Alen Palander Presets

Alen Palander Presets

Alen Palander presets are original and professional Lightroom filters created by a famous photographer and Instagram blogger from Toronto. They are ideal for editing landscape pictures and travel portraits.

alen palander presets

In this article, I will review all Alen Palander presets and color grading LUTs with photo samples. As a bonus, you may download FREE Alen Palander inspired presets.

Alen Palander Presets Review

In the official Alen Palander shop, there are several collections of presets that can add an artistic effect and turn even an ordinary shot into a unique one. In general, it is worth noting that each collection is suitable for certain weather conditions and the period of the year.

Alen Palander Seasonal Pack

alen palander presets Download Lightroom Presets

The presented collection includes 11 presets that significantly improve contrast in the pictures and make the colors more saturated. These Alen Palander presets are ideal for both urban landscapes and photo sessions in the wild.

In this case, you may achieve a brighter or, on the contrary, a dark and mysterious look of the shots since the number of different presets provides the possibility to experiment. Besides, the “Seasonal Pack” contains black and white presets.

Alen Palander Winter Pack

alen palander

Price - $35

The “Winter Pack” collection will add colder shades to your images. They are perfect for winter landscape photography, as well as for editing night shots with a starry sky.

The collection features 11 presets for increasing contrast, improving color and brightness of the picture. In addition, I would like to note that these Alen Palander presets are suitable for portrait photography as they enhance the skin tone and don’t distort its color.

Alen Palander Summer Pack

alen palander lr preset summer pack Download Orange and Teal Lightroom Presets

The “Summer Pack” collection comprises 12 presets for editing summer shots. Each preset gives its unique effect. For instance, some of the filters are capable of making the image darker and more dramatic.

I prefer applying them to ocean pictures. You will find presets that add orange and rich colors, which is suitable for portraits or shots with the rocky landscape. Also, there is Alen Palander LR preset that changes the green color to yellow and helps achieve a more unique look of the image.

Alen Palander Fall Pack

alen palander fall preset Download Portrait Presets

The “Fall Pack” collection includes 8 top-grade presets that add a cinematic effect to the shots. They make the dark shades even darker, increase contrast and sharpness of landscape images.

Moreover, each Alen Palander fall preset allows you to convey the autumn atmosphere in the picture and make it livelier to a certain extent. The qualitative enhancement of colors and their natural look deserve special praise.

Mobile Presets

Some time ago, you could find a mini collection of Alen Palander mobile presets on his Instagram account. They could be purchased in his official shop, but, unfortunately, now this set is missing for unknown reasons.

Download Free Mobile Lightroom Presets

If you are interested in image color correction in the Alen Palander’s style on your smartphone, I suggest you viewing the photographer’ accounts and his content feed from time to time.

Alen Palander LUTs Review

Alen Palander is a talented photographer, who also enjoys recording videos of his travels or workflow. Therefore, his site offers not only Alen Palander presets but also LUTs.

They help boost color correction in the videos and make them look more professional. The tools are compatible with Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro.

Alen Palander 14 Cinematic LUTs

alen palander lut Download Professional LUTs

This Alen Palander LUT collection consists of 14 useful tools that are suitable for video of any format. They can be roughly divided into LUTs with sunset effect, which makes the picture softer and more tender, as well as LUTs which add more cool effects.

The latter are suitable for shoots in cities and in the mountains. All tools significantly improve contrast and produce remarkable color correction.

Alen Palander 7 Cinematic LUTs

alen palander lut

Price - $20

This set includes 7 first LUTs from the "14 Cinematic LUTs" collection. They will be appropriate for the majority of the tasks of the average user and may significantly improve contrast, remove haze from the video and add a professional cinematic look to the finished video from travels or blogs.

Among the LUTs, there are some that give a sunny effect, as well as those that make the picture more neutral.

Alen Palander Social Media

On his social networks, Alan Palander always shares interesting information and his own works. Now I will briefly tell you what you should pay attention to and what awaits you at different photographer’s sites.

Alen Palander Instagram Account

alen palander instagram

Username: @alenpalander

Genre: street and travel photography

Followers: 520K

The quality of his images is high, he always uses interesting approaches and professional picture post-production. Additionally, Alan quite often shares posts with useful information for photographers including tips and tricks. In his stories, Alan often publishes videos and shots of the working process

Alen Palander Blog

palander blog

On Alen Palander’s official blog, you may read various informative articles with tips from the photographer. Among them, you can find information about the equipment used by Palander in his work, where he draws inspiration from and notes from his travels.

Alen Palander Youtube Channel

alen palander youtube

You have an opportunity to learn more about the tricks for a professional photo session and informative tips for different types of shooting. Additionally, Alen Palander quite often publishes video from his travels on this channel.

How to Edit Photos Like Alen Palander

alen palander lightroom presets free alen palander lightroom presets free

You can easily edit your photos like Alen Palander does if you will play with some settings in Lightroom that are shown below. This way you will make your Instagram account more interesting and attractive.


For Luminance: Yellow -26 | Green +47 | Aqua +28

For Saturation: Red +49 | Yellow -34 | Green -66

For Hue: Red +11 | Yellow +36 | Green +64 | Aqua -15 | Blue -13

3 FREE Alen Palander Lightroom Presets

If you want to enhance your photos in style of Alen Palander presets, use these free alternatives. They allow you to quickly achieve the desired result and make the photo more original.

Free Lr Preset “Pearldust”

alen palander presets download free pearldust alen palander presets download free pearldust

If your photos are too dark and cold use this preset. It will add brilliance leaving the natural color of objects, and the photo will become brighter. Ideal for portrait photography.

Free Lr Preset “Sugar”

alen palander fall preset free download alen palander fall preset free download

This preset will become indispensable in the case of shooting architecture or landscape. The tool adds brightness and saturation to objects, and also gently increases contrast without distorting the overall appearance of the area.

Free Lr Preset “Emerald”

alen palander lightroom presets free alen palander lightroom presets free

If your pictures were taken in low light conditions, the Emerald preset will easily fix this problem. Photos will become much lighter and at the same time will not lose their natural color palette.

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