10 Best Batch Photo Editors in September 2023

By Eva Williams 17 days ago, Software Reviews

A batch photo editor is an irreplaceable tool for any photographer who needs to apply identical adjustments to several images simultaneously. Regular software can apply a specific type of change to a single photo. Meanwhile, batch image editing programs are a good choice for wedding and event photographers who want to do everything quickly and save time.

If you find yourself in search of a reliable and capable batch photo editor, your best option is somewhere on this list. Use one of these programs or apps for Win, Mac, iOS, and Android that can convert photos, make color corrections, resize, annotate, and watermark hundreds of images in just a few clicks.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Includes pro-level editing features

adobe lightroom batch photo editor interface
  • Pro-grade batch processing features
  • Single-click synchronization
  • Premade presets
  • Impressive photo organization functionality
  • Subscription

Verdict. Adobe Lightroom is a pro-grade batch image processing solution that is the go-to editor for many experienced photographers and retouchers. It allows you to either save a set of adjustments as a preset that you can apply to desired photos, or employ the Synchronization feature to pick an array of images that will be enhanced with the same changes.

Once you do that, all edits that were made using the Basic Panel to one image will be applied to all the selected photos. You can also batch edit in Lightroom by simply copying and pasting the adjustments from one picture to another. Additionally, it’s worth noting that each new version of the software continuously improves the automatic enhancement algorithms, helping you receive the desired results with minimum effort.

2. BatchPhoto

Perfect for making small changes

batchphoto batch photo editor interface
  • Convenient and intuitive
  • RAW file support
  • Allows automating editing tasks
  • Broad range of picture optimization features
  • Dated UI
  • Free version applies a watermark to all photos

Verdict. BatchPhoto is a bulk photo editor for Windows that was developed as a 3-step wizard, which is extremely simple to use. You merely need to import your photos during the first step, make the required edits during the second, and pick the desired export format and destination during the third. Afterward, the software will automatically apply the selected changes to all imported images.

This automatic photo editor allows you to save the current parameters as profiles, which you can conveniently reuse later straight from the Windows Explorer menu. You’ll be able to right-click any image and automatically enhance it with the chosen profile without even launching this software. In terms of exporting, BatchPhoto lets you save the newly enhanced images to your PC, upload them to FTP, or send them to other users via email.

3. Pixlr

Capable of editing hundreds of images simultaneously

pixlr batch photo editor interface
  • Premade presets
  • Intuitive sliders
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-speed export
  • Doesn’t include pro-level filters
  • Limited feature set

Verdict. Pixlr is a great option for any user interested in editing a large number of images with maximum speed and efficiency. The provided superfast export and convenient controls make this photo editing software for PC the ultimate solution for photographers, social media content creators, and other users interested in bulk image editing.

To start using Pixlr’s Batch Edit feature, launch Pixlr in your browser. Press “File” in the upper menu and pick "Batch Edit" from the list of available options. You’ll be greeted by the Batch Edit UI that allows you to apply the desired edits to several photos at the same time. This mode is supplied with adjustable presets that you can use on as many images as you want.

4. BeFunky

For batch watermark application

befunky batch photo editor interface
  • Supports batch watermark application
  • AI-powered editing functionality
  • Dedicated mobile application
  • Non-destructive editing workflow
  • Annoying pop-up ads
  • Compresses the images, lowering their quality

Verdict. BeFunky Photo Editor is a popular solution that you can use to batch edit photos as well as crop, resize, and enhance your images with filters. This tool lets you resize your photos by importing them, picking the required scale or pixel count, and applying the change to as many images as you have selected.

This software comes with a collection of built-in photo filters that are very convenient to use for publishing your photos on different social media. You can also use BeFunky to apply watermarks to entire batches of photos. You merely need to import a watermark or logo, place it in the desired image area, tweak its opacity, and save it as a preset.

5. ACDSee Photo Studio

Manual editing features

acdsee photo studio batch photo editor interface
  • Allows applying watermarks to batches of photos
  • Image management functionality
  • Advanced features
  • High-speed export to different formats
  • UI takes time to get used to
  • Steep learning curve

Verdict. ACDSee Photo Studio is supplied with a bulk processing feature, which is located in the Manage menu. This solution offers convenient before/after tabs that let you evaluate how the applied changes look while zooming in and out on specific parts of a photo as you see fit.

This photo enhancer lets you make a broad range of edits that are applied to several photos simultaneously. ACDSee allows you to resize, crop, rotate, and watermark images as well as tweak their exposure, color balance, and other parameters while enhancing them with different creative effects. You can also streamline your image editing workflow by saving specific settings as presets, which you can apply to various projects in the future.

6. Polarr

Batch export feature

polarr batch photo editor interface
  • Allows seeing the “before” and “after” images
  • Can process images up to 30MP
  • Doesn't require the internet to work
  • Supports a variety of platforms
  • Can’t open RAW Files
  • No support for third-party plugins

Verdict. Polarr is the perfect photo editor for advanced bulk image editing. Supplied with a well-thought-out layout and trendy design, this program can be used by image editors in several ways.

Batch image processing starts with setting the dimensions and orientation of the photos and then taking some basic editing steps that involve adjusting the exposure, contrast, saturation, and other values.

Removing skin imperfections is especially easy because the software has a separate toolkit for clearing any imperfections and even slightly changing facial features. During the final stage, you can apply filters or effects before exporting the results.

7. Fotor

Great option for beginners

fotor batch photo editor interface
  • Selection of cool filters
  • Helpful templates
  • RAW file converter
  • Dedicated social network
  • Not suitable for performing in-depth image retouching
  • All app versions are flooded with ads

Verdict. Fotor is a modern piece of software that has been developed to help even inexperienced users to easily carry out their projects. It has basic image retouching tools, is capable of batch photo editing, and can also serve as photo organizing software.

This solution allows you to change the dimensions or orientation of a photo and adjust the contrast, exposure, highlights, and shadows, thus performing basic color correction. It also has specialized tools for portraiture that remove blemishes and wrinkles, fix the red-eye defect, and whiten teeth. Other features are more fun and include stickers, captions, and creative frames.

8. Photophire

Multifunctional solution for image and video processing

photophire batch photo editor interface
  • Convenient interface
  • Free trial for testing the available features
  • Offers basic image editing tools
  • Not a subscription-based pricing model
  • Can’t process RAW images
  • Several tools are difficult to use

Verdict. Photophire offers great functionality for enhancing entire folders of images simultaneously. The tools are divided into three main categories, the first for working on the general look of the image, the second for improving the background, and the third for removing unwanted objects from the photo.

This batch photo editor and photo enlargement software provides somewhat advanced tools that allow you to change the size and layout of a picture before getting to work on the colors, shadows, and highlights while enabling you to use various artistic effects and filters that can save a lot of time. All of that and more can be found in the Photo Editor section which is intuitive, feature-rich, and suitable for professional use.

9. FastStone Photo Resizer

Batch conversion support

faststone photo resizer batch photo editor interface
  • Allows processing images from both folders and non-folders
  • Renames files while adding numerals
  • Finds and replaces text in file names
  • Great text and watermark tools
  • Exclusive to Windows
  • Lacks advanced editing functionality

Verdict. This photo editing software for beginners is supplied with terrific features for both organizing and editing photos with ease. The toolset is far from limited, allowing you to change the dimensions, orientation, and names of files, as well as add watermarks or captions, adjust the shades and intensity of colors, add frames, and much more either to a single image or an entire batch.

Thanks to the inclusion of the multithreading feature, this batch photo editor can deal with any large task a lot faster. You can assign specific names to bundles of images and fine-tune the conversion by looking at the previews. This versatile solution is perfectly suited for renaming, editing, and converting batches of images.

10. ImageConverterPro

Compatible with a broad range of formats

imageconverterpro batch photo editor interface
  • Convenient tool for adding watermarks
  • Batch renaming mode
  • One-click conversion
  • Supports all popular formats
  • No advanced image editing functions
  • Not a universal solution

Verdict. ImageConverterPro offers a batch mode for converting sets of photos in a blink of an eye. You can even set the output quality for some formats. All you have to do is choose the desired format and launch the conversion process.

Additionally, you can rotate images, adjust their size, add watermarks, export or rename files. ImageConverterPro is also included on the list of the best photo sharpening software, meaning you can take full advantage of such functionality. Whether you need to convert several pics or multiple hundreds of them, this solution has you covered. The supported export formats include JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIF.