Noble Presets Review 2024: Professional Film Effect

By Tata Rossi 4 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Noble presets are ideal tools if you need to give your images a film look. They are highly praised by newborn, wedding, portrait and couple photographers.

You can customize all the presets or use them for batch processing, which allows you to edit several images in one click. In case you can’t afford to buy these plug-ins, you can use free Noble-inspired presets designed by FixThePhoto.

Noble Presets Collections

If you are interested in film-inspired effects, you should visit the official website and take a closer look at 3 available collections. All these presets were created for Lightroom and are compatible with the following versions: CS5, CS6, CC, Lr 2022, and Lr mobile.

Noble 01

noble premium presets for lightroom

Noble Signature color film presets are the go-to instruments if you need to edit wedding and portrait shots. They help level up the balance, make colors richer and enhance the skin tone, giving it a gentle glow.

They are aimed at digital and hybrid shooters who want to bring true film coloring to their works. Once you apply Noble Lightroom presets, greens in your images will become colder. Besides, there will be a slight grain and the contrast will be lowered.

To speed up your workflow even more, the developers included 16 Noble Enhancers in the pack, offering 1-click fixes for a unique photo post-processing experience. They also help you achieve consistency in all your projects.

Noble 02

noble monochrome presets for lightroom

This is a wonderful bundle of Noble presets designed to satisfy the needs of wedding and portrait photographers. You can use these tools to turn your shots into B&W images, drawing viewers’ attention to the romantic part of a photo.

Your image will acquire a gentle grain typical for medium format film. The collection comprises 7 effects, which give photographers and retouchers even more flexibility while editing shots.

Noble 03

noble must have presets for lightroom

This collection of presets was created by Rich Lander. It will help you make colors look more dynamic and add a soft glow to your photos. These presets are suitable for enhancing wedding and portrait photos taken in good weather when the sun is shining brightly.

They will help you remove deep shadows and emphasize bright areas. You can also use them to make your images more detailed. The tones will acquire a soft, matte look. If you use a black-and-white preset from this collection, you will be able to drive a viewer’s attention to the main subject, add some grain and adjust shadows.

Besides, you can customize all the settings of these presets. For instance, if you need to edit photos taken at night, you can use these filters to minimize noise and grain. When editing portrait photos, you can emphasize details.

Noble Mobile Presets

noble mobile presets for lightroom

Price: $69

For those looking for decent presets to edit pictures on the go, the developers have created a bundle of Noble Mobile filters. In total, you get 7 color presets and 1 B&W plug-in.

Experienced photographers have worked hard to create these tools so that you can make your images clearer and brighter in no time. They help balance color, accentuate pastel tones and remove unnatural shine from the skin, which fans of Alen Palander presets will especially like.

They are 100% compatible with JPEG images taken on a mobile, which makes them perfect for mobile shooters. Whatever photos you like to take and edit, the collection of Mobile Noble presets will be of invaluable help, bringing you professional and beautiful images.

You can use these presets in Adobe Lightroom mobile app. In case you don’t know how to install these plug-ins, watch a video tutorial or read the PDF file included in the pack. Besides, you can edit these presets and save them to your collections.

Noble Presets on Instagram

noble presets instagram

Username: @noblepresets
Genre: wedding, newborn, portrait photography
Followers: 23.7k

To see how Noble presets can change your photos, visit this Instagram page that contains lots of wedding, portrait and newborn images edited with the help of these filters.

You can even learn the name of the Noble Presets collection that has been used for editing a particular picture. Scroll till the end to get inspired by this set.

If you are a beginner photographer, you can send a request to ask the company to process your photo and mention you in a post as a photographer. Besides, you can add comments, ask questions and find similarly-minded people.

FREE Bonus Tools

free alternative noble lightroom presets by fixthephoto

If your budget is tight and you can’t buy Noble presets, you can download similar effects free of charge. The FixThePhoto team has created wonderful plug-ins imitating Noble and DoYouTravel presets, so give them a try. You can select black-and-white presets or use film effects to increase contrast, add some grain or a dramatic feel in one click.

Make sure to learn how to install Lightroom presets and add them to your photos. Similarly to Noble presets, these free alternatives can be used for batch-processing photos in Lightroom.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.