3Ds Max vs Blender

What software to choose among 3Ds Max vs Blender? You’ll know if you read my comparison article.

3Ds Max is the most popular software used by professional artists to create video games, movies, and animation commercials that are designed to provide realistic rendering solutions.

Blender is an open-source and free-to-use, software used for creating visual effects, computer animations, visual designs, 3D printed objects, motion graphics, and computer games.

Final Verdict:

Among the two programs, 3Ds Max is much more powerful and rich-featured software. It offers advanced tools for creating special effects, mesh structures, and environments that would not be possible to achieve using other programs. For beginners interested in 3D modeling this program comes with excellent tutorials that will help them learn the basics in a short period of time.

3Ds Max is the winner >

3Ds Max Features:

  • Rendering
  • Animation support
  • Texturing
  • Set of effects
  • 3D options

What is 3Ds Max?

3ds max interface

3Ds Max includes several different tools that allow any user to quickly and easily create jaw-dropping graphics with a variety of effects and textures. 3D designing features such as complex mesh structures and advanced lighting allow any designer to create the most detailed and life-like characters that they can possibly imagine.

The biggest advantage that it has over other programs is that it enables the user to create very complex characters and environments without having to know anything about computer graphics or 3D modeling. This is very useful to people who are interested in becoming professional game developers but are hesitant because they have never used any software packages that offer the level of detail and quality that 3Ds Max does.

What is Blender?

blender interface

Blender has the ability to sculpt, layer, blend, and create the illusion of hundreds of different objects within seconds. One of the biggest advantages of Blender is that it can save time for you by performing tasks such as merging layers automatically, adding transitions, adjusting saturation, respecting, hiding objects, trimming, and a variety of other purposes that can really help speed up your workload when working on your design.

One of the most powerful features that Blender has is the fact that it allows users to add third-party plugins that enhance the functionality even further. The 3D designing features in Blender also work extremely well, and they can even add a sense of realism to certain designs.


3ds max logo
blender logo

3Ds Max & Blender Features:

  • Adjustable workspace
  • Motion pathes
  • Pipeline tools
  • In-built asset library
  • Converter
  • Sculpting
  • Animation tools
  • Simulation options
  • Scripting ability
  • Advanced video editing

3Ds Max and Blender Price:

STARTING PRICE $205.00/month Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

3Ds Max has a number of advantages over other software packages that are commonly used by game developers and designers.

Blender is a great piece of software to have, and it certainly has quite a few benefits users new to computer graphics can use and even veterans thinking about a switch should consider.