Photoshop Trolls – James Fridman

Photoshop Trolls – James Fridman

If you want to improve your photos, be careful and beware of Photoshop trolls. All of us want to look better than we actually are. To do it, some people apply make-up, others resort to plastic surgery or just photoshop their pictures.

The latter seems like the easiest way to enhance your appearance but it isn’t always so. James Fridman, a Photoshop wizard, takes his client’s requests very literally and does exactly what they ask. You may think that James approaches his work with a funny twist, however, he does it all on a serious note.

His clients get the exact result they requested. In this article, I will talk about James and show 50 best examples of his work.

Who Is James Fridman?

james fridman photo Digital artist James Fridman is one of the most popular Photoshop trolls. He is known for taking the client’s photo editing requests too literally. The final edits look shocking but, at the same time, funny.
If James takes your Photoshop challenge, you will never know what to expect from him. In one of Fridman’s popular examples of literal Photoshop, a guy asked James to make his girlfriend’s eyes closed while they were kissing. Can you guess what Fridman did?
He covered her eyes with someone's arm! Then it becomes even more hilarious – once a woman asked James to make her head not so round. He did it by turning the woman’s round head into a rectangular one.
James doesn’t intend to offend anyone with his Photoshop pranks. When clients send their photos to him, they know that James will do something funny and ridiculous with them. The main aim of James Fridman photos is to entertain people. If you need to have your photo edited, Fridman shares useful tips and tricks on his website. Now take a look at 50 best examples of his work.

50 Funny Photoshop Trolls by James Fridman

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