Lightroom vs RawTherapee

If you want to know what is the difference between the photo editing programs Lightroom vs RawTherapee and what software is better, the information below will help you a lot with it.

Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editing programs because of its simple yet intuitive interface and its powerful retouching capabilities. Lightroom's unique features include the ability to manipulate your photos while you are viewing them, edit images when they are still in camera, and even export the pictures you have edited.

RawTherapee is an open-source digital photo editing software which offers a high-quality, cross-platform, cross-browser RAW photo processing. Due to its simple functionality, it is significantly helps amateur photographers build RAW image files with ease. This software works well with Adobe Photoshop, Corel and Dreamweaver which helps to make a process of editing complete.

Final Verdict:

If to talk about which of these two software can be considered better, then this is undoubtedly Lightroom. It offers advanced features for editing, retouching, manipulating and all possible photo processing. With the help of the program and its creative effects, you can achieve the perfect professional result, regardless of your level as a photographer.

Lightroom is the winner >

Lightroom Features:

  • Adjustable presets
  • Advanced color correction
  • Photo organizing options
  • Painting tools
  • Non-destructive editing

What is Lightroom?

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Lightroom offers you advanced editing features as color correction, removal of red eye effect, cropping, and more. You are also able to choose from a number of effects that can make your images look professional, elegant, and creative. If you are looking for a simple way to retouch photos with Adobe Lightroom, you can opt to use the preset photo editing tools and effects available.

One of the main features that most people love about Lightroom is the fact that you can easily make adjustments on the level of contrast and exposure of your photographs. There are many different tools, which enable you to quickly make settings for appropriate contrast, shades and light. Another lovely option of Lightroom is its ability to add transitions between your images which gives an opportunity Full Review to create effective collages.

What is RawTherapee?

rawtherapee interface

RawTherapee lets you add text and photos, and adjust your image so that it is the best possible look. It also allows you to edit your photos with different effects. This software enables to crop, rotate, and enhance your pictures so that they look great on your computer screen.

One of the best features of this processing software is its ability to edit your images in different colors. The program has various effects that you can use to make your pictures look like what they were actually taken. You can adjust colors and add a fade to photographs. When the editing process is over, you can save them to your hard drive process them over again if needed. Also it is possible to share your photo content with others through the Internet.


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Lightroom & RawTherapee Features:

  • Adjustable settings
  • Collection of brushes
  • Blemishes removal
  • Skin and hair retouching
  • RAW files support
  • RAW processing
  • Resizing abilities
  • Open-source platform
  • Color correction tools
  • Cataloging features

Lightroom and RawTherapee Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe Lightroom is the ultimate tool for editing your photos, because it allows you to process them without losing the quality of the pictures. Professional photographers use this program to fix the flaws in the pictures they took and give you the image you want to get. Also it is an appropriate variant for amateurs which will find here basic editing features. You'll exactly get pro-looking final result, no matter whether your photographs were taken with a high end digital camera or with an old film camera.