LXC Presets

LXC Presets

LXC presets are the most popular set for photographers. Use LXC presets to achieve a beautiful and soft texture in your portrait and lifestyle photos, which will be very similar to the analog or film photos.

View the photos I received after applying LXC Lightroom presets and download its free alternatives inspired by LXC effects.

lxc presets

LXC Presets – Full Overview

Tribe group has created these plug-ins to give your images slight greens, warm skin tones and a great array of looks to help you generally enhance your photos. Instead of making your shots too contrast or saturated, they will give your images a new life.

This collection of LXC presets consists of 6 presets, each of which brings a specific effect, for example adding heat or bright sun shades, making the image colder or black and white.

Price: $80

LXC 1 Presets

lxc preset Download Lightroom Presets

This LXC preset is ideal for pictures of nature (for example, beach, desert, forest, etc.). Pale green shades and soft tones can create some romantic look. The light bump of pink tints will make your photo unusual, even slightly whimsical.

Despite the fact that this set of tools is not the best option for urban photography, sometimes it can give quite good results in this direction.

LXC 2 Presets

lxc lightroom presets

This LXCN preset is good for work with portrait photos taken in the forest. The predominance of brown and green shades, as well as the rich skin color, helps achieve a beautiful and vivid result.

LXC 3 Presets

lxc presets

LXC 3 is one of the most universal LXC presets. It is perfect for various photography genres. It can add cool tones to your pictures while maintaining the saturation of warm hues. Experiment and find the best way to use this preset.

LXC 4 Presets

lxc presets

Add some warmth and fuzziness to your pictures. Use this preset to get rich tones and warmth of shadows.

LXC 5 Presets

lxc black and white Download Lightroom Presets

This is a classic black and white effect with specific shades of gray and high contrast. Such detailing is good for portraits and other styles of photography featuring a model. Highly recommended for poor light photos.

LXC 6 Presets

black and white lxc

This is another black and white option from the LXC presets collection. Its main characteristic is high contrast. Light skin tones help focus on the object perfectly. I recommend it for landscape and urban photographs.

Other LXC Presets

Tribe Archipelago team has been developing photo editing products for more than ten years. In addition to the well-known LXC presets, you can look for other bundles. For example, the newest CREATIVE PROFILES set allows you to enhance photos without losing their unique style.

1888AD Lightroom Presets

lxc presets 1888ad Download Lightroom Presets

Price – $98

1888AD collection is significantly different from other Lightroom presets. Its main feature is the imitation of analog photography effect. It is suitable for photographers who like to experiment and work with film, and for those who shoot with a digital camera but want to get a vintage look.

Such a strange name has a logical explanation. The fact is that 1888 is the year of the first Kodak film camera creation, which was widely popular among people.

This collection consists of Adjustment Presets, 4 Color, and 2 B&W profiles. In addition, you will find 21 “tool” presets there.

BASECAMP Lightroom Presets

lxc presets basecamp

Price – $98

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most interesting Tribe collective presets. It was created for people who feel like real professionals and want to create truly creative images. BASECAMP is the result of hard work and new experiments of Tribe Archipelago team.

It consists only of profiles. To work with its tools, you need to install Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 (or newer) or Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5 (or higher). BASECAMP has eight Custom Color Creative profiles for professional work with photos.

SUMMIT Lightroom Presets

summit presets

Price – $80

The SUMMIT collection is suitable for those Instagram photographers who want to make their pictures more vivid. An important feature is that you get really expressive, pleasant, natural green shades that will help you achieve a natural look.

This set contains very diverse presets. It consists of six presets. The main task of this collection is getting clean skin tones with natural color across the spectrum. Clear, realistic colors will help you get a good result. SUMMIT is a great variant for portrait and landscape photography.

TERRAIN Lightroom Presets


Price – $98

When creating the TERRAIN collection, the developers were inspired by Earth terrain. Frosty taiga, barren tundra, flowering fields fascinate us, beckoning with their beauty. It motivates us to develop our creativity and make new discoveries.

This set was created to emphasize and complement the perfection of natural colors. It is ideal for portrait images. Experiment, find necessary profiles and presets to achieve the desired result.

The TERRAIN collection has been tested by thousands of users from all over the world. Its main feature is the use of tonal gradients for image editing and reflecting the natural skin tone.

WOLF PACK Lightroom Presets

lxc presets wolf pack

Price – $80

The Wolf Pack Presets collection was developed for two groups of photographers. It is good for those who like to work with fascinating landscapes. Moreover, it is ideal for portrait and wedding photographers who are inspired by the beauty and power of nature. The set has 6 Color & 2 BW Presets.

LXC Presets vs Mastin Lab vs VSCO

lxc presets vs mastin labs lxc presets vs mastin labs

Compared to VSCO & Mastin products, LXC presets set is something completely new. However, this fact did not interfere it to gain wide popularity around the world in the last few years.

I tested all of them in order to understand what their main features are and how they differ from competitors. One of the main characteristics is the Facebook Tribe Archipelago community for sharing useful information, tips, and feedback among users.

lxc presets vs vsco lxc presets vs vsco

LXC presets settings have a limited number of options like Mastin Labs products do. However, they differ from Mastin Labs presets visually. Mastin Labs presets are incredibly subtle and can imitate a film gently and unobtrusively, and LXC presets are created for those who prefer brightness and rich shades.

Clipped highlights and blacks help get some retro looks, with a predominance of soothing tints. Tribe Archipelago products are leaders among hipsters and creative people.

LXC Presets Free Alternatives

In order to get a similar vintage look in your photos, you do not have to buy LXC presets, because I’ve gathered a collection of 3 FREE Lightroom presets inspired by LXC effects.

Free Lr Preset “Romantic”

You do not need to look for LXC presets download options, just try this free preset. It reduces shadows with the help of tone curve and resembles “LCX 3”. In addition, this plug-in has some useful tools for correcting clarity and vibrance.

In this way, you can get very warm soft images with vintage look and imitations of a film by reducing the sharpness. If you need to emphasize important details increasing the sharpness, be careful while working with this tool. Avoid the appearance of halos.

Use a grain slider to increase the amount of digital noise.

Free Lr Preset “Moon”

Undoubtedly, this is my favorite preset. It can give your photos clean, light turquoise shades that resemble the color of the sky. Besides, it will add reddish-brown shades and muffle yellow and green tones.

It will increase the contrast and make your photos more expressive. This tool is ideal for work with shots taken at daytime. It is very similar to “LCX 1” Tribe Arpeggio preset.

Free Lr Preset “Faded”

If you are looking for LXC presets free download, you should consider this option. This is a great alternative to LXC 04 preset. Crushed blacks and a tone curve that emphasizes the darkest areas will help you achieve a calm vintage look, which is popular among Instagram users today.

Desaturated green tones will highlight the natural skin color. If your photos seem unrealistic, you can fix this, using good lighting setup, a professional model, and this preset, which has very flexible settings.

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