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You don’t have enough money to buy Fotophire but you still want to use this program in your workflow? If yes, read on this post to find out how you can download Fotophire without expenses.

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Free Fotophire Benefits

  • Amazing background removal feature
  • Straightforward “drag & drop” UI
  • Fast picture editing
  • Contains more than 200 Photo Effects
  • A powerful image eraser
  • Picture batch-editing is available


  • Is Fotophire Free Trial compatible with Mac and Win devices?

Unfortunately, the Mac OS version is not available. Only users who have devices running on Windows 7 or higher can install Wondershare Fotophire.

  • Is it possible to get any Fotophire discounts?

Yes, you can expect a significant discount if you buy all image editing programs. You will pay only $89.99 instead of $169.97 for the package. Buying the Forophire Toolkit together with UniConverter, you spend only $112.45 and not $149.94.

  • Does Fotophire Trial contain the same capabilities as the full version of the software?

No, the trial version has only some features of a full-fledged program. If you want to get the whole premium bundle, you need to purchase a subscription.

  • What is the price for Fotophire?

Fotophire price depends on whether you choose an annual subscription or a one-time purchase. An annual license costs $49.99. Buying a program for life will cost you $79.99.

  • What features does Fotophire Editing Toolkit contain?

The entire toolbox is divided into three image editing modes: Photo Editor, Photo Cutter, and Photo Eraser.

  • Can I use only one mode at a time or is it possible to work with all three?

The independent architecture of these modes allows you to open them at the same time.

Insecurities of Using Pirated Fotophire Version

Be careful with websites that distribute unlicensed Fotophire free download for PC. Pirated versions of programs can bring you a lot of trouble that many users do not even think about when being tempted by free content.

1. Fines

Copyrights are protected by law. Therefore, the distribution or use of pirated software can lead to various fines. In some cases, violators have to pay up to $150,000.

2. Instability

To make the program work without an official license, hackers have to break the software code. As a result of such actions, some parts of the program begin to work incorrectly, or it loses some important functions and tools.

For this reason, many users avoid downloading Fotophire crack.

3. Zero Updates

Most illegal programs are cut off from the Internet or have limited access to it. This helps pirates go unnoticed. Because of the inability to access the Internet properly, you will not be able to update software, receive improved tools, and bug fixes.

4. No Help from Customer Support

Using the official Wondershare Fotophire, you can count on round-the-clock expert help from the support team. However, by downloading pirated software you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to solve any problems with professional help.

Without an official serial number, you are left alone with the errors and problems that have arisen.

5. Malware Risk

By installing unlicensed software, you increase the risk of infecting your device with viruses. Most websites offering free unofficial software do not care about user safety.

Programs can contain many viruses that disrupt your computer, cause crashes, or even stop the system.

If you resort to the pirated Wondershare Fotophire download, you may face additional costs for getting rid of viruses and even financial losses in your business. Using reliable antivirus software will help you protect your PC from any threats.

5 Fotophire Free Alternatives

Buying the Fotophire Editing Toolkit is too expensive for you, but you don’t want to break the law and install a pirated free version? I suggest you consider five alternatives that allow you to edit images in a way convenient for you.


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  • Nice expansion options
  • Contains tons of great features and tools
  • Supports lots of formats
  • Easy to customize
  • Disordered interface

GIMP contains all the necessary tools to be considered one of the best alternatives to Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit download.

It is rather universal and can be used by both novice photo editors and experienced professionals. Here you will find custom brushes, layers, tools for automatic picture improvement, filters, and compatibility with many plugins.

Another equally important benefit is the ability to work on all popular operating systems. You will achieve incredible results regardless of whether you use Windows or Linux devices.

2. Pixlr X

fotophire alternative pixlr x logo
  • Layer support
  • High-end picture editing tools
  • Simple interface
  • Great filter collection
  • Some tools need improvement

Pixlr X is a great online image editor. The creators of the program continue to improve tools that are still under development.

However, Pixlr X can easily compete with Fotophire and other paid applications. To enhance your images, you can use different layers and a collection of pop-art effects. Besides, the program contains many filters divided into such categories as Retro, Colors, and Instage.

This software version includes beta tools (for example, healing brush). They are still not one hundred percent effective but will be improved in the next updates.

3. Fotor

fotophire alternative fotor logo
  • Stunning filters and effects
  • Simple photo collage feature
  • Ability to convert RAW files
  • Very easy to use
  • Tools package is limited
  • RAW format isn’t compatible online

Fotor is an excellent online program that is designed for picture editing, creating collages, as well as desktop image manipulations.

You can edit almost all popular image formats, including RAW. The latter feature is rare in free image editing programs. Fotor contains many bundles of instant filters and useful tools for enhancing your photos, but it is inferior to other applications on this list.

4. BeFunky

fotophire alternative befunky logo
  • Eye-pleasing UI
  • Doesn’t require registration/account
  • Great bundle of free collage layouts
  • Ability to upload multiple photos simultaneously
  • Includes full-screen mode
  • Some features are paid

BeFunky Photo Editor is a worthy choice if you are interested in a powerful free online photo editor.

It includes a huge range of tools and functions for editing images, creating photo collages and graphic designs. To create an impressive graphics project, you can benefit from one of the available high-quality templates or draw from scratch using drag-and-drop actions.

The program is also packed with cropping tools, the ability to insert text, resizing features, and other useful options. In BeFunky, you can enhance images with beautiful overlays or customizable vector icons.

5. PhotoScape

fotophire alternative photoscape logo
  • Amazing set of tools
  • Batch image editing is available
  • Simple to use
  • Contains RAW converter
  • Distracting layout

If you need a simple online Fotophire alternative with a clear user interface, then you should take a look at Photoscape. This photo editor has an excellent set of basic functions for improving your images, such as color correction, cutting, GIF animation, resizing, and printing.

PhotoScape contains more options than regular free photo editing software. Here you will find many awesome effects and filters, an image viewer option, a batch editing function, and a built-in screen capture tool.

The collection of tools is very simple and straightforward to use, but at the same time, it has powerful potential. Beginners will quickly figure out what's what and will be able to give their projects a professional look.

Download Fotophire Free

fotophire free download

If you are looking for the Fotophire editing toolkit free download, then you can choose the offer by Wondershare and install a trial version. Follow the links above and download the latest official version of the program for your PC.

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