9 Best Free AI Websites for Different Purposes in 2024

People use free AI websites for different reasons, but the main one is that they're easy to get to. Whether I'm trying out Adobe Firefly for art, making videos with Lumen5, or writing captions with Gemini, these tools help me be more productive and more creative, and totally for free.

1. Adobe Firefly – For Graphic Designers

adobe firefly free ai website

For me as a person who has a passion for design but can't afford expensive AI software, Adobe Firefly became a game-changer. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, such as the ability to generate visual assets based on in-depth text descriptions, I can bring my creative visions to life with Adobe Firefly without financial constraints.

Overall, Firefly has made designing easier for me. It uses artificial intelligence to offer advice on composition, colors, and text. Adobe Firefly can help create quality design from scratch faster, even if you have little experience

2. ChatGPT – For Everyone No Matter What Job You Do

chatgpt free ai website

I use ChatGPT for various purposes like getting information, writing assignments, and even for entertainment. Recent features include an improved ability to understand context and a more flexible response to complex questions.

Also, ChatGPT can understand speech better now. It also can understand phrases that can have several meanings, which allows you to get more accurate answers to questions.

Lately, I've also been using ChatGPT to plan trips and even take photos of my food and it's successfully created a menu for me for the week. Its ability to understand my needs makes it useful for different situations, providing convenient solutions. It increases my productivity and makes it easier to solve various tasks in my daily life.

3. Craiyon – For Content Creators

craiyon free ai website

One of Craiyon's best features is its ability to come up with ideas and concepts based on what I tell it. Whether I'm writing a story, designing a logo, or thinking about some marketing ideas, this AI art generator generates creative ideas based on my needs..

Furthermore, Craiyon can be like a virtual partner, giving me feedback and advice as I work. Its AI can look at what I'm doing, find ways to make it better, and suggest changes to help me make my final project even better.

4. Eightify – For Social Media Marketers

eightify free ai website

I run my own YouTube channel, so I'm always looking for cool tools that make watching videos easier. Eightify has impressed me with its new way of summarizing videos. With it, I can quickly understand what a YouTube video is about in just a few seconds, thanks to its short summaries.

I can also see the top comments summarized to read what people think about the video. One of the best things for me is that language barriers do not exist anymore with Eightify. I can enjoy video summaries translated into my language to watch content I couldn't before because I didn't understand the language.

5. Lumen5 – For Video Creators

lumen5 free ai website

Lumen5 is a new online AI video editor that makes it easy for users to create engaging videos. It offers many useful features like choosing music, editing text, and adding images and logos. This helps me make professional videos for different purposes including marketing, and presentations.

I mostly use the library of professionally designed templates and multimedia assets in Lumen5, one of the best free AI websites. They let me make great-looking videos in just a few minutes. No matter if I'm promoting a product, sharing a story, or delivering a message, Lumen5 helps me keep my audience interested with awesome visuals.

6. Gemini – For Copywriters

gemini free ai website

Gemini uses machine learning algorithms to analyze texts from the internet. It understands what they are about and suggests ideas and keywords for writing content. This helps me find topics and write texts much faster.

One of the best things about Gemini for me is how quickly and efficiently it can generate high-quality content. It can write articles and blogs on all sorts of topics, making sure it meets what the audience wants and SEO rules. The most important part is that Gemini can check if the text is unique to make sure it follows copyright rules and doesn't have any plagiarism.

7. Lalal.AI – For Music Producers

lalal ai free ai website

Lalal.AI is one of the best AI audio tools out there. It helps you quickly and effectively do lots of different things like removing noise from audio recordings, improving sound quality, and converting speech to text. I use it to edit audio recordings and to get rid of unwanted noises like background noise or microphone hissing.

Lalal.AI has a user-friendly interface, so it's easy to learn how to use it even if you don't know a lot about audio editing. On thing I like about Lalal.AI is that it's accurate and fast at processing audio. It can handle large numbers of audio files quickly and it gives high-quality results in a short time. Plus, with the free version, you can try it out for 10 minutes for free.

8. Narrato – For all-in-one content workflow

narrato.io best free ai website

I recently had the pleasure to use Narrato, a very comprehensive AI-powered content creation and management platform, in a bid to create content for my retouching blog. Notable features of Narrato are, at first, its AI Content Assistant with a host of tools for writing, editing, and optimizing content.

I could easily create quite quality content with the help of the templates offered and the in-line AI assistant. It focused on ensuring the AI provided SEO recommendations and readability enhancements for our content to read nicely and, therefore, rank well in results from Google. This is a feature that saved me many hours and increased the quality of what we could make altogether.

9. AutoDraw – For Digital Artists

autodraw free ai website

Developed by Google, AutoDraw is an online web application that uses the rudiments of artificial intelligence to enable anyone with zero experience even to sketch very easily and quickly.

I love doodling since my university, but not with all the training that an artist has received, which is why AutoDraw has been a big help for me. Smart suggestions are made, which help turn my rough sketch into a nice drawing, thanks to which I just need to be creative only.

AutoDraw has a lot of options. There is a large number of simple and complex sketches templates you can choose from, so every time you want to make something and have it related to presentations, sharing on social media, or even for personal projects, there's quite something for everything.


  • • What are the best free AI websites, and why do people need them?

Free AI websites offer tools to realize any task with the help of artificial intelligence. This way, technology becomes accessible by anybody no matter which skill level you have. With varied options ranging from AI writing to AI music generators, you may use them in learning, creation, productivity, or to solve problems with the least worries over money.

  • • Are there any limitations to using free AI websites?

Even though free AI websites provide useful tools, they might not have all the features you need like the paid ones do. They could have restrictions on how much you can use them, or you might not get as much help from customer support. Users need to think about what they need and decide if the free options are enough for them.

  • • Are there any privacy or security concerns when using free AI websites?

When you use free AI websites, there can be privacy and security problems, especially with your personal information. You should check the website's privacy policy, and terms of service to know how they collect, store, and use your information.

  • • How can I stay updated on new developments and updates from these free AI websites?

To know about the latest updates on free AI websites, users can sign up for newsletters, follow their official social media accounts, join community forums or groups, and check the website regularly for news and updates.