Phil Chester Presets

Phil Chester Presets

If you’re interested in Phil Chester presets because you love photographs with a desaturated film look, then you came to the right place. Here, you will find everything about his wonderful effects. Phil Chested did an incredible job creating these presets that are ideal for wedding photographers, who want to produce pictures with relatively dim, warm colors.

phil chester presets

Best Phil Chester Presets Collections

All Phil Chester presets are divided into collections based on the specific effect they create. Phil has three collections in total. Two of them have 5+ presets and the last one has two special presets specifically developed for a certain photography style.

Phil Chester Presets: PS

The package opens with classic effects that stood the test of time and continues with film toning presets that look particularly great in portrait photographs. According to Phil Chester, he was inspired by Portra 400 film, when he was coming up with the latter effects.


phil chester presets collection Download Lightroom Presets

If you’d like to improve underexposed photographs and emphasize the shadow details, this is the tool you need. Not only does it increase contrast, but it also adds a strong red tint that makes the skin tone a hundred times more beautiful. I suggest applying the preset to images with objects made of interesting materials such as paper, wood, or leather.

PS01 + Shadow Boost

phil chester lightroom presets collection

This preset almost completely copies the previous one in terms of color correction, but here you also get additional shadow adjustments.


phil chester lightroom presets

Whenever you struggle to adjust white balance properly and the colors seem off, you can deal with this issue by applying this effect. This option also comes in handy when you have a lot of green or orange shades in the photo and need to make them look more realistic. Lastly, this filter helps smoothen the skin color and highlight the darker areas of the photo, while the brighter zones get spiced up with a tender glow.


phil chester presets instagram

Plenty of photographers who are using DSLRs wish they could easily make their images look like old film photographs. Thanks to this filter, that dream can be realized with ease. It emulates that peculiar film style, while also introducing subtle matte and hazy hues complemented with a bit of grain. What you receive as a result is a photo with a tender, romantic mood, which is exactly what you need for a wedding or love story shoot.


phil chester presets before and after

From all Phil Chester presets, this one can rightfully be considered the most multifunctional one. It adds a film aesthetic to the photo, increases brightness and introduces alluring pastel tones. The enhanced photograph looks fresh and vivid. After applying it to over a hundred portraits, I can safely state that this filter is amazing it improving skin tones.


phil chester editing presets

This is the go-to Phil Chester filer for landscape photos that feature hills, lakes, and oceans if they can benefit from more realistic, livelier colors. It increases the depth of blue tones while infusing them with subtle green hues. Additionally, the preset improves the curves and highlights to make the rest of the colors deeper. Unsurprisingly, this effect is very popular among travel photographers, but it’s also very useful for outdoor wedding and love story images.


phil chester editing presets ps

If you’re after a colder and clearer color palette, this is probably the best preset to get. It adjusts grey tints and boosts contrast, putting more emphasis on the lighter picture areas. This option proved to be in high demand among photographers who mostly work with landscapes and wanted a tool for improving skies and water surfaces in their images.

PS06 + Less Contrast

phil chester editing presets less contrast

This preset almost completely copies the effect of the previous option in how it treats the colors, but the contrast isn’t as intense to get a softer look.

PS07 Vintage

phil chester editing presets vintage

You can use the preset to boost the softness of a picture and add a subtle red tone to it, while the rest of the colors become more vibrant and eye-catching. I recommend applying it to genre-appropriate photos that have a vintage-themed subject.

PS07 Vintage Warm

phil chester editing presets vintage warm

If your goal is emulating a vintage film look with “washed out” colors, then you can make use of this Phil Chester photography filter. It was designed to tone down the highlights and reduce the black point, which brought down the saturation of the entire color palette.

The created somber atmosphere not only adds drama but also makes the model’s warm skin colors more appealing and popping. However, mind using this effect on underexposed photographs can lead to unexpected results, which is why you should always check all the main settings.


phil chester presets black and white

This option is suitable for most photography genres, but I particularly like how it looks in portrait, love story, and boudoir photos. Its main purpose is to make the skin texture softer and lighter, while maintaining natural colors.

PS08 + Contrast

phil chester presets black and white contrast

This effect mostly resembles the previous one with its amazing black-and-white depth, but it also increases contrast to make the shadows and highlights more pronounced.

PS09 Bonus Preset

bonus phil chester lightroom presets

This preset adds an entire heap of colors, namely turquoise, burgundy, brown, and yellow. Also, it makes the lines dividing the shadowed and light areas more distinguished. I suggest applying it to outdoor photographs taken in rich light.

lightroom logo   Download Lightroom Free to test this raw photo editing software before subscription.

Phil Chester Presets: Signature Collection

The presets described below are Chester’s signature creations that he uses during the initial photo editing stage. This set includes 4 color and a pair of B&W filters that cost $75. Chester doesn’t chase after trends, giving preference to clean and natural skin tones, and maintaining a cohesive style no matter how many photo shoots he goes through.


phil chester photography preset

Phil Chester ordinarily resorts to this option when editing his color photographs. The preset focuses on ensuring the skin tone is as natural as possible and does an amazing job 90% of the time. All you’ll have to do is slightly tweak the lighting and white balance afterward.


phil chester photography presets

In some situations, a photograph can gain more intense blacks and whites so that they become more popping, and this is the perfect preset for that job. Moreover, it also brings a warm split toning that improves natural lighting, which is perfect for outdoor photos.


phil chester signature collection presets download

This is Phil’s favorite effect for photos taken in very bright lighting. The preset manages to adjust colors without destroying the brightest picture areas, which is a godsend for overexposed photographs. The preset also applies toning that improves the foliage tones (forests, fields, etc.).


phil chester signature collection presets

I recommend this option for all your B&W images. It gives the photo a strong contrast and makes the model’s skin more popping so that it doesn’t look obscured by the background.


phil chester signature collection presets black and white

This preset doesn’t boost the contrast as much, which is great if the colors are already very saturated. The received result is softer and cleaner.


phil chester editing signature collection presets

If you’re a portrait photographer and are keen on ensuring all your photographs are beautiful and special, check out this option. It reduces the color saturation, while drawing more attention to the model’s skin. This way you’ll be certain your subjects will truly shine.

Phil Chester Presets X Series

This is Chester’s latest collection of LR + Adobe Camera Raw photo editing tools for $40. It contains one color and one B&W preset. You can apply the color preset to make the highlights creamier with a subtle grainy look.


phil chester lightroom presets x series

Look at the preview image above to examine the applied effect. This preset is very versatile, performing a broad array of different adjustments. It increases sharpness, boosts contrast, maintains warmth and texture of the skin, desaturates the background and draws more attention to the subject. What more can you wish for?


phil chester presets x series

This B&W tool can be used to obtain a vintage faded atmosphere and reduced contrast. This is done thanks to the decreased saturation, black point, and highlights. Account for that fact if you want to apply this preset to a darker image, it will probably need to be edited beforehand. As always, the model’s skin tone remains well-defined and looks even better against the gritty background.

Phil Chester Video Tools

Price: $75

Once he was done creating plugins for Adobe Lr, Phil Chester decided to develop a collection of Look Up Tables for moviemakers. He created 32 customizable filters aimed at improving the skin color while staying true to a more conservative, timeless video editing style and saving you a ton of time on color grading. Even though you can apply these products to any video that needs skin tone enhancement, they look best when the video was recorded in proper natural lighting conditions. They’ve proven to work with most first-class cameras as you can see in the preview clip above.

This collection is compatible with all programs that support the .CUBE format. If you own Premiere, you can get Phil Chester filters via the Lumertri Tab. Phil himself works in Final Cut Pro X and takes advantage of the LUT Utility Plug-in. I suggest using that plugin too since it enables you to change the opacity of the Look Up Table or combine different ones. Sure, most plug-ins are fantastic by themselves, but experimenting with several of them at once can be absolutely rewarding.

  • Check out more Free LUTs for color grading.

Phil Chester Photography – Wedding Photographer in Portland

phil chester photography

Phil Chester is the type of photographer whose main goal is to capture the special connection between two people who found each other. He offers his models a chance to discover amazing places together while traveling and taking breathtaking photographs. Phil’s website has a separate section with a schedule of his future trips since he’s constantly on the move and wants his clients to visit new places with him and take great photos.

Phil Chester Instagram

phil chester instagram

Username: @philchester

Genre: portrait and wedding photography

Followers: 134K

If you’re interested in Chester’s work, you can check out his Instagram. Currently, he has over 133K followers, which is nothing short of amazing. You can examine his feed to see how Phil uses his presets to add a film feel to the images. If you want to get inspired by Chester’s work and learn more from him, this is the place to be.

Phil Chester Gear

phil chester gear

Given that Phil mainly does wedding and portraits shoots, here’s a list of equipment that he uses constantly:

  • Canon 5D Mark III – P. Chester has never let go of this body from the moment it was first released. Phil isn’t exactly an equipment-fanatic and even though he knows there are more impressive Nikon models available, Mark III suits his needs perfectly.
  • Canon 5D (classic) – It has a bad LCD screen that barely functions, but is capable of providing breathtaking skin tones. The photographer usually uses this model when he has a lot of time and the lighting conditions are perfect. The taken photographs require minimum editing.
  • Canon 50mm f/1.2L – Chester only has a couple of lenses and this model managed to make the cut. He mainly uses it for vertical shots.
  • Canon 35mm f/1.4L – This is his main lens and that’s not surprising. The lens has incredible focal length, making it suitable for all types of photos from close-up portraits to vast nature scenes.

Phil Chester Presets Coupon Code

In case you find the cost of Phil Chester presets download to be too high, I suggest you try to get a discount coupon. You can receive something between 10-30% off if you’ll frequently check sites like GOODSHOP, OFFERS, and RETAILMENOT. They only offer a finite number of coupons, so be sure to check them as often as possible.

Additionally, you can visit his Facebook page, where you can often find Phil Chester coupon codes that are valid for 24 hours and cover the purchase of any products from his website store.

FREE Alternatives to Phil Chester Lightroom Presets

If you’re searching for a free alternative to Phil’s presets because you want to achieve the same colors and faded film look he has, check out this collection. It’s perfect for city, portrait, and wedding photo shoots.

Wistful Portrait

phil chester presets free download alternativephil chester presets free download alternative

Use this preset to achieve Instagram cold tones. It is great for wedding and portrait photography and reminds of “X series”collection to some extent. This filter allows correcting skin tone to more bright, makes it more natural.

Wistful Soul

phil chester presets download alternativephil chester presets download alternative

This filter is a film combination of "Signature collection". It gives a photo a natural color along with white balance and warm color enhancement. It intensifies the yellow and brown colors adding a slight film shade. This preset makes a skin tone appear brighter.

Wistful Monochrome

download phil chester presets free alternativedownload phil chester presets free alternative

This preset inspired by all black-white Phil Chester presets. It gives a delicate matte effect which works great with wedding photography. Applying this filter, you will see that practically all colors are desaturated and this will give your photos a new life.

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