7 Best Selfie Drones To Invest In 2024

By Tati Taylor 11 days ago, Drones

Selfie drones can take your photographs to new heights, literally

top 3 best selfie drones

The market of consumer drones is rapidly growing. Nowadays, not only FPV and racing drones are in high demand; many people are also searching for the best selfie drones. Selfie drones are compact and foldable, designed with autonomy in mind. They completely change the way you shoot with a high-quality built-in camera.

Using pocket selfie drones, you can not only take epic selfies from all imaginable angles, but also improve your flying skills without breaking the FAA rules related to mandatory registration of drones with the weight of 55 pounds and more (just don't take photos in forbidden places!)

Top 7 Best Selfie Drones List

  1. DJI Mini 2 - The best selfie drone
  2. DJI Mavic Air 2 - Best camera and flight features
  3. Wingsland S6 - The thinnest 4K drone
  4. Selfly Flying Phone Case Camera - Will make your phone fly
  5. DJI Spark - For novice users
  6. Snaptain S5C - The cheapest selfie drone
  7. Ruko F11 Gim - For shooting and flying

Selfie drones come in a variety of designs, but they are all portable devices that are absolutely easy to use. You can carry them in hand, launch from the ground or palm, define the location, so they will return to the exact position after coping with the task. All adjustments are carried out without manual control. Some drones allow you to share pictures on social networks with a single click, recognize you in a group photo and focus on your face.

Most selfie drones are controlled using an app on a smartphone or tablet with pre-programmed flight modes. In such a way, you don’t need to worry about drone placement. Many drones have been upgraded, so they can fly indoors without collisions. Look through this list and choose the best selfie drone for safe and convenient shooting.

1. DJI Mini 2 – Our Choice

The best selfie drone
dji mini 2 selfie drone

Camera effective pixels: 12 MP | Max video resolution: 4K @ 30 fps | Stabilization: 3-axis (tilt, roll, pan) | Intelligent modes: auto exposure bracketing; panorama: sphere, 180°, and wide | Control modes: remote controller (RC) with mobile device | Hover or attitude holding: 29 min

  • ✚ Stabilized 4K camera
  • ✚ Foldable, easy to fly
  • ✚ Simplified shooting and editing
  • ✚ Imaginative templates in app
  • ✚ Integrated smart photo optimization
  • Large remote control

DJI Mini 2 represents the next generation of ultra-compact drones with upgraded shooting and flying capabilities if compared to its predecessor Mavic Mini known as a top-notch drone under $500. You get a drone with a weight of less than 250 grams (no FAA registration required), a 4K camera, improved connectivity, a stronger design and more power.

Using a dedicated app, you can automatically improve the image quality after uploading a photo, get vibrant colors and details. With 4x lossless zooming, you can safely fly your drone at a distance from your subject in Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle or Boomerang modes. This is ideal for capturing animals and distant objects.

2. DJI Mavic Air 2

Intelligent tracking during improved flight
dji mavic air 2 selfie drone

Camera effective pixels: 48 MP | Max video resolution: 4K @ 60 fps | Stabilization: 3-axis (tilt, roll, pan) | Intelligent modes: auto exposure bracketing; SmartPhoto: scene recognition, HyperLight, and HDR; HDR panorama: vertical, wide, sphere, 180° | Control modes: RC with mobile device | Hover or attitude holding: 33 min

  • ✚ 8K Hyperlapse, FocusTrack
  • ✚ SmartCapture, QuickShots, TapFly in app
  • ✚ Fast drone with a foldable construction
  • ✚ Add music, effects, filters with Story templates
  • ✚ ActiveTrack, Spotlight, POI tracking modes
  • Too expensive and complicated for beginners

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is the transition from a proprietary form factor to a true Mavic 2 drone. This drone has the best camera for selfies and is very compact, housing advanced features of high-end drones in a very miniature body. This selfie quadcopter stands out among competitors with its intelligent flight functions.

You can adjust the Air 2 so it preserves its position in high winds, autonomously track a target, or respond to gestures without a phone or controller. It is equipped with sensors that help avoid obstacles. It takes 12 MP shots of good quality when using Quad Bayer-driven pixel binning.

3. Wingsland S6

Take pictures while having fun
wingsland s6 selfie drone

Camera effective pixels: 13 MP | Max video resolution: 4K @ 30 fps | Stabilization: 3-axis EIS (electronic) | Intelligent modes: follow me, orbit | Control modes: mobile device | Hover or attitude holding: 7 min

  • ✚ Auto takeoff and landing, gesture controls
  • ✚ Precision barometer, ultrasonic sensors
  • ✚ Strong satellite signal connection
  • ✚ Smart Flyer: return-to-home, course-lock, home-lock, auto hovering
  • ✚ Obstacle avoidance & propeller protection
  • Noisy, with a short flight time

Featuring four folding arms with bumper protection and an ultra-thin bright and customizable body, Wingsland S6 is one of the best selfie drones in the market. Available in six colors, it can be customized by adding compatible accessories such as a spotlight and a safe toy gun attachment.

Wingsland S6 is controlled via a smartphone app that provides many standard control functions, a flight simulator, and other cool features such as decorating pictures, video trimming, adding music and even emojis. It is equipped with a high-precision barometer, which ensures stable flight and hovering, keeping the camera still and reducing vibration. 

4. Selfly Flying Phone Case Camera

The smallest drone that is always with you
selfly flying phone case camera selfie drone

Camera effective pixels: as video defines | Max video resolution: 720p | Stabilization: autonomous | Intelligent modes: follow me | Control modes: mobile device | Hover or attitude holding: 3 min

  • ✚ Face recognition
  • ✚ Gesture control
  • ✚ Affordable and compact
  • ✚ Carbon fiber reinforced body
  • ✚ Upload directly to all your social platforms
  • Low video quality

If you want the smallest and cheapest drone so you can take selfies on the go, this is a worthy option. Basically, it is a phone case with a built-in camera that can also be used as a drone. It is 9 mm thick and is attached to the back of a phone.

If you have one of the latest smartphones, you can purchase a case that will fit this drone. Otherwise, it will be packed in a small box about the size of a phone. Frankly speaking, this is a unique pocket sized selfie drone that works like a battery.

5. DJI Spark

A mini drone that features DJI's signature technologies
dji spark selfie drone

Camera effective pixels: 12 MP | Max video resolution: 1080P @ 30 fps | Stabilization: 2-axis mechanical | Intelligent modes: ShotBurst; auto exposure bracketing; panorama: horizontal, vertical, 180°; ShallowFocus | Control modes: RC with mobile device | Hover or attitude holding: 15 min

  • ✚ PalmLaunch, gesture control, quickshot
  • ✚ Return to home when lost signal, low battery
  • ✚ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • ✚ Helix above: rising, dronie, rocket
  • ✚ Active track, tap to fly, circle above
  • Poor camera resolution
  • Discounted

Spark is designed as a transition to serious quadcopters. The manufacturer sacrificed video quality for convenience. Now you can fly it without a controller and set automatic flight modes such as zooming out in a quick way. You can also control it with gestures and activate the obstacle avoidance feature. When paired with FPV goggles by DJI, users can experience real-time FPV flight.

TapFly, ActiveTrack and QuickShot options make flying absolutely smooth. When the drone is in the air, it can take stunning shots with pre-defined flight paths such as circling, following, or bird's eye view. Spark has safety features that are usually available only in larger drones.

6. Snaptain S5C

Standard frontal selfie + a few tricks
snaptain s5c selfie drone

Camera effective pixels: as video defines | Max video resolution: 2K @ 30 fps | Stabilization: none | Intelligent modes: trajectory flight | Control modes: RC with mobile device | Hover or attitude holding: 15 min

  • ✚ Built-in G-sensor to control gravity
  • ✚ 360° flips and rolls
  • ✚ Gesture and voice control
  • ✚ Compatible w/VR headset
  • ✚ Micro SD card support
  • Image quality

This drone from SNAPTAIN has everything you expect to see in the best selfie drones: altitude hold function for stable hovering, 360° rolls, intelligent voice control, and a sophisticated design.

The S5C is equipped with a 720P sports camera, and its automatic altitude adjustment ensures stable flight at a constant altitude. Gravity sensor mode let the quadcopter follow your movements. When you move your smartphone, the S5C moves accordingly.

7. Ruko F11 Gim

If you want to practice flying between shoots

Camera effective pixels: as video defines | Max video resolution: 4K @ 30 fps | Stabilization: 2-axis mechanical gimbal + EIS | Intelligent modes: waypoint flight, GPS follow me, point of interest | Control modes: RC with mobile device | Hover or attitude holding: 15 min

  • ✚ 5-times zoom without fisheye effect
  • ✚ Auto-Return Home
  • ✚ GPS positioning, air pressure altitude control
  • ✚ Great flying characteristics
  • ✚ Brushless motors provide silence and power
  • FPV camera without a sensor

Tuned similarly to high-end racing drones used in the Drone Racing League, it comes with everything needed to learn how to fly copters. An advanced Fly app has a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing you to start your flying adventure with a few steps and record incredibly smooth footage with just a few taps.

dji mini 2
DJI Mini 2
  • Stabilized 4K camera
  • Foldable, easy to fly
  • Simplified shooting and editing
dji mavic air 2
DJI Mavic Air 2
  • 8K Hyperlapse, FocusTrack
  • SmartCapture, QuickShots, TapFly
  • Fast, foldable drone
hover camera passport
Hover Camera Passport
  • Foldable, easy-to-control drone
  • Facial recognition, auto-follow, gesture control
  • Aircraft is made from carbon fiber

How to Choose the Best Selfie Drone?

best selfie drones guide

In most cases, selfie drones have a small size and weight, so you can take them with you wherever you go. If you are interested in long-range, controlled flight, you are unlikely to find a suitable drone in this category except for the most expensive DJI options. Just remember the recommendations listed below and that the battery is usually quickly discharged, so you need to bring a spare one with you.

Advanced and Extra Flying Features

Ease of use: Most selfie drones come with a companion app needed to control it with a few simple taps and display footage on the screen of a mobile phone. Some applications allow you to edit content and share it on social media. The “gesture control” feature is a user-friendly option that will be further upgraded with voice control.

Smart flight modes: In Follow Me mode, you can set the drone to follow you, or focus on your face, or even fly around. It’s as autonomous as possible.

Another handy feature is return to home: not every drone can land on your palm. Moreover, if you stay in tall grass, water, or on rough terrain, you need a drone to return to your home rather them get damaged in such an environment.

Precise positioning: you need to leave your drone unattended in the air while posing. Therefore, it is important to set it to hold altitude or hover for a while without a remote control. Some models are equipped with video sensors that allow accurate positioning even without GPS.

Features That Make Selfie Drones So Popular

best selfie drones camera

Smart shooting modes: each manufacturer has its own approach to creating modes, given that most of them aren’t top-class pilots. If you want to take a spontaneous selfie, it's important to take your drone away with the press of a single button and take a photo of you or the group on your way back. Such cinematic modes as orbit or panoramic shots are also helpful.

Image stabilization: even the best selfie drones sway in heavy wind. Flexible parts and motorized control levers operate externally, while the software uses cropping and other techniques to compensate for sudden movements. A fixed camera offers different photo quality than a camera attached to a gimbal.

The only thing these drones lack (apart from the expensive Mavic) is a mechanical drone gimbal. Most of them use electronic stabilization; they crop footage to simulate a stable shot.

Photo quality: you can easily find a professional 4K selfie drone. For selfies, this may be overkill, unless you want to perform image post-processing. A standard output format for snapshots is JPEG, but some support RAW analog.

Face recognition: allows you to focus on a face to get a very crisp selfie. In addition to a face, you can set another focus point.

F. A. Q.

  • • Are selfie drones exempt from drone flight laws?

No. The FAA requires registration for any drone from 0.55lbs (250 grams). All drones obey flight laws even if you take them up only several feet from the ground. The same applies to the Remote ID requirements. You may not need registration and licensing, but it is better to follow the flight rules, otherwise you risk your health and can be fined for unsafe behavior and unauthorized shooting.

  • • Phone or selfie drone?

There is nothing like a drone photo of a family gathering or a wedding party. In order to take a photo of the schoolyard with the entire students in the frame, a photographer needs to climb onto the roof of the building. Using a drone, you can approach the task in a completely different way.

People looking for a pocket sized selfie drone, want a device that will follow them and snap lifelike photos. Of course, you need a drone with a high-quality camera in this case. DJI drones are pretty good, but Skydio has integrated the Follow-Me mode (available by pre-order only). 

  • • What is a dronie?

The combination of a drone and selfie has led to a new Air Drone Craze known as the dronie. The best dronies are those taken with a drone, which focuses on you or your group and then backs off to capture your location. Hand-held selfies are common, but only drones can provide this wow effect. 

  • • How easy is it to operate a selfie drone, especially for someone who has never flown a drone before?

Operating a selfie drone can be relatively easy, even for someone with no experience. Most selfie drones are designed with beginner-friendly features and intuitive controls.

With specialized mobile apps, automated flight modes, and obstacle avoidance systems, novices can quickly learn to fly and capture stunning aerial selfies with minimal effort.

However, it's still important for new users to read the instructions, practice in open spaces, and familiarize themselves with local drone regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • • How do selfie drones handle different lighting conditions?

They can cope with different lighting conditions by adjusting their camera settings and utilizing various technologies. They often have automatic exposure control to adapt to changes in light intensity.

Besides, some advanced selfie drones feature HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilities, which help capture a wider range of light and dark areas in a scene, ensuring better image quality in challenging lighting conditions. Some models may also have built-in LED lights to assist with illumination in low-light situations.