LXC Lightroom Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 4 days ago, Lightroom Tips

LXC Lightroom presets are in high demand among Instagram users, who want to imbue their photos with warm shades and matte touches. This article contains a detailed description of 8 high-quality LXC presets that you can use to turn your shots into beguiling art pieces.

LXC Lightroom Presets Collections

You can use these tools in Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom CC, Lr 4, 5, and 6. They are suitable for editing RAW and JPEG images both on Win and Mac platforms. The whole bundle costs 89 dollars.

LXC 01

lxc presets 01

If you like shooting nature and choose forest photography as your specialization, you can make good use of this preset. It produces pale greens and soft tones, which is a wonderful color combination if you are after a romantic mood in photography. Photos taken at the sunset or sunrise acquire gentle pink tints that make them a bit quaint.

LXC 02

lxc presets 02

Choose this preset if you need to fix WB issues in a quick way. It also affects greens, making them brighter, and adds a beautiful matte finishing. This LXC presets accurately defines shadows and puts emphasis on the brightest areas of a photo. If you are involved in portrait photography, and mainly take photos in the open air, this filter can make a revolution in your image editing workflow.

If you lack photo editing experience and don’t want to learn the intricacies of this process, you can get in touch with our retouchers, describe your requirements, send photos, and get professionally edited pictures in virtually no time.

LXC 03

lxc presets 03

This is one of the best LXC presets if you have to deal with poor skin tones. No matter what problem you’ve faced – greyish tint, redness, yellowness, etc., you can apply this filter and get beautiful and healthy skin tone. This is a must-have tool for specialists engaged in aesthetic photography and striving to get flawless images. Make sure you know how to add presets to Lightroom and get down to creative edits.

LXC 04

lxc presets 04

Are you interested in urban photography or travel photography, and want to make all your shots mesmerizing? Then download this preset and let your creativity run wild. This preset improve green and orange colors, while blues become dreamy with a touch of a tropical atmosphere. The filter reveals its genuine beauty when applied to photos with many green elements, making them muted and slightly warm. In most cases, you get a moody, desaturated look, which is very popular on Instagram.

LXC 05

lxc presets 05

If you don’t feel like mastering high-end retouching techniques, but want to beautify your pictures by tweaking contrast and applying pastel shades, don’t hesitate to try this preset. It is one of the most fitting LXC Lightroom presets for fashion photography enthusiasts who want to give their work a super stylish look. However, it can also satisfy the needs of portrait photographers, making skin tones soft and peachy.

LXC 06

lxc presets 06

Fans of lifestyle photography and wedding photography should look no further and download this fantastic preset. It perfectly defines facial features, emphasizes details, and adds stunning definition. Moreover, it boosts contrast and puts emphasis on warm tones, which results in natural and enthralling look.

LXC 07

lxc presets 07

The charm of B&W images is hard to replicate, so if you want to fill your portfolio or Instagram feed with captivating black and white images, don’t miss a chance to download this preset. It works especially great for portrait photos or other shots with a focus on a model. Besides, it can even improve pictures suffering from lighting issues.

Such a variety of cool filters instigate users to search for methods of how to get Lightroom for free, but be careful with such possibilities and use only official sources.

LXC 08

lxc presets 08

Another wonderful LXC preset for admirers of black and white photography. It gently emphasizes important details and adds vintage vibes to a photo. Unlike the previous option, it is more contrasted.

LXC Presets on Instagram

archipelago lxc presets instagram

Username: @archipelagopresets
Genre: portrait, landscape, lifestyle, wedding photography
Followers: 95.3K

Archipelago team has created a bundle of LXC Lightroom presets to provide photographers with unique tools for streamlined photo editing. These guys actively use social media for photographers, especially Instagram. Their page contains samples of the main photography types, and all images have been edited with their presets, the LXC collection included.

Every picture comes with a short description, so you can learn what preset has been used and what photography camera they shot with. Besides, you can check comments to understand whether professional and amateur photographers are satisfied with Archipelago’s filters.

Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection fixthephoto

If you can’t afford to purchase LXC presets, opt for free alternatives prepared by FixThePhoto. These are high-quality filters that add a soft matte finishing to your photos, making them absolutely arresting. So, if you aspire to complement your photography portfolio with beautiful images, download this pack of presets.