FS Poster Review 2024: Benefits & Pricing

FS Poster

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  • Platform: Web
  • Price: free, from $45
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Verdict: FS Poster is a wonderful tool if you want to optimize social media management, get efficient scheduling solutions, boost brand visibility, and customize different characteristics of your feed.

Using this WordPress auto-poster and scheduler plugin, I have managed to ramp up the number of visitors. Besides, all my posts are well-thought-out and coherent. Most of all, I like that this WordPress plugin for blogs allows generating keyword-based messages and has advanced analytic tools, so you can quickly gauge your key performance indicators and make timely adjustments.

  • Integrates over 20 social networks
  • Straightforward scheduling and direct sharing
  • Adjustable post URLs
  • Supports an unlimited number of social media accounts
  • Detailed insights and reporting features
  • Auto-posting of new blog posts
  • Proxy support and URL shortener
  • Regular updates and responsive support
  • The UI may seem complicated
  • Limited Lite version
fs poster interface

FS Poster transcends similar tools because it can easily share content on 22 different social media sites and services directly from the WordPress dashboard.

With this plugin, you can schedule posts in different ways, make custom web addresses for your posts, and use it for as many social media accounts as you want. Another advantage is a one-off lifetime purchase with automatic ongoing updates and quick customer support.

FS Poster: Main Features

logo fs poster

FS Poster, a popular WordPress plugin for automating social media posting and scheduling, allows users to easily share content across 21 different social networks and platforms directly from their WordPress dashboard. The most praise-worthy features are the possibility to plan posts using designated calendars, maintain a consistent online presence, and leverage in-depth analytics.

Using FS Poster, you can streamline your marketing projects, raise website traffic, improve brand recognition, and effectively manage your social media networks. The plugin stands out with flexibility by providing users with tailored post content for various platforms and tools for assessing core performance metrics.

Effective Social Media Scheduling to Save Your Time

fs poster auto scheduling

FS Poster has changed the way I manage photography social media profiles. With it, I can save time as content posting becomes automated. I can also schedule posts for many social networks in one go. Therefore, it is very easy to plan my content in advance and keep my online presence strong, even when I'm not currently online.

Therefore, I can be sure that my posts appear at the most advantageous times, meaning I will get the anticipated response from the audience. Whether I'm sharing new blog posts, reposting important information, or sending custom messages, this social media management tool makes the process quicker and more efficient.

Boosts Digital Marketing Efforts to Increase Traffic and Ranking

fs poster auto posting

Using this WordPress social media plugin, I managed to make my site more popular as it allows posting information on several social networks simultaneously in an automated manner.

The rise in visibility yielded a significant upswing in organic traffic and had a beneficial effect on my website's position in search engine rankings. FS Poster's integration with social networks guarantees that more people will see my site, thus elevating the overall digital marketing strategy and building the basis for the long-term prosperity of my photography business.

Perfect to Increase Number of Visitors and Brand Awareness

fs poster integrations

The social media auto-poster and scheduling features of FS Poster have played a serious role in boosting website traffic and elevating brand recognition. I really appreciate the possibility of sharing my blog articles, images, and videos across various social platforms synchronously. Thus, I managed to broaden my outreach and draw in a larger audience.

As a result, my website traffic and brand recognition have increased, which had a positive effect on my overall photography business. With FS Poster, it is easier to maintain a dynamic online presence and reach prospective customers and followers.

Supports Flexibility with Customized Post Messages

fs poster customized post messages

I particularly like the possibility to adapt my personalized post messages to various social media platforms. In other words, I can make messages with keywords suited to each platform, guaranteeing that my content connects effectively with the specific target audience on each platform.

Whether you need to make unique messages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media for photographers, FS Poster comes with diverse customization features required to enhance engagement and extend reach. By customizing my messages for specific audiences, I've successfully elevated brand recognition and encouraged meaningful interactions.

Keep Your Social Media Fresh and Organized

fs poster user-friendliness

Using FS Poster's application, I've effectively maintained my social networks, keeping them dynamic, captivating, and efficiently structured. The plugin's scheduling features are very helpful if you want to schedule and distribute content meticulously, keeping a consistent stream of posts across numerous social channels.

Being consistent with my feed, I can have peace of mind that my audience is always engaged and my social media looks professional and organized. Plus, FS Poster offers easy-to-use design and simple controls, so I can effortlessly handle many accounts and social networks, getting the most out of my social media marketing efforts.

Measures KPIs with Comprehensive Analytics

fs poster analytics

FS Poster's scheduler plugin for WordPress does more than just post stuff. It also checks how well each social network and account is doing with the scheduled posts. It gives you useful information about things like how many people clicked on your posts, how many times they were seen, and other important details for every scheduled post in WordPress.

With marketing tools for Instagram and other social networks, I can receive accurate data to make informed choices and improve my plan for social media to get the best results. By looking at how well my posts are perceived on different websites, I can see what's popular, discern which kinds of content work best, and adjust my strategy to get more followers.


You can get the FS Poster Lite version for free on WordPress, but it has limited features.

Besides, there are 2 license variants to choose from. The Regular License costs $45 and lets one person or a single client use the plugin in one project without charging the end users.

If you want to make money from your end product, you can get the Extended License for $279. It allows one person or client to charge end users while still enjoying all its strong features. Both licenses come with a price for the item itself and an extra fee for the buyer, offering different options for various uses.


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