17 Fun Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas to Try in 2022

A photo scavenger hunt is an engaging activity that will help your children, guests, and colleagues to learn more about your city and its surroundings. You can organize it at work, on campus, or during a party to help people learn more about each other.

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1. Effects Scavenger Hunt

effects photo scavenger hunt ideas

This photography challenge is perfect for capturing creative pictures with a variety of effects. Create a list of the effects that should be applied and set the time frame to help the participants cope with the challenge more quickly. It’s better to leave some tasks open to interpretation. Then, ask the teams to share their edited photos online by uploading them to the album.

2. Paparazzi Scavenger Hunt

paparazzi photo scavenger hunt ideas

To ensure that this scavenger hunt is successful, ask your friends to split into 2 teams: the stars and the paparazzi who are following their every step. The task of the stars is to prevent the paparazzi from taking their pics, while the paparazzi should snap photos without being noticed. You can also add a third group of bodyguards to help the stars out. After the end of each round, ask the participants to switch roles. The winning team should take more photos of stars than the other team.

3. Beach Scavenger Hunt

beach photo scavenger hunt ideas

When sunbathing on the beach, you can get bored easily. To add an adventurous feel to your trip to the sea, ask the players to implement a variety of interesting beach photo ideas. After coming back home, you can use the best pictures to create a photo album for your friends, colleagues, or family members. Besides, you can send these photos to all the participants by email.

4. Ugly Location Beautiful Photo Scavenger Hunt

ugly location photo scavenger hunt ideas

These days, everyone strives to snap photos of picturesque vistas. To stand out, you can ask the participants of your game to capture boring or downright ugly locations. The result might surprise you as such places often look great in photos. Besides, the task of finding ugly places and implementing such picture scavenger hunt ideas might be extremely fun.

5. Recreating Movie Scenes Scavenger Hunt

recreating movie scene photo scavenger hunt ideas

These days, you can find plenty of interesting locations where popular movies or TV series were filmed. You can organize a game and ask your guests to recreate the scenes from these movies. Alternatively, you can borrow some of Thomas Duke’s photography series ideas and use the screenshots of popular movies to show where a particular scene was filmed. It will allow other people to see how this location was transformed on the screen.

6. Hike Photo Scavenger Hunt

hike photo scavenger hunt ideas

Hike Photo Scavenger Hunts are perfect for those who enjoy spending time outside. Such games will help the participants to learn more about each other and discover interesting facts about nature. To ensure the success of your game, plan a hiking tour carefully and create a list of clues that your friends will encounter along the way.

7. Imitate or Interact with Street Art

Another great idea is to ask the participants of a game to assume poses that make them look like famous sculptures or people in murals. It’s one of the best photo scavenger hunt ideas for adults and kids alike. Contestants might also come up with funny ways of interacting with street art or complement it by posing against it. One of the most widely used creative photography ideas for those who like street art is to stand in front of a mural with wings to make it look as if you had them.

8. Selfie Scavenger Hunt

selfie photo scavenger hunt ideas

Selfie Challenge is an easy-to-implement idea for a photo scavenger hunt. You need to come up with several requirements and ask other people participating in the game to take selfies following several simple steps.

Since this game has basic rules, you can award participants who took the most attention-grabbing pictures. It will add some thrill to the game.

9. Airport Scavenger Hunt

airport photo scavenger hunt ideas

When going on a trip, you might need to spend a lot of time at the airport waiting for your flight. To amuse your family members, you can go on a scavenger hunt after crossing the security line. However, make sure to ask other people for consent before taking photos of them.

10. Conference Scavenger Hunt

This idea is more suitable for adults who want to entertain their guests during a party. It will help you break the ice and find something to talk about with people you hardly know.

By implementing such fun photo scavenger hunt ideas, people can learn more about each other and have fun together. However, make sure to explain the idea to everyone beforehand to ensure that other guests are comfortable about it and won’t object if someone takes a photo of them.

11. Wedding Scavenger Hunt

wedding photo scavenger hunt ideas

Nobody wants to get bored during a wedding. This is why it’s important to think about possible interactive games beforehand. A scavenger hunt will ensure that your guests will have a great time. As a bonus, your guests might snap some funny pictures during the hunt.

The Wedding Scavenger Hunt should be organized around the main theme of this important day. Your guests will be happy to take part in this game and capture funny wedding pictures with their smartphones. You can also provide them with disposable cameras and develop photos after the event.

12. Landmark Scavenger Hunt

To help your children learn more about historical landmarks, you can ask them to take pictures of old buildings and various sights in your city. Such a scavenger hunt can be organized several times per year, and it will never get boring if you select a new location each time.

Some parents ask kids to come up with the ideas of various places that could become landmarks for funny reasons. This type of scavenger hunt will help your kids learn more about unusual places and monuments nearby.

13. Zoo Scavenger Hunt

zoo photo scavenger hunt ideas

Many children enjoy watching animals. You can invite your kids to the zoo and help them learn some interesting facts about its inhabitants by implementing various scavenger hunt picture ideas. It will make your trip more memorable and informative at the same time.

14. Consolidate the Knowledge

When hunting for photos, your kids may also discover something new and unexpected about the world around them. For instance, they might take pictures of specific objects that belong to the same group. Some parents add numbers to objects to help children improve their counting skills. In case you want to organize a scavenger hunt in a historical place, you can use some well-known facts as clues that will help kids remember their school lessons.

15. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

neighborhood photo scavenger hunt ideas

There is no need to go overseas to find a real treasure. You can suggest your children explore the locations nearby to learn more about the area you live in. They can even invite their friends from the same neighborhood to make the scavenger hunt even more thrilling.

16. Amusement Park

To make a trip to an amusement park even more entertaining, you can bring to life some photo scavenger hunt ideas. Your children will be happy to explore the park to find all the locations they need to capture. For an extra fee, you can also take photos of them wearing the costumes of their favorite characters.

17. Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

grocery store photo scavenger hunt ideas

It might be challenging to entertain your children at the grocery store and ensure that they won’t get bored. However, you can suggest they go on a scavenger hunt. It will allow you to buy everything in peace and keep your kids busy. Make sure not to buy too many products you didn’t intend to, though.

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