20 Birthday Video Ideas to Realize in 2022

Trying to record a cool B-day video but nothing comes to your mind? This post covers the most interesting Birthday video ideas you can successfully use during filming. Record an emotional video or the one revealing the secrets of a Birthday person.

It might also be a greeting video from friends or relatives. Read till the end to learn how to combine photos, video pieces, add text and audio to produce impressive birthday clips.

Top 20 Birthday Video Ideas

We have collected creative birthday video ideas that can work for your party. However, before proceeding with a creative part, you need to understand how to record a Birthday video.

Moreover, if you are not eager to perform video editing on your own, you can approach a home video editing service.

1. Special Birthday Letter

You may create a video including photos and short clips and supplement it with text. This is one of the sweetest Birthday video ideas for the best friend since you can use the words only you two understand.

Add photos, short recordings from your everyday activities and text to our Happy Birthday video template available below. You may alter fonts, colors, and style in a matter of seconds. Use the lens flare effect video overlay to make colors softer or add textures.

2. Party Recap

It is one of those Birthday video ideas suitable for creating Birthday invitations. Take the best pics and videos from previous birthday celebrations and create a funny recap clip. It will be a surprise for a celebrant as well as guests. What I mean is that you can use this video as an invitation to motivate people to visit the event.

If you are not good at shooting videos, make use of these video editing tips for amateurs. Thus, you can create an awesome video even if you are a complete newbie.

3. A Birthday Album

If you want to make your child’s first birthday unforgettable, create a touching birthday album. You may include cute photos and videos you’ve taken from the moment your kid was born and design a heart-warming video presentation for guests. Your child will definitely appreciate it in the future.

To create an original album, use one of the baby album templates. You can use video presentation software to generate slides.

4. Birthday Stories for Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat

If a Birthday person doesn’t mind, you may share a B-day video on social networks. A message like “Happy Birthday” or a photo with some greetings seems trivial today. Get creative and make a unique video congratulation in several mouse clicks.

There is no need to spend hours creating these videos since such apps as Animaker and Animoto have suitable templates. You may share a video in the timeline or post it in stories.

5. Birthday Quote

This is one of the traditional Birthday video ideas that will be never out of fashion. It is a quick way to greet your friend or relative on his/her Birthday. You may complement your quote with videos or photos of the Birthday person.

In addition, you can ask your mutual friends or family members to participate in your affair. They may also record yourself in the clip.

Great samples of quotes:

  • Best wishes on your birthday ‒ may you have many, many more.
  • Getting older sucks, but you make it look easy.
  • May your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter. Have a great day!
  • Welcome the new year of your life in a grand way and grab all the opportunities that life offers you. Happy Birthday!

6. Happy Birthday Song

Write a song about the celebrant. Make a clip and embellish it with bright effects, e.g. light leak overlays and add a song. Even if you can’t personally visit a party, your friend will hear you singing a “Happy Birthday” song.

7. Business Video

You may also create an impressive video for your company’s anniversary. Use the Celebrating Achievements template and make your clip memorable. Moreover, sharing this video with your clients is a great way to attract their attention.

8. Video Birthday Card

This is one of those Happy Birthday video ideas you can implement without special preparations. Each person in the video takes a small sheet of paper (A4 format is more than enough) with a greeting word or phrase. You may also use ready-made birthday greeting cards. If the sample text doesn’t meet your celebrant, you can quickly and easily change it.

9. A Video with a Personal Touch

If you want to create a touching clip for your sweetheart, choose the most interesting videos showing the brightest moments of your life. If you are just going to tell about your feelings, create a romantic clip with a tender video sequence and a touching track. Read your own poem or sing a song.

In addition, if you are creating a B-day video for your lover, you may refer to his/her interests and hobbies. It is one of those Birthday video ideas that always have a very special effect. For example, if your partner is a musician, you can add his favorite songs to a video.

Check out the best platforms to find free music for videos: ccMixter, Incompetech, YouTube Audio Library, SoundCloud, Free Music Archive, Jamendo, AudioNautix.

10. 3, 2, 1, Happy Birthday!

Creating a countdown clip is a sure way to go. You have to download a template and customize it according to your needs. For instance, you may use such services as Vimeo, Animoto, Magisto.

11. Video Congrats from Family and Friends

To impress your friend or relative, make a surprise video. You may combine videos, Happy B-day messages and pics to make a cool video that guarantees a wow effect.

First off, you should create a birthday event page and ask them to send their birthday messages for a clip. Use a drag &drop tool to order videos. Finally, publish and share your creation.

Frankly speaking, this is a perfect way to gather people for a party. Thus, even if a person is in another city or even country, he/she may join the celebration. Believe me, it is one of those creative birthday video ideas that everyone is sure to remember.

12. Video Collage

Photo collages are not a novelty nowadays, but things are different with video collages. You may create an eye-catching video collage arranging several videos on one canvas. You just need to choose a canvas size, upload images and videos. That’s it. Now you can share your collage or save it on your device.

The best video collage apps: Adobe Premiere Rush, Video Collage – Collage Maker, PicPlayPost, KineMaster, PhotoVideo Collage Maker.

13. First B-Day Photography (Process)

Everyone agrees that the first Birthday is a very special event. To make it even more memorable, you may film the process of the first photo session and then make a clip. You may use various props like baby photoshoot banners, flowers, set of balloons, etc.

14. Demonstration of Time

Life is fleeting. At times, we want to stop for a moment to feel it but it isn’t always possible. To make a Birthday person remember the most pleasant moments, create a “coming of age” time-lapse video. However, you should prepare in advance. You need to record videos of a celebrant each year at his/her B-day parties.

Use the same setting and lighting for your clips to make the audience concentrate on the main subject. It is a perfect idea for a child since you will see how he/she grows. A 5-minute video clip will show the process of becoming older both in a physical and emotional way.

15. Family Vlog Video for Memory

Family vlog is one of those creative Birthday video ideas that cause many positive emotions even many years after. It is a kind of a story-telling technique about your birthday, special moments, the nearest and dearest. Although you might have plenty of vlog birthday video ideas, it might be difficult to choose a core one.

I recommend starting your clip with an opening morning video, saying ‘Hello” to viewers and explain what you are going to do today; describe every step as casually as possible.

Choose the best vlogging camera (https://fixthephoto.com/best-vlogging-camera.html Best Vlogging Camera) for your needs:

16. Pet Quotes

Our pets can’t deliver wishes themselves but we can help them. To edit such a clip, you need video editing software for Windows or Mac. You can add sound, overlay background, etc.

If you are a beginner, you may use VideoStudio, Nero Video, or Lightworks. In case you are a pro filmmaker, choose Adobe Premiere Pro or CyberLink PowerDirector. Also, don’t forget about Photoshop LUTs to add impressive effects and improve colors.

17. Breaking News

Imagine a surprise on the celebrant’s face if you greet him/her on the Birthday in the breaking news format. Of, course you can’t reach a real news program but you can easily create a funny imitation. You may also use a photography backdrop abstract variations to make your clip as natural as possible.

18. Funny Interview

Like all Happy Birthday video ideas on this list, a video interview will definitely make a celebrant smile. You should ask friends and relatives the same questions about a Birthday person and film the process. Use a free promo video maker to edit the footage. Such software offers user-friendly tools and customizable templates.

If a hero of the occasion likes humor, you can create a funny video clip. First off, interview celebrant’s friends. Ask different questions on various topics like how a pineapple ice-cream tastes or how he/she called a favorite toy in childhood.

Film the answers and then, when editing, ask other questions instead. These may be the following questions: Describe <name>. What kind of person is he/she? How do you call him/her? It will be very funny and cute.

19. Celebrity Greeting

A Birthday person will be really surprised if a film star or cartoon character congratulates him/her on the B-day. Find the most impressive episode with a necessary character and then overlay a greeting speech on the video sequence. The video dubbing software will help you voice over a clip with minimum effort.

20. A Quarantine Birthday

The pandemic has changed our lives greatly. Even if it’s your Birthday and you can’t leave your apartment, there is no reason to be upset. Although you are not going to have a real celebration, it’s still better than nothing. You may even like this new experience.

Thus, if you are a celebrant and want to express thanks to your friends and relatives, film a video about how you celebrate your birthday. Make decorations, film a cake, etc. Your nearest and dearest will be happy to watch such a video.

If you want to publish your short movie on YouTube, use video editors for YouTube.

Freebies for Your Birthday Videos

sparkle effect video overlays

After you have recorded a video, you need to edit it. Start with Sparkle Effect Overlays. They will perfectly match any celebratory movie giving it magical touches. You may enhance your clips with glitter, bokeh, light particles, or full-on fireworks, light and shimmer, etc.