25 Best Cyber Security Blogs You Need to Follow in 2024

If you want to be well-informed with everything that is going on in cyberspace, you should definitely check cyber security blogs and websites. Such resources contain valuable security briefs, and the latest cyber threats to be aware of, as well as conduct training webinars.

Such blogs are an invaluable source of handy tips on how to browse the web without being attacked by various threats. The articles published here will also be useful for those who are making strides in the cybersecurity field or want to complete their certifications.

1. Security Gladiators

Our choice

Security Gladiators is an effective online protection and security information source that will let you know how to keep away from internet scams, deceptive, fraudulent business implementations, etc.

Besides, Security Gladiators acts as a protection agency that cares about the privacy and safety of web users. From free and cheap VPN services to antiviruses, Security Gladiators contains precious knowledge of how to use the internet without being vulnerable to various threats.

2. Inside Cybersecurity

Is often updated

Inside Cybersecurity is a news service where professionals can get acquainted with federal policies that govern cybersecurity. Using a subscription-based pricing model, the site presents the hidden aspects of law-making and explains how the policies are implemented and affect society. There is a free trial that allows you to grab the gist of how public policy and web security relate to each other.

3. Cyber Management Alliance

Educational courses & webinars

Cyber Management Alliance is a leading company that offers security training and conducts a cybersecurity blog. This section is primarily designed to satisfy the needs of IT specialists and make home users acquainted with general security.

Learn about the best practices when working from the comfort of your home or office. The blog contains informative articles for those who want to try their hands at the cybersecurity niche.

4. AT&T

Varied content

The AT&T cybersecurity blog is a real boon for those who want to get valuable insights, expert analysis, and fresh news on cybersecurity trends, threats, and best practices. Here both professional and aspiring users can find comprehensive info about a great variety of topics like network security, endpoint protection, data privacy as well as privacy management software, and more.

5. Krebs on Security

Detailed analysis and reporting

The author of Krebs on Security is Brian Kerbs who was a reporter in Washington Post. The blog offers multiple posts to browse through and covers all the current security threats.

Users are free to comment and discuss the publications they are interested in most of all. A clean and straightforward design is another plus of the platform. It makes navigation through articles, searching for the required topic, and subscription to the latest news intuitive tasks.

6. BSSi2

Neat and easy-to-understand design

BSSi2 mainly covers IT and cyber security topics for the professionals in this niche. Helpful articles on various technology topics appear on the platform regularly. BSSi2’s blog can reveal the most effective ways to avoid or cope with hacks and glitches. The greatest advantage is that all the articles are easy to comprehend even for non-professionals, as they are not full of technical vocabulary.

7. Cybervie

Valuable cybersecurity insights

Сybervie keeps users abreast with the recently discovered cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and attack techniques. The content published here is devoted to the research of malware campaigns, malware removal software, data breaches, and emerging threats, letting both individuals and companies acquire valuable knowledge of how to upgrade their online protection.

Practical guidelines and the most effective practices described in this blog are what you need to take your cyber protection to a new level. Their professionalism in different areas of cyber protection lets clients defend their digital assets against potential threats and eliminate any security risks.

8. Dark Reading

The most recent cybersecurity occurrences and practices

Dark Reading researches a vast variety of topics including analytics and application security, mobile and cloud security, IoT, etc. As the name implies, Dark Reading thoroughly researches the shadowy world of cybersecurity revealing all the current challenges and strategies for safeguarding your assets.

This cybersecurity blog sheds light on the most effective cybersecurity strategies, how to manage risks, and plan incident response.

9. Infosecurity Magazine

Daily updates

Infosecurity Magazine has served readers for more than ten years. It contains precious insights and comprehensive info about the security industry. The content of the blog is available both online and in printed form and contains engaging facts about the most recent trends, in-depth news analysis, and special columns with advice from CISOs and industry specialists. Infosecurity Magazine conducts free webinars regularly, whitepapers, and virtual conferences.

10. StationX

Protection recommendations and product reviews

The StationX Cyber Security Blog is a one-stop solution for those who want to start a career in the cybersecurity field. This cybersecurity blog contains tips, articles, and tutorials like how to keep your photos safe to assist you in the improvement of your cyber security skills and become successful in your profession. Here the authors also publish the freshest cybersecurity news, notifications about the emerging threats, and reviews of the security products.

11. Naked Security

Most relevant threat news

Created by Sophos, the Naked Security blog was honored with multiple awards like the Best Business Blog and Best IT Security Blog. The readability of this resource is really high, and the specialists of the service did their best to create engaging content.

The website has topics for different categories like vulnerability, Android privacy, and Facebook, intrusion detection software, so finding the content you are interested in is a no-brainer.

12. Information Security Buzz

Experts comments, analysis and opinion

Information Security Buzz is an independent and enjoyable resource for the freshest updates in the industry. Besides, here you’ll read the expert analysis of what is going on in the industry currently. The content, compiled by security experts and industry leaders, is carefully curated and curated to bring you the latest threat trends, insights, practical solutions, trending topics, and tips from around the world.

You can also benefit from special links to get in touch with co-thinkers and receive assistance on career issues, qualifications, and training.

13. Zero Day

Provides handy and easy-to-implement advice

Zero Day is one of the most popular cyber security blogs, which belongs to ZDNet. If you want to be always informed about the latest security research, software vulnerabilities, etc. Besides, the blog is available for different countries and regions worldwide.

Whatever cyber threat you need to deal with, this blog will present you with all the required knowledge by providing in-depth analysis, practical guidance like internet security suites, and timely threat intelligence. Here readers can exchange their ideas, ask questions, and share valuable insights.

14. CyberArk

Comprehensive analysis of real-world cyber threats

CyberArk is one of the most popular security companies that does its best to prevent cyberattacks. Award-winning businesses from around the globe turned to this company seeking robust protection from web threats, whereas their blog boasts much authority.

New content appears on the website every two weeks. The blog is updated with informative and intelligent articles on various themes like the most recent global security issues and summaries of the latest security and hacker events.

15. Tech News World

Top-rated user engagement

If you want to be on top of the most recent info in the security field, as well as hacking and privacy issues, Tech News World’s cyber security section will make sure that you are always informed about everything that happens in the security field. The writers of this blog do their best to cover all security issues in an easy-to-understand manner. There is also little info about law and legislation that influences the niche.

16. The Last Watchdog

Is full of interview-style publications

The Last Watchdog is one of the is one of the best cyber security blogs. The author of this news site is Byron Acohido who is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, teacher, and a well-known cybersecurity and privacy specialist. His blog abounds with videos and contains interview-style publications, as well as guest blog posts. Here you’ll also find his expert opinions on cyber safety and Q&A.

17. The Hacker News

Handy categorization of posts

The Hacker News features the latest cybersecurity news and in-depth analysis of current and future trends in Infosec and researches how they influence cyberspace. The blog focuses on data breaches, cyber-attacks, vulnerabilities, and malware. The number of followers is really huge: it is claimed that 8 million readers visit it every month. The site is popular among leading security researchers, geeks, techies, business grads, CISOs, as well as security professionals.

18. Threat Post

Publications to all tastes

Threat Post is an independent news site that provides readers with the latest security updates. The team of specialists creates original and impactful materials like security news, videos, podcasts, eBooks, webinars, roundtables, Q&As, polls, feature reports, insider columns, and more.

The followers of Threat Post are hard to count and the reason for such a high popularity is unquestionable credibility and actual info on cyber safety.

19. Daniel Miessler

Unique ideas, podcast and analysis

Daniel Miessler is a cybersecurity specialist who has much experience in the cyber safety field. He is also a consultant and a writer who has shared his knowledge on the cybersecurity theme for over 20 years. He is skilled at technical assessment and implementation, consulting, creating, and running top-rated security programs.

Daniel contributes articles to his blog several times a week. He writes posts about malicious ads, and bad cybersecurity metrics and delves on other similar topics.

20. CSO Online

Excellent resource for professionals

Browse CSO to learn more about security and risk management topics. The site not only tells about web safety but also analyses and researches these themes. This cybersecurity blog is primarily oriented on enterprise-level decision-makers in the security field and CSOs (chief security officers). But anyone who has a deep interest in security, identity, and access management, data loss prevention software will also find this site useful.

The blog contains critical info to be always abreast with the newest threats, making you well-armed against criminal cyber-attacks. Visitors are encouraged to share their ideas, ask questions, and take part in the ongoing discussions.

21. Graham Cluley

Optimal option for home users

Graham Clue became known for his independent computer security analysis in the early 90s. He creates cyber protection news that engages readers because of their informativeness, simple language, and sense of humor. In his posts, Graham discusses such issues as data breaches, hacks, enterprise security, and the cybersecurity industry. He is also the author of a podcast and newsletter that invites new subscribers.

22. The Akamai Blog

Well-oriented publications

Akamai Blog is one of the popular cyber security news sites that aggregates news and opinions from professionals in the cyber protection field. The resource is updated with valuable info and insights by the content delivery network services provider Akamai. The strategists, technologists, product, and industry experts contribute to the blog regularly. Besides, this is a platform for discussing, sharing, and reflecting on the tendencies that drive online businesses nowadays,

Here you’ll also find out everything about cloud optimization, free antivirus software, the methods for reaching connected devices, the effective ways of ensuring online security, etc.

23. IT Security Guru

The most recent and sensational security news

If you are eager to get to know the most sensational IT news, head to the IT Security blog. The variety of materials published here is really impressive: articles, videos, webinars, analyses, case studies, and even a section with the most recent cybersecurity scams. Moreover, the blog helps users avoid burnout, restore their mental health, and learn fresh cyber-mindfulness-related news.

24. Tripwire

Interesting visual and verbal materials

Tripwire is one of the most popular cyber security blogs that provides you with the latest cyber safety news and insights in both visual and verbal forms. It focuses on such themes as vulnerability management, cloud security, encryption software, software development and IT operations (DevOps), and more.

Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT) is a special section of the blog filled with research tips, security updates, and weekly cybersecurity news.

25. Security Weekly

Educational podcast and video programming

Experienced IT specialist Paul Asadoorian publishes his works on the Security Weekly website. Here you can watch informative webcasts, as well as IT Security video programs to extend your knowledge in this industry. You can access the content from iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and many more. He covers security, technical, hacking, and cybercrime-related issues. The blog also contains research studies.