Trey Ratcliff Lightroom Presets Review

By Tata Rossi 24 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Trey Ratcliff Lr presets will help you make your photos unique. They are perfect for enhancing all kinds of landscapes, photos of streets, architecture, and lifestyle pics. In this review you learn more about the collections of filters created by this talented travel photographer.

As a bonus, you’ll find free Trey Ratcliff-inspired presets at the end of this article.

Trey Ratcliff Collections

On the Trey Ratcliff website, you can find 7 amazing collections of presets. They are fully compatible with any version of Adobe Lightroom, from 4 to CC. You can also use them in Lightroom Mobile.

They will work on any of your JPEG images. If you are not sure how to add presets to Lightroom, make sure to study our tutorial.

Trey Ratcliff Presets Bundle

trey ratcliff lightroom presets bundle

Number of presets included: 200+

This collection is indispensable for editing photos in Lightroom. You'll get over 200 filters that allow creating a variety of effects. For instance, you can use the HDR filters to increase sharpness, reduce noise, desaturate some colors while increasing the vibrancy of the other ones.

You can save a lot of money by buying this bundle since it’s available with a 30% discount. This option is very convenient for those who don’t want to waste much time trying to find all the necessary presets. Buy this collection if you want to fully focus on fast image enhancement.

Trey Ratcliff Festival Collection

trey ratcliff lightroom presets festival

Number of presets included: 29

Originally, this collection of Trey Ratcliff Lightroom presets was designed for festival photography, although they may be applied in a lot of other cases. This collection is also good for travel photography. Street and travel photographers often opt for this collection when enhancing their images. By making your photo slightly blurry, you can draw attention to a person or any object in the frame.

Use this set of Trey Ratcliff filters to add some festive vibes and bright accents to your pictures. With it, you can make colors vivid and natural. You can adjust the lighting in a photo, make dark areas lighter, change the temperature, and fully transform the atmosphere.

Trey Ratcliff Movie Night Pack

trey ratcliff lightroom presets movie night

Number of presets included: 5
Price: $15

This set of Trey Ratcliff Lr filters was inspired by nightlife photography. With them, you can emphasize the beauty of the night, sharpen the shadows, highlight light and glare. Combining different effects, you may get interesting results.

Here, the colors are colder. A combination of orange and blue colors is a perfect fit for dark photographs of nightlife. The fans of black and white shots will also find an amazing preset in this collection.

If you are interested in batch editing in Lightroom, try using these filters. With them, you can correct all photos at once with one click!

Trey Ratcliff People Pack

trey ratcliff lightroom presets people

Number of presets included: 17

This pack of presets allows you to make colors vivid and glowing, create unexpected combinations, and add more light to make your photos more unique. It is perfect for editing portraits in Lightroom.

With these Trey Ratcliff Lightroom presets, you can make the background soft and blurred, sharpen an image or add contrast to highlight important objects or areas. By making light brighter, you can create an overexposure effect. If you like black and white photography, you will be happy to find four special effects in this collection that will help you emphasize lights and shadows in such photos.

If you feel like your editing skills are lacking, consider reaching out to our service. Our professionals will enhance the colors in your photos, adjust exposure, and help convey the exact mood you're looking for, all for a reasonable price and with a quick turnaround. They can also imitate the effects created by different Trey Ratcliff filters or any other look you want.

Trey Ratcliff Volume 1 Bundle

trey ratcliff lightroom presets volume 1

Number of presets included: 72
Price: $29

This bundle of Trey Ratcliff presets will come in handy for travel bloggers. It allows you to add HDR effects. Highlight the brightest colors, draw attention to the textures, emphasize the volume of objects in your pictures.

The presets from this collection are also perfect for portrait photography. The people in your photos will look natural, with healthy, glowing skin, natural hair, eye shadows, etc.

With these filters, you can embellish your photos while keeping them realistic, without any oversaturated colors. Add impressive light and shadow effects, gradients and overflows, blur the background and apply other effects to make your shots special.

Trey Ratcliff Volume 2 Pack

trey ratcliff lightroom presets volume 2

Number of presets included: 59

In this collection, you will find a lot of improved HDR filters that allow you to raise sharpness, reduce noise, highlight colors, etc. Unusual shades, sparkling flashes, interesting combinations of light and shadow will bring some drama to your pictures.

There is a range of tools for enhancing the background, particularly the sky. Use these plugins to change the mood of your photo by adjusting the shade of the blue sky, adding clouds, stars, or other details. Besides, you can enhance your pictures using amazing gradients and unexpected color combinations.

Trey Ratcliff Volume 3 Package

trey ratcliff lightroom presets volume 3

Number of presets included: 100+
Price: $29

This bundle is a must for Instagram photographers because it works great for any genre of photography. With it, you can adjust HDR color settings, raise sharpness and remove noise. To enhance your picture even further, you can add color tints or creative effects, for instance, the aging or lightening effects.

Select a collection that will be perfect for the genre you are working with. The filters allow you to choose attractive color combinations, correct the complexion, and adjust the light.

Trey Ratcliff on Instagram

trey ratcliff instagram

Username: @treyratcliff
Genre: Landscape, travel, urban photography
Followers: 179 K

Trey Ratcliff has an inspiring Instagram account that features lots of traveling pictures from all over the world. His page looks vivid and dynamic, every photo is special and creative, with a lot of details. It looks well-balanced and allows you to evaluate the results you will get after applying Trey Ratcliff filters.

On his Instagram account, Trey Ratcliff shows his works and provides examples of different effects. His page contains samples of the main photography types. All the images have been edited with his presets. Here, you will also find news about his store and handy landscape photography tips.

FREE Bonus Tools

landscape presets by fixthephoto

If you want to create an effect similar to those you can achieve by applying Trey Ratcliff presets but don’t have much money, you can enhance your photos without paying a dime. To do it, download this collection of free Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto.

With these filters, you can fix color distortion issues or remove shades. Improve colors, add sharpness, saturation, and enhance your pictures to make them brighter. Adjust light and shadows to correct imperfections.