11 Best Phone Camera Lenses in 2023

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Pick the best phone camera lens to level up your mobile photography.

11 Best Phone Camera Lenses in 2023

The best smartphone lenses range from wide-angle and fisheye, to macro and telephoto lenses. The choice greatly depends on the results you’d like to achieve. Getting a high-quality external lens for your phone is essential, if you want to bring your mobile photography to a whole new level.

Top 11 Best Phone Camera Lenses

Trying to give the most comprehensive insight into the variety of smartphone camera lenses, I have tested lots of variants and selected my top 11 models that will produce the best results if you are serious about mobile photography.

1. Bitplay Premium HD Wide Angle

FixThePhoto editors’ choice

  • bitplay best phone camera lens
  • bitplay best phone camera lens

    Size: 1.73 x 1.00 in | Weight: 1.27 oz | Minimum Focus Distance: 0.60 in | Magnification: 0.60X


    ⊕ Solid Aluminum Body
    ⊕ Distortion controlling
    ⊕ No glares
    ⊕ Produces detailed and sharp photos
    ⊖ Not found

    The first lens that impressed me with its technical characteristics is Bitplay Premium HD Wide Angle. When attached to your iPhone, it nearly doubles its field of view.

    In other words, you can fit twice as many people in a group photo. Besides, when you enable the Panorama mode, the shooting radius is automatically increased to 360°.

    This is a really mind-blowing feature that makes colors in your photos and videos super sharp and crisp.

    Developers used a solid aluminum metal to produce this lens and adhered to the integrated cutting technique to give extra strength to the unibody case. To outer surface has undergone special processing, which made it scratch resistant.

    The lens cap is also very durable, being made of strengthened silicon. However, it is easy to install, while providing the utmost protection for the gear. All these features make Bitplay Premium HD one of the best smartphone attachable lenses on the market.

    2. Olloclip Multi-Device 3-in-1

    Comes with a selfie Bluetooth remote

    • olloclip multi-device 3-in-1
    • olloclip multi-device 3-in-1

      Number of lenses: 3 | Types of lenses: Fisheye, wide, macro | Phone compatibility: iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR | Wireless remote range: up to 30 ft away


      ⊕ Compact
      ⊕ Top-quality photos
      ⊕ Compatible with the majority of smartphones
      ⊖ Clip obscures display
      ⊖ High price

      Olloclip has become one of the best companies specializing in production of smart phone lenses, which greatly affects the cost of their gear (Multi-Device 3-in-1 is no exception).

      Anyway, don’t judge by the cost only, as these lenses and mounts can offer you a trouble-free shooting experience for many years if you are planning to do it professionally.

      This exact piece is designed to be used on the majority of smartphones by simply clipping to them. As a result, a part of your display will be obscured, but for most shooters, that isn’t such a big problem.

      Buying this smartphone camera lenses kit, you receive super-wide, fisheye and 15x macro lenses. This means you can use your integrated camera in a more diversified way.

      Selfie lovers will definitely appreciate a Bluetooth wireless remote. It also comes in handy when you want to take wide-angle shots and group images. It can work at a distance of 30 ft. You can use it to shot videos and photos.

      The kit boasts great portability as you can attach it to a keychain.

      3. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

      Comes with a lifetime warranty

      • xanvo best phone camera lens
      • xanvo best phone camera lens

        Size: 3.4 x 2.7 x 2.6 in | Weight: 4.8 oz | Types of lenses: wide-angle, macro | LED Light Brightness: 3 levels

        $ VIEW IN AMAZON

        ⊕ Durable
        ⊕ Features a LED light
        ⊕ Scratch resistant thanks to rubber pads
        ⊖ Slight smudging in the corners of wide-angle photos

        Xenvo complemented the market of smartphone camera lenses with another decent pack. In addition to a high-grade lens, the kit comprises a clip-on LED light and a convenient case for transportation, which is of invaluable help if you want to take incredible images while being on a trip.

        The DuraCase can fit and protect your lenses for a smartphone while the quick-release lanyard allows you to access any necessary item in a matter of seconds. Thus, you can easily extract your lens and mount in on a phone to capture all interesting moments.

        A great advantage of this phone camera lens package is that it features the GlowClip LED lights that can be attached to anywhere on your phone, thus producing even, warm lighting. In such a way, your chances to take a properly lit shot increase.

        It was very smart of developers to include additional lights in the kit, since the embedded smartphone flash gives a kind of blinding and unnatural lighting.

        4. MACTREM Phone Lens Kit

        Best phone camera lens kit

        • mactrem best phone camera lens
        • mactrem best phone camera lens

          Size: 8.4×1.7×2.8 in | Weight: 13.6 oz | Material: Aluminum Alloy | Number of lenses: 4 | Types of lenses: telephoto, fisheye, macro, wide-angle

          $ VIEW IN WALMART

          ⊕ Multi-coated lens
          ⊕ Broad compatibility
          ⊕ Durable build
          ⊕ Waterproof carrying case
          ⊖ Opening a tripod clamp isn’t easy

          Another great kit that deserves your attention is MACTREM Phone Lenses. If you are just learning mobile photography, here you can find all you need to take really impressive photos and hone your skills.

          All the lenses from this pack boast a multi-layer coating on both sides, which positively affects band light transmission. As a result, all the colors in your pictures look true-to-life and vibrant.

          A MACTREM phone camera lens kit doesn’t occupy much space in a bag and has a solid, clip-on design. You can easily adjust a clip on the lens ring, and attach it both to the front and rear lens. The pack also includes an external lens for dual camera phone.

          To ensure the long-lasting durability of their devices, MACTREM developers inserted them in stylish aluminum alloy housing.

          Last but not least, is that this kit has very broad compatibility.

          The only thing that disappointed me a little is that opening the phone clamp for a tripod isn’t so easy because of a too stiff spring.

          5. AUKEY Ora 2-in-1 Lens Set

          Best 2-in-1 phone camera lens

          • aukey best phone camera lens
          • aukey best phone camera lens

            Size: 21.26 x 11.42 in | Weight: 3 oz | Material: Avional+Glass | Number of lenses: 2 | Types of lenses: macro, wide-angle

            $ VIEW IN AMAZON

            ⊕ Doesn’t take up much space
            ⊕ Aluminum construction
            ⊕ Simple clip-on design
            ⊕ Scratch-resistant case
            ⊖ Isn’t compatible with newer phones

            If you are looking for the best cell phone lens that doesn’t occupy much space, AUKEY Ora 2-in-1 Lens Set is your perfect match. Here you can find 2 handy devices – a 15x phone macro lens and a 120° wide-angle lens.

            The latter one is mounted on the 15x lens, so switching back and forth doesn’t require special effort. The kit also includes a reliable carrying case with a detachable carabiner, a lens cap and a cleaning cloth, enabling you to keep your gear clean and safe.

            The clip is made of soft rubber, so it won’t leave any scratches or other signs on your phone. The kit has a very moderate price and can become your trust-worthy backup for many shooting tasks.

            I really like these lenses, but those having new mobiles, like iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t be able to use them. Of course, this is a big deal for photographers, who want to keep up to date.

            6. Moment Macro Phone Lens

            Best macro phone camera lens

            • moment lens
            • moment lens

              Size: 3 x 4 x 2 in | Weight: 1,2 oz | Focal Length - 25mm | Reduction Ratio: 0.16: 1 | Distortion: 0.1%

              $ VIEW IN AMAZON

              ⊕ A diffuser hood in a kit
              ⊕ Top-quality build
              ⊕ Lifetime warranty
              ⊕ Remarkable sharpness without distortion
              ⊖ Doesn’t come with the Moment case

              If you are interested in macro photography, and are searching for a very powerful lens that can turn your smartphone into a top-shelf device able of capturing tiniest details of a subject, beautiful patterns and textures, document the slightest movement, then have a closer look at the Moment Lens.

              Manufacturers claim that it allows you to photograph from less than an inch from a subject and get very crisp photos.

              This macro lens for phone is made of cinema-grade glass and is known for delivering max sharpness across the entire frame with almost no chromatic aberration. Its unique design makes it easily recognizable among hundreds of other lenses.

              The Moment Macro Lens comes with a removable diffuser hood aimed at neutralizing shadows, so that you can take properly lit image.

              Attaching the lens is fast and trouble-free. Rotate it and it will click directly into the phone case.

              My only issue is that you need to buy the M-Series phone case to use this lens. Anyway, this is a smart investment, especially if you treat macro photography seriously.

              7. Apexel Phone Anamorphic Lens

              Best phone camera lens for filmmaking

              • apexel best phone camera lens
              • apexel best phone camera lens

                Size: 3.7 x 3.3 x 3.3 in | Weight: 8 oz | Aperture: f/1.8 | Distortion: <2% | Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1

                $ VIEW IN AMAZON

                ⊕ Premium glass
                ⊕ Produces nice horizontal flares
                ⊕ Broad compatibility
                ⊕ Slight photo distortion
                ⊖ Case is made for a round camera

                Dream of becoming a skillful filmmaker, but can’t effort to purchase expensive equipment? Actually, Apexel Phone Anamorphic Lens offers everything you need at the beginning of your path.

                This is a great wide angle lens for phone, which operates a bit different than standard wide-angle models, increasing not the overall field of view, but only widens the field of view sideways.

                In other words, it optically compresses the perspective of the camera along the horizontal plane. The distortion-free video is guaranteed once the footage is re-stretched out to the 21:9 aspect ratio.

                This device has an aspherical lens, which excels at correcting spherical and chromatic aberrations, thus decreasing the image distortion to less than 2%.

                This is a wide angle smartphone lens with an aluminum barrel and German Shott glass, which provides wonderful image sharpness. Another advantage of this device is the broad compatibility.

                Frankly speaking, I don’t like that the case is designed to fit a round lens, while Apexel Phone Anamorphic Lens has a square shape. The only way out is to remove the round foam insert.

                8. Nelomo Universal HD Phone Lens Kit

                Most portable phone camera lens

                • nelomo best phone camera lens
                • nelomo best phone camera lens

                  Size: 3 x 3 x 3 in | Weight: 1.76 oz | Number of lenses: 3 | Types of lenses: macro, wide-angle, fisheye

                  $ VIEW IN AMAZON

                  ⊕ Portable
                  ⊕ A carry case is included
                  ⊕ Long-lasting construction
                  ⊕ Images are sharp
                  ⊖ Clamp has a thickness limit

                  If your budget is limited, but you still want to experience the pleasure of mobile shooting, you can get and use these compact smartphone camera lenses. Actually, these devices are meant to satisfy all the needs a beginner mobile photographer may have.

                  In the kit, there are a super-wide-angle lens, a gorgeous fisheye lens and a decent macro lens. They are all arranged in a compact case, designed to fit all the lenses, the clip and the carabiner, which you can use to attach the case to your belt loop for fast accessibility.

                  Anyway, there is one issue you should keep in mind – the lens mount may not clamp around your smartphone if it is put in a thick case (10mm thickness limit). But in general, these are wonderful cheap smartphone lenses.

                  9. Gosky Skyhawk Monocular

                  Best phone camera lens for wildlife

                  • gosky best phone camera lens
                  • gosky best phone camera lens

                    Size: 3.25 x 2.12 x 6.95 in | Weight: 15.85 oz | Field of view: 325ft | Minimum Focus Distance: 2.5mm | Magnification:12X55

                    $ VIEW IN AMAZON

                    ⊕ Weatherproof construction
                    ⊕ Solid anti-slip rubber armor
                    ⊕ High-power magnification
                    ⊕ Photos have accurate and vibrant colors
                    ⊖ Rather poor phone attachment

                    Those admiring the beauty of nature and trying to present it in the form of photos, can make great use of Gosky Skyhawk Monocular lens. It can easily replace expensive and bulky telephoto lenses, allowing you to photograph various subjects at a close distance using your smartphone.

                    This telephoto lens for mobile is compact, lightweight and very easy to attach thanks to a handy adapter. It boasts a powerful 12x magnification and a 55mm objective lens.

                    Thanks to a weatherproof coating, you can use this device in any extreme conditions (in the rain, fog, in a dusty environment, etc.) It also has a shockproof protection and the rubberized armor, which ensures a tight grip and eliminates the chances that a camera will slip out from your hands.

                    Lens Coating facilitates smooth light transmission and brightness, making your pictures clear and crisp.

                    The only thing that must be improved is the attachment for the iPhone camera. It frequently shifts around and requires constant refocusing.

                    10. ExoLens Phone Camera Lens

                    Stylish phone camera lens

                    • exolens best phone camera lens
                    • exolens best phone camera lens

                      Size: 3.8 x 0.4 x 3.1 in | Weight: 1.6 oz | Number of lenses: 2 | Types of lenses: wide-angle, telephoto | Materials: Aluminum, glass, closed-cell foam

                      $ VIEW IN AMAZON

                      ⊕ Reliable
                      ⊕ Top-notch construction
                      ⊕ Quick and easy lens swap
                      ⊕ Comes with lens covers and lens bag
                      ⊖ Limited compatibility (iPhone 6 only)

                      If you are a loyal iPhone 6 user and need a reliable lens to improve your shooting skills, buy ExoLens Phone Lens. The pack includes 2 smart phone lenses – 165-degree wide-angle lens and 3x telephoto zoom.

                      The first one is very helpful if you want to boost detailing and lighting in a photo, so that the result image matches the way human’s eyes perceive the scene. The second telephoto lens for mobile “brings” distant objects closer without distorting their sharpness, and allows your phone to set the correct exposure for the subject.

                      In the kit, you can also find an aircraft-grade aluminum bracket, which is lined with soft closed-cell foam so that you can attach a lens to your phone without scratching its surface.

                      The bracket features a built-in tripod mount for quick mounting your iPhone 6 on any tripod/monopod with a regular 1/4"-20 screw. The telephoto lens hood ensures that your image won’t suffer from bright natural light. Developers supply the lenses together with top & bottom lens caps and a traveling bag.

                      11. CamKix Universal 3-in-1 Lens kit

                      Most affordable phone camera lens

                      • camkix best phone camera lens
                      • camkix best phone camera lens

                        Size: 2.6 x 1.2 x 3.1 in | Weight: 1.6 oz | Number of lenses: 3 | Types of lenses: wide-angle, macro, fisheye

                        $ VIEW IN AMAZON

                        ⊕ Top-quality aluminum body
                        ⊕ Wonderful photo quality
                        ⊕ Multiple colors
                        ⊕ Carrying bag in a kit
                        ⊖ Detaching the lenses requires some effort

                        CamKix Universal 3-in-1 Lens kit is definitely the best budget-friendly option on this list, offering an impressive variety of lenses. Actually, buying this product, you receive a wide-angle lens, a macro lens and a fisheye lens just for $12.

                        All the devices are made of aluminum to prolong their usage.

                        To ensure absolute convenience while photographing, you just need to mount lenses over the top of each other and then quickly switch back and forth depending on the shot you want to take.

                        The kit also includes a carry bag and a clip mechanism, which broadens the lens compatibility.

                        In fact, you can even attach this best phone lens to the laptop webcam and go really creative while chatting with your friend or client via Skype. This kit is a real value for money.

                        The only annoying thing is that you need to try a bit harder to screw off the lenses.

                        List of Top Smartphone Camera Lenses

                        Image Name Features  
                        Bitplay Premium HD Wide Angle Lens
                        Bitplay Premium HD Wide Angle Lens
                        OUR CHOICE
                        • Solid Aluminum Body
                        • Distortion control
                        • No glares
                        Check PRICE
                        MACTREM Phone Lens Kit
                        MACTREM Phone Lens Kit
                        BEST KIT
                        • Broad Compatibility
                        • Long-lasting construction
                        • Waterproof storage case
                        Check PRICE
                        Nelomo Universal HD Phone Lens Kit
                        Nelomo Universal HD Phone Lens Kit
                        • Compact
                        • Top build quality
                        • Photos are crisp and sharp
                        Check PRICE
                        Apexel Phone Anamorphic Lens
                        Apexel Phone Anamorphic Lens
                        FOR FILMMAKING
                        • Premium glass
                        • Produces nice horizontal flares
                        • Broad compatibility
                        Check PRICE
                        ExoLens Photo Lens
                        ExoLens Photo Lens
                        • Reliable
                        • Solid build quality
                        • Quick and easy lens swap
                        Check PRICE

                        How to Choose the Best Phone Camera Lens?

                        The variety of smartphone camera lenses and kits is impressive. Every brand claims that its products are what you really need. But, how to choose the best option? Examine the most important factors below and you’ll understand how to a decent camera lens should look.

                        Ease of Use and Compatibility

                        how to choose the best phone camera lens

                        Ease of use. We are all interested in devices that are easy to use. Choose the lens that occupies little space, is easy to attach/detach, can be quickly aligned with the phone’s camera.

                        Compatibility. Some people mistakenly think that phone cameras are compatible with all smartphone types, models and brands. But, it isn’t true. If you want to buy the best lens for smartphone, you need to check the compatibility list. Take it as a rule.

                        Material and Size

                        how to choose the best phone camera lens

                        Material. The material of the construction is the key factor that affects its durability. Choose the devices made of solid, weatherproof and shockproof materials, and don’t waste money on fragile, low-quality camera lenses.

                        Size. This parameter is frequently underestimated by mobile photographers. However, the size of your gear matters a lot, especially if you are constantly on the go and need something portable that can easily fit in a pocket.

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