Tag That Photo Review 2024: Reviewed & Tested

Tag That Photo

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Verdict: Like every parent who is involved in a daily fuss, the ability to organize family pics quickly is truly important sometimes. I needed to handle approx. 200 photos and I chose Tag That Photo to sort these pics quickly and efficiently.

The program defined over 500 images featuring my daughter, and all the shots took up five folders. But the accuracy the tool recognized the faces with really impressed me.

Another considerable advantage of this photo organizing software is that it saves face tagging and additional data right into my local file. Other features that are worth your attention are the ability to back up the tagging, as well as find a person by name.

  • Quick and precise tagging
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Can tag many files at once
  • Regular software updates
  • 24/7 support
  • Is only compatible with desktop devices
  • Only runs on Windows
tag that photo example

Tag That Photo (TTP) is an ideal option for family photo archivists. It has become an indispensable assistant for managing, organizing, and tagging faces in digital images. The tool is designed for Windows 64-bit platform and is available as a desktop software application.

Leveraging the Metadata Working Group (MWG) standard, which includes Adobe, Canon, and Microsoft, the tool ensures precise face tagging.

Tag That Photo – Main Features

tag that photo features

Tag That Photo works with multiple image formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC, and Raw, as well as offers cross-app metadata compatibility. With it, you can even import existing Picasa and Fotobounce tags.

The app provides complete control over all my photos, letting me decide where to store the pics: on the hard drive or in the cloud. Besides, it supports Adobe's XMP metadata format that allows users to write their own tags.

"This is very straightforward and amazed me with Apple-like face recognition capabilities. The only downside is the lack of this Apple support." - Emily, marketer ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Easy to Get Started

The installation instructions, which I got in the email after registration, were extremely helpful. I headed to the official website, found the download link, launched the download process and the setup file appeared on my PC within minutes.

Afterward, I initiated the installation, which was simple and intuitive thanks to the setup wizard, which guided me through each stage prompting the right actions and allowing me to customize the desired settings. I only needed several minutes to start testing my free trial subscription.

Accurate Face Recognition

tag that photo add folders

Once the tool was installed on my computer, I started to upload photos right from my PC folders, Dropbox, and USB drives.

The program detects pics in folders, scanning each file based on visual landmarks like eyes, nose, and mouth to recognize faces. It assigns a unique code for each face, which is essential for identifying the needed person on the other pics quickly and accurately.

There are various tabs for faces like Unknown, Suggested, or People. With this photo catalog software, it is easy to tag individuals or delete faces I do not want to tag.

tag that photo tabs for faces

I just needed approximately 30 minutes to transform chaotic bundles of photos into a well-organized archive. The program managed to scan images and detect faces across multiple pics (including group photos) with amazing accuracy and high speed.

Moreover, the photos shared with my relatives and friends also contain face recognition data, saving them time in tagging their pics.

"Clean, simple, and user-friendly interface. Its keywords and tags functions make the search for a specific file super-fast and simple." - Michael, event planner ★★★★★ (5/5)

Easy Importing of Existing Tags

As the official version of Fotobounce is not available anymore, I selected Tag That Photo software for importing face tags. I wanted to test it on my collection of over 1000 pics, which were already tagged in Fotobounce.

The process was smooth and seamless. I had no trouble importing tags created in Fotobounce, and adding them to the corresponding pics in my collection of images. The program’s ability to process multiple tags and images at once is really impressive, and it is great that the accuracy and performance are on top.

Robust Search Capabilities

tag that photo searching

Another highlight of the software is an intuitive search function, with which the location of family photography based on basic criteria such as keywords, dates, and file names becomes a straightforward task. I needed to find the pics from the latest hiking trip. To do this, I typed in “hiking” and the program provided me with accurate results virtually in seconds.

There is also a handy option for the advanced search that filters photos based on face tags and/or manually added info tags. With the program, navigation through my library of digital memories becomes a no-brainer.

Strong Privacy and Data Security

As tagging activities are kept locally on my PC, I can be sure that my images are safe as they are not transmitted over the web. I get overall control over my data and can be certain that it is in security. Besides, no data is collected or sold to third parties.

Limitless Library Access

Tag That Photo software offers amazing capabilities to organize big and small photo libraries. My collection of family photos contains over 2,000 pics, and the program handled them without slowdowns and other issues. The tool performs well and delivers accurate results when dealing with a thousand or one hundred thousand images.

Thanks to this option, the program is also considered one of the greatest digital asset management software for photographers too, so I recommended it to my fellow retouchers and Fixthephoto photographers.

Useful Integration with Adobe Express

tag that photo integration with adobe express

Another advantage I should mention in this Tag That Photo review is the tool’s integration with Adobe Express. Thanks to it, I could easily enhance my pics after neatly organizing them by folders. Besides, it allows combining images to create visually appealing albums.

Adobe Express is an ideal option for family photo editing and refining pics by adjusting colors, applying filters, adding text, turning them into holiday cards or family collages, etc.

"With the program, I can share and tag hassle-free and fast. The integration with Adobe is a pleasant surprise for me." - Sarah, wedding photographer ★★★★★ (5/5)

Tag That Photo Prices

To use all the goodies offered by Tag That Photo, you should purchase a subscription. However, it is also possible to test the program for free with the limit for tagging up to 10 people. At first, I tried its free plan and then selected the Personal Lite plan for $19 per year, which allows tagging up to 100 people.

Other options are the Personal Premium pack for $39 per year for unlimited tagging and the Family Plan that provides three Premium licenses for $59 per year. 


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