Alen Palander Presets Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Alan Palander is a famous photographer and Instagram blogger from Toronto. In addition to shooting, he likes creating unique Lr filters suitable for enhancing landscape photos and travel portraits.

This overview is devoted to the most popular Alan Palander presets currently available with samples. Besides, I have described some free filters that share the same color gamut at the end of the article.

Alen Palander Collections

If you like the way Alen edits his photos and want to imbue your images with the same colors, you definitely need to examine the following bundles in detail. You can upload and use all these presets in new and old Lightroom СС versions, as well as Lightroom Mobile.

The effects work best for JPEG photos. However, you’d better opt for RAW format while photographing, as such files contain more info that can be used at the editing stage. Refresh your knowledge of how to install Lightroom presets on Mac & Windows and start editing.

Alen Palander Ultimate Bundle

alen palander ultimate presets bundle

Number of presets included: 2067

If you are professionally involved in editing photos in Lightroom and want to make the procedure faster, make sure to download this bundle. Here you’ll find all packs of Alan Palander Lightroom presets that are aimed at travel, urban, and landscape photography lovers. The number of effects is fantastic, so you can easily create a specific mood.

Purchasing the bundle, you actually save some money, as separate presets cost more. Besides, this is a very convenient method to diversify your toolset. By clicking once, you get a whole range of top-quality effects instead of browsing different websites in the search of presets.

Alen Palander Winter Pack

alen palander winter pack

Number of presets included: 40

If you are after a wintry and icy look in your pictures, this collection of presets will definitely win your heart. The photographer specifically developed this pack for editing images taken in winter, to soften cold colors and emphasize tranquility. There are also some tools, using which you can add definition to the scene and produce a cozy winter motif.

If you have taken photos outdoors in winter, you probably encountered problems with color saturation, contrast balancing, and light reflection. Fixing these defects in every photo will become a nightmare! It’s better to use Alan Palander presets for batch editing in Lightroom, and make several images look flawless in an instant. Thus, you can easily turn gloomy and cloudy scenes into ice-kissed and ravishing pictures.

Alen Palander Summer Pack

alen palander summer pack

Number of presets included: 12
Price: $30

If you have a pile of summer images that call for professional color correction, there is hardly another pack of presets that can fit the bill. These filters spruce up pictures with sunny touches, tropical vibes, and enhanced vividness, which is bound to attract your Instagram followers. You can experiment with different lighting and color options to give ideas a digital form.

No matter what photos you need to edit – underwater shots, images taken at noon, or those snapped at sunset. There is a preset for virtually any scenario. Besides, these filters are suitable for improving not only travel and landscape images, but also for editing portraits in Lightroom.

If you lack experience to handle all editing tasks on your own or just have a busy working schedule, you can get in touch with professional retouchers. They will take care of improving colors, exposure adjustments, and will produce the atmosphere you are craving. They can also edit photos, following Alan Palander’s style. The turnaround is quick, and the price is reasonable.

Alen Palander Spring Pack

alen palander spring pack

Number of presets included: 12
Price: $30

Photos taken in spring have a special appeal, but you can accentuate that specific atmosphere and the feeling of renewal even more by applying Alan Palander Lightroom presets from this collection. Your images will become warmer, acquire slightly tinted greens and vibrant red and pink shades. Besides, tones turn clearer and crisper.

Besides, using any filter, you will notice that details in shots become well defined. The entire color gamut is shifted to a livelier and fresher side. 50% of the money received from this collection will be donated to The Nature Conservancy, a worldwide environmental non-profit organization that prevents wasteful use of resources in 72 countries across 6 continents.

Alen Palander Fall Pack

alen palander fall pack

Number of presets included: 8

Price: $30

This package consists of 8 top-notch presets that jazz up common scenes with a cinematic effect. Darks become inkier, while contrast and sharpness are raised. Such adjustments are particularly beneficial for landscape photos.

Looking through the bundle, you’ll see presets that add a cozy mood to photos, as well as those that accentuate warm and brown tones. There are also tools that affect clarity and effects aimed at tweaking red, orange, and yellow channels. In general, the outcome you get resembles the feel produced by Phil Chester presets.

Alen Palander Seasonal Pack

alen palander seasonal pack

Number of presets included: 30

If you don’t want to spend money on a separate pack of presets for a particular season, you can get several filters from all 4 sets, buying this seasonal collection. Thus, you’ll have terrific tools for photo processing no matter when you are going to take images. These Alan Palander presets cover a broad range of weather conditions and lighting patterns.

You may also need to learn how to use graduated filter in Lightroom to create mesmerizing compositions by dint of several instruments in one program.

Alen Palander New York Pack

alen palander new york pack

Number of presets included: 20
Price: $40

This pack is like a declaration of love to New York with its cityscapes, colors, people, and life in general. Street photographers like this collection a lot, as it is possible to transform plain places into attention-grabbing spots without much effort. These presets mainly influence blue tones and give an original composition a bit of drama.

Moreover, they fill the frame with movement that can be traced in the tiniest details. You can apply the filters to wide-angle photos of a city, snapshots of street art, and whatnot.

Alen Palander Travel Pack

alen palander travel pack

Number of presets included: 11
Price: $30

This is a must-have pack for Instagram photographers. Here you will find everything you may ever need for editing travel, hiking, landscape, nature, and other outdoor photos. The presets fill pictures with natural and clean hues.

By softening highlights and shadows, you can keep details and textures intact, which plays a significant role if you are editing images of mountain ranges, fields, and even cityscapes. Similar to Peter McKinnon presets, you can apply these tools to images taken in different weather conditions.

Alen Palander 14 LUTs: Cinematic

alen palander cinematic luts

Number of LUTs included: 14

This Alen Palander LUT collection consists of 14 useful tools that are suitable for video of any format, and are inspired by different cities. They can be roughly divided into LUTs with a sunset effect, which makes the picture softer and more tender, as well as LUTs which add more cool effects.

The latter are suitable for shoots in cities and in the mountains. All tools significantly improve contrast and produce remarkable colors.

Alen Palander 7 LUTs: Cinematic

alen palander cinematic luts

Number of LUTs included: 7
Price: $15

This set includes 7 first LUTs from the "14 Cinematic LUTs" collection. They will be appropriate for the majority of the tasks of the average user and may significantly improve contrast, remove haze from the video and add a professional cinematic look to the finished video from travels or blogs.

Among the LUTs, there are some that give a sunny effect, as well as those that make the picture more neutral.

Alen Palander on Instagram

alen palander instagram

Username: @alenpalander
Genre: Landscape, travel, urban, car photography
Followers: 794 K

Alen’s Instagram page is awash with winsome photos taken during trips all over the globe. In addition to images, he shares his shooting tricks, stories about his photography career, store updates, details about traveling, and lots of info about his cars.

You can find ground-breaking narrative photography tips to improve your visual storytelling and black and white photography hacks. All his posts have the same style and color gamut.

Bonus Tools

free lightroom landscape pretty presets by fixthephoto

If you like Alan Palander Lightroom presets but can’t currently afford to buy them, take a look at free yet not less impressive alternatives. We have prepared top-quality free Lightroom presets to help every inspiring photographer achieve excellent editing results. These presets resemble Alan’s filters in color and style. You can use them to edit travel and landscape photos taken in any season.