Harvey ball & World Smile Day

Harvey ball & World Smile Day

"Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile." The first Friday of October each year marks World Smile Day.

"Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile." The first Friday of October each year marks World Smile Day, a day to do one act of kindness and make someone crack a smile! Everybody can make a difference on World Smile Day, just by being caring and sympathetic and helping those people around them have the best day they can have.
photo-editingEverybody knows that the secret of a better day is a smile, and no matter someone gives it to you, or you share with a bright smile. These little actions of kind-heartedness can bring a magnificent smile to person who has otherwise had an awful and boring working day, and it can change everything that follows. No matter it’s just a light compliment, a cheery greeting, or a present of something small to help brighten their day, World Smile Day inspires you to take action to bring a few more smiles into our world.

About the Harvey ball World Smile Day

According to Wikipedia, the idea of World Smile Day was invented and started by Harvey Ball, an American commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts. Harvey Ball is well-known to have created the Smiley Face in 1963, which we use every day while communicating with our friend on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks. The World's first World Smile Day was held in the year 1999 and has been held each year since.


Source: celebiography.com

After Harvey’s death 2001, the "Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation" was created to honor his name and memory. The slogan of the Smile Foundation is "improving this world, one smile at a time." The Foundation stays as the official supporter of World Smile Day annually.

Fun facts about smiling

Smiling boosts your immune system

Smiles relieve stress by releasing endorphins

It is easier to smile than frown


It takes 5 to 53 muscles to smile

Babies are born with the ability to smile

There are 19 different types of smiles

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So, don't just grin and bear it - give a real smile and spread a little kindness on World Smile Day!

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