collection

wanderlust embrace presets

If you are after a moody look and muted color in your images, the Wanderlust presets are a perfect match. They work amazingly with pictures taken outdoors, as well as images of couples, wedding and families.

In case you practice shooting during Golden Hour or like working on a gloomy day and want to professionally enhance your shots, these plug-ins will be very helpful. The entire pack includes 20 presets – 14 color, 3 B&W and 3 practical tools (add grain, remove grain and reset all).

The Boudoir Tones Presets Collection

the boudoir embrace presets

Designed to simplify the work of boudoir photographers, these Embrace presets ideally even out the skin tone, giving it a fresh look. You can use them for images taken in low or direct light, to achieve a moody effect. The pack includes 37 top-shelf presets and 9 Skin Brushes that make skin editing real pleasure.

If you want to get Lightroom for free, then you should be careful and use only reliable sources. Do not download data from third-party websites to avoid file damage and loss. This collection will help you enhance skin tones in your photos and make them more appealing.

The Jade Presets Collection

the jade embrace prests

Slightly resembling the Embrace Collection, these presets work more gently. They add warm earthy shades to images, slightly rising contrast. You can apply these 15 effects to outdoors shots, those taken during Golden Hour and with backlighting. The warm tones can enhance family, wedding, and couple shots. This collection is similar to Phil Chester presets.

The Embrace Presets Collection

embrace presets collection

Inspired by the beauty and glamour of film photography, this bundle includes filters that will help you refine various photos taken outdoors or indoors at different times of the day.

You can confidently use them to perfect film and family photos. The collection consists of 10 presets (7 color and 3 B&W).

Embrace Volume II Presets Collection

second embrace presets collection

The second volume of Embrace presets was inspired by old movies and film photography. It comprises 13 white-and-black toning filters and thirty filters of premium quality. Photographers from around the globe use these presets, so they are worth your attention.

You will also need to learn how to add presets to Lightroom to find out how to install the whole pack in one click without spending time on downloading each separate preset.

Embrace Presets on Instagram

embrace presets instagram

Username: @embrace_presets
Genre: wedding, boudoir, portrait photography
Followers: 14.7k

Jasmin Jade is actively advertising her Embrace Nation presets on Instagram, which is one of the most popular social media for photographers. Here you can check out the reviews of other photographers who have already refined images with the plugins. Browse her Instagram page and evaluate the examples of pictures processed with these presets. Besides, under each photo, you can find the description of what tools have been used for editing.

So if you are one of the Instagram photographers, this account will be interesting for you. Moreover, subscribers can also win some gifts and giveaways.

To make your photography feed look more attention-grabbing, check Instagram profile photo requirements.

Free Bonus Tools

bonus tools for lightroom

To get professionally edited pictures with little to no effort, try to use the best free Lightroom presets. They work well for refining portraits and wedding photos, as well as other types of pictures regardless of when and where they were taken.

These filters add warm and pink shades to the skin. The shadows become more detailed. However, you need to consider the fact that every picture is unique, so you can customize the presets to achieve the desired look.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.