12 Funny Video Ideas to Try in 2022

Are you looking for funny video ideas that will help you to become a successful vlogger and diversify your content? It can be quite difficult to come up with nice ideas, but this article will help you out.

Top 12 Funny YouTube Video Ideas

It can be difficult to generate a new idea that doesn’t require using expensive accessories and can pique the interest of the public. To make your task easier, I have gathered the best ideas for beginners and well-known bloggers alike.

If you have any difficulties with editing, you can contact a professional vlog video editing service. They will crop your videos, add transitions, stabilize the image, adjust sound and colors, etc.

1. Make an “Introduce Yourself” Video

If you are looking for first YouTube video ideas, try simply introducing yourself. Viewers like to know more about the person they are following so tell them something about yourself.

Such videos are usually created by newbies. If you already have posted YouTube content or use the best YouTube alternative to post your videos, you can make an entertaining video to answer frequently asked questions.

2. Do a Skit

YouTube is perfect for short (1-10 minutes) funny clips. Most viewers don’t like watching half-hour videos even if they are funny unless you already have a lot of subscribers.

You can make a skit about anything you want, just make sure to keep it short and entertaining. You don’t necessarily have to make such videos for YouTube. For instance, you can shoot short sketches for other popular platforms using Tik-Tok video editing apps.

3. Draw My Life

If you are looking for more funny video ideas, consider making a “Draw My Life” clip. They are usually short and contain interesting facts about the life of a creator. To make them more engaging, you can add a voiceover and photos.

Whether it’s an “Introduction” or a “Draw My Life” video, first of all, you will need to create a storyboard to plan out everything to avoid reshoots.

With storyboards, you can map out a particular sequence of shots that you need to take. To create a simple, full-fledged video, you can use the best animation software for beginners.

4. Make a “Life” Video

You can record a video on the way to the store, hospital, cinema, master class, etc. Shoot your everyday life and add some good jokes. Most YouTube users want to have fun when watching new videos.

Besides implementing the most popular ideas for funny videos, you can create vlogs. This way, you can show your viewers who you are and what you are interested in. Keep in mind that you need to diversify your content.

5. Upload Kid, Baby, and Animal Videos

By uploading cute videos to your channel, you can attract new viewers. People like videos of babies, cats, dogs, etc. Such clips might increase the number of your subscribers.

Your content should be unique. If you repost cute animal videos created by other people, you won’t be able to monetize them. However, you can use videos shared by other people under the Creative Commons license. You just need to download them with a free YouTube downloader and enhance them with the help of one of the best free video editors for YouTube.

6. Share or Review Life-Hacks

Life hacks can help you gain more subscribers. If you have tried using some hacks, tell viewers if they really work.

Make a list of different hacks, try them out, record your review and upload a clip. You can use YouTube recording software, comment on other content, and share various facts.

7. Do Parody Video

A well-executed parody always makes people laugh. There are plenty of TV shows, movies, and songs that you can use for such videos. When stars release new music videos, popular YouTubers create parodies of them.

In this way, you can demonstrate your talent and show everyone how funny you are.

8. DIY Video

A lot of people make some things by themselves because they don’t want to buy them. If you also enjoy it and know something about crafts, try making a DIY video

Shoot a detailed tutorial to show how to make something. For instance, you can create a DIY softbox or DIY photography props.

9. Play Games with Other Channels

Many YouTubers like playing games to create engaging content and promote their channels. Play a game with your friends or other users and post a video highlighting the best moments.

Among all funny YouTube videos ideas, this might become your favorite. I recommend using these streaming video recorders to implement this idea.

10. Bloopers

It’s normal to make mistakes while recording videos. Usually, users don’t add bloopers to their videos, however, you don’t have to delete them straight away. Keep them on your computer and once you have a collection of them, combine and upload them. Your viewers will have a good laugh.

11. Challenge Video

Such clips get more views than regular videos. Besides, they allow you to attract new subscribers. Try Not to Laugh, Whisper, 30-Day, and Not My Hands are the most popular challenges. However, avoid risky ones, such as Cinnamon Challenge.

12. Gaming YouTube Videos

Consider recording your gameplay. If you are not a gamer or don’t have a console, you can play games online in the browser.

Don’t focus only on your gameplay. Explain how to pass the levels of the game. Then, your viewers will be able to watch and repeat it. The most popular YouTuber, PewDiePie, became famous for recording gameplay.

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