Totally Rad Lightroom Presets Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 16 days ago, Lightroom Tips

If you prefer deep and dramatic shots with a vintage effect, Totally Rad Lightroom presets are what you need. These presets allow you to add cinematic flair to your pictures.

These plugins are compatible with various versions of Adobe Lightroom versions, including 4, CC, or Lightroom Mobile.

Totally Rad Lightroom Presets Collections

Totally Rad made three sets of effects to choose from. Totally Rad presets work great for improving film photography. With them, your pictures will look more interesting and mysterious. These sets will help you create stunning effects even if you use photo editing software for beginners with basic tools.

Replichrome I: Icon

totally rad presets replichrome icon

The first collection by Totally Rad includes effects from popular movies. The developers worked hard to create this Replichrome I set. They chose the most iconic film and shot it with different lighting and film cameras. Once done, they scanned it with Noritsu and Frontier scanners and tested the result in Lightroom and ACR.

When choosing films, the developers took into account modern standards of film images. As a rule, photographers use types of effects based on their preferences. This presets collection includes film effects shot on the Fuji 160s, 400, 800, and the Kodak B&W films.

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Replichrome II: Slide

totally rad presets replichrome slide

Replichrome II is a collection of Totally Rad Lightroom presets that recreate the effects of Fuji, Scotch Chrome, and Kodak reversal films. Besides, you can benefit from the Noritsu and Epson scanner versions. Unlike the first option, this collection allows you to get stylish and vivid shots.

When using these presents, you can make your shots more detailed. Compared to the previous set, this bundle enhances the light and shadow contrast, balances the sharpness and smoothness of certain elements in the picture. For example, the grain effect allows you to make your photos look like scenes from films in various styles.

Replichrome III: Archive

totally rad presets replichrome archive

The work on the Archive collection was a bit challenging since most of the films are outdated and not suitable for use. That’s why the third set is the most exclusive compared to others presented by Totally Rad.

These effects work great for portrait photography. You can use them for adjusting skin tones and editing batches of images. When working with bright pictures, you can create a slight vintage effect. However, these presets aren’t suitable for wedding photography. We recommend using them for niche projects.

Replichrome III: Archive is great for enhancing your shots and giving them a stylized look. These Totally Rad Lightroom presets come in handy if you want to simulate modern film effects, including Kodak and Fuji shot on the latest or vintage cameras.

Totally Rad Lightroom Presets on Instagram

totally rad presets instagram

Username: @gettotallyrad
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On the official Instagram account of Totally Rad, you can find useful tips on photo editing software for photographers. Besides, they share the latest photography and art news. The company has an attractive blog with attention-grabbing posts.

Besides, you can find pictures edited with the Totally Rad presets with hilarious captions. Here, you will find information about camera settings for portraits and other styles. If you are a beginner, you can try replicating similar filters.

Free Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection

To download Totally Rad Lightroom presets, you need to purchase them first. However, if you’re on a budget, you can try their free alternatives. These high-quality presets are easy to use with detailed explanations on how to install and use such effects.

Totally Rad collections help you add a vintage, cinematic look to your pictures. These presets are perfect for aesthetic photography since they allow you to create a warm atmosphere.

You can use these sets to improve skin tone and simulate the effect of various films, including Fuji, Kodak, etc. You can experiment with various styles, making pictures darker, adding grains or shadows to them. Besides, you can adjust each effect with the help of the guide on how to add presets to Lightroom.

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