13 Cherry Blossom Photo Ideas for Romantic Photos

If you’ve ever held your breath from romantic photoshoots in blossom trees and would like to get some shots like this, these cherry blossom photo ideas will be a real boon for you. It is important not to hesitate here, because the flowering period, unfortunately, is very short – approximately the second half of April. That is why I have prepared for you these wonderful ideas and tips for organizing such a photoshoot.

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Want romantic pictures in cherry blossom?

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Cherry blossom is a universal attribute for almost any photo genre. It can embellish any portrait shot, themed images, become a wonderful romantic background for love stories, etc. What’s more, it will also spice up product photos, landscape and macro images.

1. Take a Close-Up Portrait in Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom photo ideas portrait

Individual shooting involves taking many portraits, so be sure to photograph your model in cherry blossom. If you don’t know what camera settings for portraits to use, trust your smartphone – it has a fairly good portrait mode. With this mode on, you will take great photos with blurry backgrounds.

Think and try ahead your posing options. Your face should be relaxed, there may be a slight smile or even laughter, or you may just open your mouth slightly.

cherry blossom photo ideas fashion

Don’t stop at ordinary portraits, cherry blossom photoshoot ideas are great for fashion photography, which in turn requires more thorough and professional preparation in terms of make-up and wardrobe. Also, I recommend studying suitable model poses in advance.

2. Prepare a Suitable Romantic Look

cherry blossom photo ideas romantic look

An elegant flowing dress, and various accessories that highlight femininity, such as a hat, and hair ribbons will work perfectly. When it comes to hair and makeup, make it as natural and casual as possible.

cherry blossom photo ideas retro look

If you are interested in retro style, then I hasten to please you that in combination with cherry blossom it looks even more impressive. Cherry blossom is actually suitable for realizing all creative photo ideas, but it is important to think through all the details. The composition should look holistic, and the details should match the desired style.

3. Play with Cherry Flowers

cherry blossom photo ideas with flower

Interact with the cherry blossoms during the shooting. Pick a flower, play with it, smell the cherry blossoms, put flowers in your hair, etc. Get inspired by the best portrait photography poses and come up with your own original cherry blossom combinations for breathtaking photos.

cherry blossom photo ideas diadem

One more interesting cherry blossoms photography idea is to make a flower wreath. If you don’t want to cut off flowering or break branches, you can purchase an artificial cherry blossom diadem.

4. Take Photo with Flying Petals

cherry blossom photo ideas petals

When cherry trees finish blooming, their petals cover the ground in a beautiful way. Be sure to take advantage of this short period. Take the petals in your palms and blow them. Such photos are best taken in calm weather so that the petals fly beautifully in one direction.

In this case, it is not necessary to take an image with the petals in the daytime. Night photography involving cherry blossoms looks very creative. Be sure to take care of sufficient lighting, as the petals should be clearly visible in the picture.

cherry blossom photo ideas falling petals

Ask someone to sprinkle petals on you while you’re posing – it looks incredibly fabulous. At the same time, try not to stand still: turn around slowly, holding the bottom of the dress or accessory in your hand, wave your hair, and dance, and you will get lively emotional photos.

5. View from Below to Show the Beauty of Cherry Tree

cherry blossom photo ideas from below

To show the abundance of cherry blossoms, shoot from a lower angle. It will seem that you are in a huge blooming cloud. I highly recommend avoiding to take pictures in front of the sun, so as not to distort or darken colors of cherry branches.

cherry blossom photo ideas on the tree

One more cool cherry blossom photo idea is to climb a cherry tree. In this case, a photographer should photograph from below. It will turn out to be a rather unusual photo, but just think about how you will pose to make it look brilliant.

6. Lie on the Grass under the Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom photo ideas under the tree

You can also get inspired by the spring picture ideas, for example, take a picture lying on the grass under a flowering tree. At this time, a photographer will shoot from above, through cherry blossom branches. To make the picture vibrant, I recommend wearing a light chiffon dress (or made from another soft fabric) and laying out its bottom nattily.

cherry blossom photo ideas petals in hair

If you have long hair, use it to complement your cherry blossom photoshoot ideas. Ask a photographer or someone else to spread your hair on the ground while you are laying down. You can spread petals or put flowers in your hair – such an unusual photo will grab the attention of your social media followers for sure.

7. Walk Along Blooming Cherry Trees

cherry blossom photo ideas stroll

To convey the whole spring vibe and mood to the audience, take several photos walking between the flowering trees. Such a backdrop is great for individual images, love stories, and group pictures.

cherry blossom photo ideas bicycle

If you have a bike or can rent it, be sure to use it when implementing cherry blossom photo ideas. This interesting prop allows diversifying a photo session and taking dynamic images.

8. Wedding Photos in Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom photo ideas wedding

If your wedding coincides with the cherry blossom season, you should definitely use this natural scenery to get romantic and vibrant wedding photos. This nice coincidence will free you from thinking about the theme of a photoshoot, because all you and your lover will have to do is just feel natural and show all your love, and the cherry blossom will do the rest for you.

9. Arrange a Love Story in the Blossom

cherry blossom photo ideas love story

If you aren’t planning a wedding in spring while cherries are in bloom, you can arrange a love story photoshoot. It also doesn’t require special preparations, but if the couple’s looks match each other, it will be amazing. There are many variations here, concerning photo ideas and posing. You can use both static poses and interact with your partner while a photographer is doing his/her job.

Pictures are especially wonderful when a photographer seems to be peeping at a couple from behind flowering cherry branches. In this case, you can hug, dance, chat, hold hands, etc.

cherry blossom photo ideas kiss

Another must-have cherry blossoms photography idea for a couple is a kiss framed by branches. If you think that you shouldn’t expect too much variety from pictures with kisses, then you are mistaken. Check out couple photo ideas and you’ll be blown away by how many different eye-catching options you have with your sweetheart.

10. Take Shots with Family in Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom photo ideas family

Blossoming cherry trees are suitable not only for romantic shoots but will also be a great backdrop for family photography. To get a perfect image, consider what you will all be wearing; your clothes should be in one style. If you don’t want to bother, just buy a family look for all members. It is better if the outfits match up in colors and textures, or you can use the same accessories.

cherry blossom photo ideas children

Make sure you don’t forget about cherry blossom photo ideas when taking children photos in spring. Let a child feel free and interact with the cherry tree as he/she wants. Without any preparation, such photos will fascinate with their lightness and naturalness.

11. Take a Macro Photo of Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom photo ideas macro

Make sure to focus on the cherry blossoms in images. Macro photography is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. After studying some recommendations, this genre will become a no-brainer task for you. When trying macro photography for the first time, trust your smartphone – it certainly has a macro mode with all the necessary settings. Focus on the flower you want to shoot or use zoom if this isn’t possible. Experienced photographers also use special macro lenses, so if you find yourself enjoying close-ups, it’s a good idea to get one.

12. Take Detailed Photos with Cherry Flowers

cherry blossom photo ideas details

Shoot various details or close-ups with cherry blossoms. It can be a clothing element, accessory, or body part like lips. Such samples of flower photography can serve as additional pictures to create collages or as cut-outs for a harmonious Instagram feed.

13. Organize a Photo Zone Near Flowering Cherries

cherry blossom photo ideas photo zone

If you want to get unusual photos against cherry blossom and you have enough time to prepare, organize a photo booth nearby. You can stretch a light fabric, and add props like vases, baskets, and dream catchers. Another atmospheric cherry blossoms photography idea is a picnic under falling cherry petals.

Bonus Tools

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If you want to make your cherry blossom images look flawless but lack experience with top-notch photo editing software, it’s no problem. Use ready-made Lr presets to adjust the color palette, improve the lighting, fix all of the important factors, and retouch the body and face.