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  • Version: 11
  • Compatible: Windows, Mac
  • PhotoDirector Mobile: iOS/Android

If you are searching for PhotoDirector free download but are unsure which version is right for you or are afraid of downloading a virus-infected file, my article can help you.

Read it to discover a reliable way to get PhotoDirector absolutely free of charge and learn why it is better not to download the program from questionable sites.

photodirector interface

PhotoDirector Benefits:

  • Robust layer editing
  • Multitude of plug-ins & effects
  • Creative packs & background music
  • Video-to-photo extracting
  • 360˚ photo editing
  • AI-powered engine, styles facial recognition
  • Support for the majority of video and camera RAW formats


  • What are the capabilities of Cyberlink PhotoDirector?

PhotoDirector is a program for editing pictures. It provides a straightforward interface and an extensive feature-set that will meet the needs of novice and experienced users. Regardless of the skill level, the program enables you to create amazing pictures more efficiently by using numerous layer editing tools and AI-based options.

  • Will the PhotoDirector Free Trial edit pictures/videos both on macOS and Windows?

Yes, PhotoDirector for PC is also available in the free trial version of PhotoDirector 365 Essential for Windows.

  • Are there any discounts?

The developer offers discounts of up to 40% off the standard subscription price for students and teachers. Also, you can come across holiday discounts that reach 30%.

  • How much does Cyberlink PhotoDirector cost?

The price for the lifetime license is $69.99 – you buy it once and for all and receive 25GB of cloud storage for one year. The price for PhotoDirector 365 subscription is $37.99 for 12 months.

It features PhotoDirector 11 Ultra, unrestricted access to CyberLink premium plug-ins & effects and 50GB CyberLink cloud storage. The price for the monthly subscription is $14.99.

Free PhotoDirector Mobile Version

If you wish to make picture manipulations from a mobile or portable device, the mobile PhotoDirector version will come in handy. It is completely free of charge and offers iOS & Android versions.

PhotoDirector Mobile

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  • Reviews: 997
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 865k
  • Version: Mobile/Portable
  • Compatible: Android, iOS
  • PhotoDirector: Mac, Win
photodirector mobile interface

PhotoDirector Mobile Pros:

  • Picture animation/retouch, selfie editor
  • Dehaze, white balance, HDR and vignette tools
  • Sticker/pic collage maker, gradient masks
  • Object cloning and elimination, magic brush
  • Exports pictures in Ultra HD 4K camera resolution

PhotoDirector is a leading mobile full-featured picture editor that lets users export pictures in Ultra HD 4K resolution, create Stories and publish the results on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest.

The program isn’t difficult to master. Its smart and advanced toolset will assist in correcting digital noise, problems with lighting and other typical issues, as well as eliminating undesired elements.

PhotoDirector: Pirated Version

As of today, there is a tendency towards downloading pirated programs from unverified and torrent sites. Before you embark on the path of piracy and get a non-legal Cyberlink PhotoDirector free download, learn in more detail about the harm it can cause to the PC system and personal data.

1. Law Problems

By purchasing a product from CyberLink Corp, you enter into a license agreement with the company, which is a legal document. Once you have clicked on the illegal link to download Cyberlink PhotoDirector free, it means that you have committed the crime, that is classified as copyright infringement.

To begin with, you will receive a warning e-mail. Then, your Internet connection will be disabled. Eventually, the developer can hold you accountable by the means of monetary fines or even incarceration.

2. Viruses

When installing pirated PhotoDirector, you may also get a great number of viruses and worms as an unpleasant bonus. They will negatively affect the computer system or a smartphone.

The worst-case scenario involves the theft of your confidential data, like credit card details, passwords and location info. The best free antivirus software will help protect the device from viruses.

3. No Upgrades

It is important to register your software in order to receive technical support or other information from CyberLink. You will be able to access free tips and tutorials, updates and patches, search for an activation key to reinstall, ask technical questions online and get exclusive offers.

These updates are released with the aim to detect pirated copies. Therefore, after the check, the pirated program will be blocked, or the system will be continuously showing errors, not allowing you to work properly.

4. Failures and Errors

Pirated PhotoDirector will unpleasantly surprise you with plenty of errors occurring in the process. The entire workflow may be slower than usual, certain options and tools may be unavailable, or some features may operate inaccurately.

The reason for that is the absence of significant lines of the code or incorrect alignment of the structure that hackers have done intentionally or unintentionally.

5. No Technical Support

Clicking on the PhotoDirector free download link, you can forget about the support provided by the developers. If you encounter any problems with the functioning of the program, you will have to deal with them yourself.

PhotoDirector Free Alternatives

PhotoDirector isn’t the only program that can decently cope with picture editing tasks. Now I will tell you about three of such alternative programs, including two professional ones, for you to avoid dangerous PhotoDirector free download links.

1. Adobe Lightroom

lightroom logo
  • Auto tagging and smart search
  • Backups files automatically
  • Qualitative picture post-production
  • HDR panos creating
  • Perfectly optimized for Windows and macOS
  • A free trial lasts only for 7 days

Adobe Lightroom is one of the leaders among professional programs for picture post-production. Besides, it serves as the cloud-powered service that offers all the necessities for editing, organizing, storing and sharing pictures on different devices.

The intuitive toolset includes presets and sliders for tweaking the shot in any desired way. Desktop and mobile versions come with interactive tutorials to develop picture post-production skills right in the program.

2. Adobe Photoshop

photoshop logo
  • Robust and smart picture editing toolset
  • Support for layers and masks
  • Multiple formats and resolutions
  • Ready-made presets and the global community
  • Rather complicated UI
  • A free trial lasts only for 7 days

Adobe Photoshop is a renowned program for all sorts of creative manipulations – starting from picture post-production to compositing and other imaging-related projects. With the provided toolset, it is possible to perform day-to-day picture edits or more complicated modifications. Ps enables users to crop, eliminate objects, retouch and merge shots, experiment with effects and colors.

Other robust capabilities of Photoshop include adding and combining text, gradients, masks, patterns, swatches, layers, styles, shapes, the work with user-friendly, well-developed and well-managed presets.

3. inPixio

inpixio logo
  • Multitude of filters and frames
  • Robust cropping and color correction
  • Before/after comparison, vignetting
  • Ability to publish on social networks with ease
  • Windows-only
  • Doesn’t support layers

inPixio Free Photo Editor simplifies the process of creating beautiful pictures, publishing them on social networks and sharing them with other people. To enhance shots, users have an opportunity to apply numerous stunning effects, add wonderful themed designs and frames, crop, tweak contrast, brightness and make all kinds of modifications.


When you have figured out what to do with Cyberlink PhotoDirector free download, it is time to optimize and speed up the picture editing workflow. You can do it with the help of the following free effects.

Pencil Brush

pencil brush freebie for photodirector pencil brush freebie for photodirector

This pencil brush beautifully imitates the effect of an actual brush for painting. Use it to work with JPG or RAW files.

After the Rain Overlay

after the rain freebie for photodirector after the rain freebie for photodirector

With this overlay, you can add a rainbow from the right central part to the left edge. It excels at emphasizing the right side of the picture and the depth of the left side.

Brown Wood Texture

brown wood texture for photodirector

Complement your artistic works using free watercolor textures. This one is ideal for light designs without many distracting elements.

PhotoDirector Free Download

photodirector free trial

Get the latest Cyberlink PhotoDirector free download full version from the official website. Currently, there exist a PhotoDirector version for desktop PCs and PhotoDirector Mobile.

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