8 Best Ways to Use Lightroom for Linux

Looking for Lightroom for Linux or a quality replacement? Most of the large companies, including Adobe, don’t create versions of their software for Linux OS because of its poor optimization and a small number of people using it.

But what about legal workarounds like Windows emulators for Linux or other equally effective alternatives? I have prepared for you a reliable emulator, as well as 7 full-fledged programs that can replace the non-existent Lightroom Linux version.

Lightroom for Linux: 8 Best Software

If you have Linux OS, you can’t buy Lightroom 2024 and use it on your device.. Fortunately, there is a life hack following which you can run a full working version of this editor.

You can also use other, no less effective programs for your browser and PC, capable of performing deep color correction with the help of masks and HSL, as well as organizing a whole library of photos.

1. Lightroom through Wine

lightroom through wine interface

You shouldn’t be upset and start looking for free Lightroom alternatives, as developers have created a specific free Windows program emulator called Wine or PlayOnLinux.

The emulator creates a separate section in your system, thanks to which you can read and install .exe programs. Since you need the .exe installer and not the Creative Cloud browser, you will have to buy older versions of Lightroom, namely CS4, CS5 or CS6.

If you’ve decided to save some money and download Lightroom crack, mind that your actions can entail many legal problems. Besides such a hacked program doesn’t have a licensed key and won’t pass the check.

2. Lightroom Online Editor

lightroom online editor best lightroom for linux

Lightroom online editor is an automated Lightroom on Linux that works with almost all RAW files and supports PSD, JPEG, XCF and 20+ formats.

Although there is no batch editing option, the program supports a number of third-party plug-ins: actions, overlays, textures and brushes, thanks to which you can improve your photos in one click. You can correct colors using curves and filters. There is also a traditional set of sliders to adjust exposure, white balance, shadows, etc.

More experienced retouchers can use masks and layers to fine-tune coloring. Automatic brushes help get rid of needless objects, eliminate acne, redness, and red-eye effect.

3. Darktable

darktable best lightroom for linux interface

Darktable is an open source cross-platform image editor. It offers non-destructive photo editing, supports third-party plug-ins, 600+ cameras, and allows performing deep color correction, which makes it one of the best free alternatives to Lightroom for Linux.

You can edit the tones of individual parts of a photo for more precise improvements or use ready-made presets in the batch editing mode. It is also possible to adjust dark and light segments of the image, HSL, sharpness and levels. What is more, the program allows adding watermarks and remove noise.

In addition to advanced photo editing functions, you will find a separate module with an excellent organizer, so you can arrange your photo library using various tags, ratings, etc. There is a preview panel and a separate menu with a map for adding GPS info. Such a convenient image editing process, makes the program a seriour player in the Darktable vs Lightroom battle.

4. Polarr

polarr best lightroom for linux interface

Polarr is an online editor for working with JPEG photos. It has a well-designed start-up guide, which makes it a good choice for beginner photographers and retouchers.

This alternative to Adobe Lightroom Linux version offers a convenient interface with hidden modules. You can use 100+ filters, configure them and save as personal preset. The text section contains all the necessary tools to adjust the transparency and create watermarks, while a separate menu for face editing allows improving the skin tone, adding shadows, lighting the desired area and blurring the background.

When it comes to color correction, mind that each tool can be used in the auto mode or you can make all the edits manually. You'll find color, light, and detail settings, vignette, HSL, curve toning, distortion, borders, effects, LUTs and rendering. More advanced photographers can use masks.

5. LightZone

lightzone best lightroom for linux interface

LightZone is a cross-platform semi-automatic image editor and converter for JPEG, TIFF and RAW photos, built on the basis of non-destructive editing.

The interface is divided into 2 separate modules for managing and navigating between photos and editing. You can organize pictures by rating, as well as view all EXIF data.

In the photo editing module, you can configure 30+ sliders in accordance with white balance, shadows, saturation and shadows. There are also 3 curves that allow for more accurate photo enhancement.

Besides, you can select and combine various effects. Ready-made settings can be saved as your own separate style, which makes it easy to repeat your favorite effects in the future or apply them to the image package in the Browse window.

6. RawTherapee

rawtherapee best lightroom for linux interface

RawTherapee is another open source cross-platform program that allows you to perform deep color correction of individual photos or in batch mode, organize photo libraries by rating and edit the model’s skin.

Lightroom vs RawTherapee rivalry is so evident, because both image editors supports non-destructive photo processing, so choosing the best option is no so easy. All changes aren’t applied until you export the edited RAW photo.

Among the tools, you will find a library of 30+ built-in presets with the ability to expand it with third-party filters. The instruments for histograms and tone mapping, noise reduction, tone correction, changing light sources, curves, and HSL are all arranged in a convenient way.

7. Fotoxx

fotoxx best lightroom for linux interface

Fotoxx is a bit outdated free image editing application that comes with many features, including editing and organizing RAW files based on batch editing techniques.

Despite such an outdated design, this Lightroom alternative for Linux can perform noise reduction, panning, adjust color and temperature, white and black points, correct chromatic aberration, fix red-eye effect and remove redness on the skin with automatic brushes, add textures, blur, custom text and even perform HDR editing by combining photos.

I also like that I can use Fotoxx as a plug-in for image editors like GIMP or RawTherapee. You can easily import a photo into the selected program on your PC.

8. DigiKam

digikam best lightroom for linux interface

DigiKam is another great beginner-friendly program for managing and organizing an entire album of photos. The developers took care of novice photographers and provided several short training lessons for them to grasp how the program works.

A separate organization menu allows you to register various tags, add geo and ratings, group them into categories for a more convenient search. You can also edit meta-data, create slide shows and calendars.

To correct colors, you can use batch processing mode with a full set of tools or improve photos individually. The toolset includes curves, filters and effects, instruments to adjust the gamma, sharpness, white balance, mix channels, remove noise, and even an oil paint tool to turn your photo into a picture.

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