13 Christmas YouTube Video Ideas to Try in 2023

Christmas is around the corner and you still don’t have any festive video posted on your YouTube channel? Then you should examine this list of Christmas YouTube video ideas and pick something to your taste.

Besides, find out how to effectively merge footage and pictures, which apps, effects and music to use in order to make your Christmas videos more magical.

Top 13 Christmas YouTube Video Ideas

People love watching Christmas-themed YouTube videos around the holidays as it lifts up their festive spirit. Take advantage of that and create an awesome Christmas video for your channel as well. These Christmas video ideas will serve you as a helping hand and a source of inspiration – feel free to fully replicate them or spice them up with your input.

If you are far from being a video editing pro yet, delegate this task to the vlog video editing service. The experts will cut the footage appropriately, fix stabilization, perform color correction, tweak the sound, add music, transitions, headers, etc.

1. Christmas Song Videos

In case you are making YouTube content for children, one of the greatest YouTube Christmas video ideas is to combine Christmas songs in one video. Even if such a video turns out to be long, don’t worry. It will keep the kids occupied while their parents are busy doing household chores, cleaning the house before the holidays or cooking the festive dinner. Besides, it is a nice way to introduce well-known Christmas songs to children.

For a more entertaining clip, try singing or dancing along your all-time favorite Christmas songs. Sharing a list of your favorite Christmas songs is an excellent idea as well!

Quarantine is no reason to cancel the fun. Consider filming an original holiday video where you sing an amusing song about COVID-19 that you made up yourself.

Music over video apps will come in handy whenever you need to add a song to your future YouTube clip. Also, such apps are widely used for editing and cropping videos, applying filters and merging several video pieces.

If you don’t know where to find music for your videos, visit the following websites: Mixcloud, The Music Ninja, Spotify, Bandcamp, MagicPlaylist.

2. Favorite Christmas Movies

Do you have any favorite Christmas movies that you rewatch every single holiday? Share a list of these movies with your subscribers so that they can add a couple of movies to their watchlist.

Among the best sites to watch movies online for free are AZMovies, Tubi, IMDb TV, Popcornflix, The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, Vimeo. If any of these platforms isn’t supported in your region, pay attention to VPN services.

To make the video more exciting and create a festive mood, add fragments from the legendary movie “Home Alone”.

To merge video clips, you will need to resort to specific tools. Novices can do that straight from the smartphone – no high-priced PC software is required. The video stitcher apps that I recommend are FilmoraGo, Video Merger, Video Joiner, VidTrim.

3. Christmas Dance Videos

Dressing up like Santa and dancing to catchy songs sounds like one of the funny Christmas video ideas that you may be tempted to try. To bring in even more creativity, buy a Christmas tree costume or children Christmas elf costume.

To achieve a cinematic look of the video, apply color grading LUTs at the video post-production stage. These tools have the power to enhance the colors in the video within one click. If you have any difficulties using LUTs, examine the guide on how to use LUTs in Photoshop.

4. Makeup Videos

Christmas isn’t just about giving and receiving presents, delicious food, beautiful decorations and family gatherings. One of the key elements of any holiday, including Christmas, is taking tons of pictures.

We all want to look our best in holiday pictures, so putting on makeup before a Christmas party is a must for many. If you know a thing or two about applying makeup, film a video where you show viewers how to create a glamorous look.

Celebrity makeup is one of the biggest trends right now as people always want to resemble celebrities at least to some extent. Doing celebrity makeup is a proven way to attract viewers.

Don’t forget to get a palette makeup and make up brush set to be 100% ready to film a makeup tutorial!

If you are going to edit step-by-step video instructions and how-to videos, do it with the help of video tutorial software. My top 4 picks are Camtasia, lashBack, Animaker, Moovly.

5. Christmas Activity

Carrying on with the useful YouTube video ideas for Christmas, I would also suggest that you film a video describing interesting holiday activities and decoration tips. Tell in more detail about the things that the entire family can do together, for instance, Christmas party games.

In this video, you can even gather your family or friends in front of the fireplace and give everyone a chance to speak about their favorite Christmas activities. Ask your family members or friends to play some Christmas party game and capture it on camera – the final result will be amusing, to say the least.

In case you have children or small siblings, visit their Christmas celebration at school and film it. Kids in precious costumes, being genuinely excited about the visit of Santa Claus and presents is exactly the atmosphere you want to capture.

Showing your subscribers two or three ideas won’t be enough. Make a list of 50-100 ideas for a memorable celebration of Christmas.

For artistic merging of video pieces into one clip or adding pictures, you will need top-notch video collage apps.

Get one of the following best video collage apps:

  • Adobe Premiere Rush – multi-device synchronization capabilities, handy color and title instruments, social network export.
  • Video Collage – a nice selection of templates, straightforward interface, an extensive toolset.
  • KineMaster – a vast array of effects and transitions, support for Full HD pictures.
  • PhotoVideo Collage Maker – intuitive, automated picture retouching, remarkable background blur.

6. Family Vlogs

If your channel is dedicated to vlogs, film family celebrations as one of the Christmas video ideas for YouTube. Apart from capturing precious moments that you share with your nearest and dearest, you will show people all around the world how Christmas is usually celebrated in your area.

To liven up the video, tell your viewers funny Christmas stories that have happened to you, your family or friends. Or ask them to share all these stories themselves on camera, and then merge the clips at the video post-production stage. Depending on the stories told, the final result will either get you all emotional or laughing out loud.

Another nice idea for Vlogmas videos is to share family Christmas traditions. If there is something your family does every Christmas, or there is a holiday routine that you all stick to, it is worth mentioning in the video.

Appropriate visual effects will greatly blend into such a video. For instance, you may try gorgeous sparkle effect video overlays.

7. A Covid Christmas Outdoors Party

These days, organizing a Christmas party indoors is rather risky. Instead, to be on the safe side, you can host a party outdoors. If this isn’t an option, pick a space with sufficient ventilation and a great number of open windows and doors.

Telling people how to celebrate during a pandemic is definitely one of the most relevant Christmas YouTube video ideas. Dwell upon how important it is to have your guests’ comfort as a priority and make sure to think everything through, even the smallest details.

None of your guests should be cold so bring warm blankets, a tent to sit in, outdoor heaters or even start a fire. For a cozier atmosphere, hang string lights or place pillar candles. Besides, don’t forget about typical Christmas party decorations. Then capture it all on camera and post it on YouTube – the subscribers are bound to enjoy the party vibe.

8. Christmas Parodies

Among the funniest Christmas YouTube ideas is to make a parody, for instance, of well-known Christmas songs. Or try making fun of some silly activities we all do during the holidays.

Another aspect that you can highlight in a humorous way is Christmas presents that you have received. To make a viral video, remember to come up with a catchy title and create an eye-grabbing thumbnail.

9. Christmas Decoration Ideas

Walk around your neighborhood and capture Christmas decorations you will come across. This may be a Christmas tree in front of the mall, street decorations, lights or ornaments on your neighbors’ houses. Show how your city is getting ready for the holidays, and how every citizen contributes to a festive atmosphere.

Don’t forget about the decorations at your own place – film the entire process while giving occasional comments on what you do and why. Feel free to break down the decorating process into a couple of days – you will still end up with enough footage.

To make such a video shorter but also informative, record or edit it in a format of a time-lapse or a slow-motion clip. The viewers would love to see how you decorate the Christmas tree and the rest of the house. They can even borrow a few decoration ideas from you.

Speaking of the best time lapse apps, they are Hyperlapse Instagram, Timelapse Pro, Time Lapse Camera, iTimeLapse Pro. All the settings are fully customizable. Feel free to tweak the number of frames per second, shoot intervals, shoot length, as well as a start delay.

Besides, film a video about trends in decorating for Christmas, or review the products, for instance, decoration for Christmas tree, artificial Christmas tree or Christmas string lights.

If you make DIY videos from time to time, shoot a tutorial on hand-made ornaments and decorations. This may be Christmas tree decorations made from empty toilet rolls and macrame, paperclips and even from sweets. Demonstrate how to make the snowflakes shine with the help of glitters. As a bonus, mention a few life hacks on decorating the house for Christmas.

10. Make Christmas Gingerbread

If you are searching for Christmas YouTube challenge ideas, here is one. Build a gingerbread house either by yourself or compete with your family and friends, filming it all on camera. The viewers will enjoy observing the process and are bound to have a good laugh.

To add slow-motion effects to the clip, get slow motion video editing software. The best options here are Adobe After Effects CC, Movavi Video Editor, Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro.

11. Make Your Own Christmas Advent Calendars

Opening Christmas advent calendars is one of the most popular yet exciting Christmas YouTube video ideas. But you can take it up a notch and make an advent calendar yourself. This way, you will save money and promote the idea of sustainable consumption. Next year, you can fill the same calendar with another set of gifts.

Tell about the items you will place into an advent calendar. Make the present for each section meaningful, depending on the person the calendar is intended for – whether it is your parent, child or partner.

The traditional gift choice for an advent calendar is mini chocolate. To have a more original calendar, opt for winter essential oils set.

The items that can make nice gifts for an advent calendar are a holiday joke, ornament to hang on the tree, handwritten poem or quote, lip balm, hair accessories or hairbrush, puzzle erasers, crayons or pencil crayons, bath bombs or bath toys, family pictures, fun socks, etc.

12. Christmas Gifts Ideas

Before holidays, many people puzzle over what gifts to pick for their loved ones. Many of them are searching for videos with affordable Christmas gift ideas, so chances are high that they will stumble across yours. Feel free to share as many ideas as you have, taking into account people with different interests and preferences.

I have already prepared some of the wonderful gift ideas for you: terrarium candle, multiple name necklace, heat changing constellation mug, creative picture frame set, notes of gratitude, subscription box, meal delivery boxes, a gaming subscription, comic books, graphic novels, etc.

13. Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you are eager to implement even more creative family holiday video ideas, film a vlog of you and your family wrapping Christmas gifts. Share your usual gift-wrapping routine, as well as throw in several tricks on how to make the overall look of the gift more appealing.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – for instance, put a gift in a vibrant box, decorated with a fancy faux flower. Add letter stickers, snowflakes and other Christmas-themed ornaments for a personalized look of the gift.

Freebies for Christmas YouTube Video Ideas

free vlog luts for christmas youtube video ideas

Once you are done shooting and you are ready to edit your Christmas clip, it is time to add visual appeal to the video using these Vlog LUTs. Perform color grading in a couple of clicks and enjoy top-class results without much effort on your side.