300 Free Falling Leaves Overlay for Photoshop

These Free Photoshop Falling Leaves Overlays are compatible with all Adobe Photoshop versions, Creative Cloud, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, and any software that allows you to work with layers. All Falling Leaves Overlays come in PNG format, work on computers/laptops/tablets running Mac and Windows. No matter what format you use, RAW or JPG photos, these overlays will complement your images with realistic falling leaves.                                                                    

Leaf Overlay #1 "Leaf Fall"

leaves overlay

Autumn Leaves Overlay Free #2 "Golden Season"

fall leaves overlay

Falling Leaves Overlay #3 "Leaf-strewn"

leaf overlay

Falling Leaf Overlays #4 "Amber Tint"

autumn leaves overlay free

Falling Leaves Overlays #5 "Colorful Bouquet"

falling leaves overlay

Falling Leaf Overlay #6 "Yellow Tint"

falling leaf overlays

Fall Overlays #7 "Orange Tint"

falling leaves overlays

Leaf Overlay Free #8 "Vibrant"

falling leaf overlay

Fall Leaf Overlay #9 "Vivid Colors"

fall overlays

Free Leaf Overlays #10 "Blustery"

leaf overlay free

Free Leaf Overlays for Photoshop #11 "Autumn Miracle"

fall leaf overlay

Fall Overlay #12 "Indian Summer"

free leaf overlays

Leaf Overlay #13 "Dream"

free leaf overlays for photoshop

Leaf Overlay for Photoshop #14 "Romantic Mood"

fall overlay

Leaf Overlays #15 "Dancing Leaves"

leaf overlay

Free Falling Leaves Overlay #16 "Majestic Seasons"

leaf overlay for photoshop

Free Fall Overlays for Photoshop #17 "Whirl"

leaf overlays

Falling Leaves Overlay for Photoshop #18 "Traces"

free falling leaves overlay

Free Leaf Overlay #19 "Tranquility"

free fall overlays for photoshop

Autumn Leaves Overlay #20 "Swaying Ships"

falling leaves overlay for photoshop

Autumn Overlays #21 "Eternity"

free leaf overlay

Free Fall Overlays #22 "Melancholy"

autumn leaves overlay

Leaves Overlay Photoshop #23 "Freedom"

autumn overlays

Autumn Leaves Overlay Template #24 "Blues"

free fall overlays

Free Falling Leaves Overlay for Photoshop #25 "Gentle Wind"

leaf overlay for photoshop download free

Falling Leaves Photoshop Overlay #26 "Crunchy Leaves"

leaves overlay photoshop

Falling Leaves Overlay Photoshop Free #27 "Kaleidoscope of Colors"

autumn leaves overlay template

Free Fall Leaves Overlay #28 "Warm Memories"

free falling leaves overlay for photoshop

Leaves Overlay #29 "Autumn Splendor"

falling leaves photoshop overlay

Falling Leaves Overlay Photoshop #30 "Crips Morning"

falling leaves overlay photoshop free

More Free Photoshop Overlays by FixThePhoto

This collection of free falling leaves overlays that comes useful for you right now. You should know that with the help of these free Photoshop overlays leaves you easily manage to obtain a desirable effect without spending much time. The only thing you must do is to download our autumn leaves overlay free, then to choose a photo necessary for retouching and, finally, apply to favorite free fall leaves Photoshop overlay. We guarantee that this bundle will exactly suitable either for portraits or landscape pictures made in fall. Don't hesitate, try it.

Free Leaf Overlay for Photoshop #31 "RosePetals"

free fall leaves overlay

Falling Leaf Overlay Free Download #32 "Sun Ray"

leaves overlay

Fall Leaf Overlay Free #33 "Soap Bubbles"

falling leaves overlay photoshop

Free Photoshop Leaf Overlay #34 "Glitter"

free leaf overlay for photoshop

Fall Overlays Photoshop #35 "Rainbow"

fall leaf overlay free

Fall Overlays for Photoshop #36 "Sky"

free photoshop leaf overlay

Free Falling Leaves Overlay #37 "Flower"

fall overlays photoshop

Free Fall Overlays for Photoshop #38 "Bird"

fall overlays for photoshop

Tips for Using Leaf Overlay for Photoshop

  • Appropriate for portraits where focus is on model's facial features
  • Adjusts opacity for a soft or dark look
  • After applying a leaf overlay to your photo, delete needless parts using an eraser, combine all layers, and get natural autumn leaves
  • Suitable for images taken in the parks, woods, etc.
  • Falling Leaf Overlays works best for photos taken in the natural lighting
  • Perfect for editing family photos, portraits, images of couples taken at autumn

When to Use Autumn Leaves Overlay?

Autumn is a perfect time to take colorful photos with leaves, but if you missed a chance to organize a photo session, you can fully rely on this collection of professional Free Falling Leaves Overlays. They are optimized to work in all versions of Photoshop and can be used to improve images in RAW and JPG formats. You can apply them to portrait, family, wedding, newborn, engagement, and landscape images to complement the composition with vibrant accents. The bundle consists of multiple Falling Leaf Overlays that differ in the amount of falling leaves, their shapes, colors, and directions. There are barely yellow leaves the commemorate the beginning of autumn, mixture of orange and red leaves dancing in the air, as well as a mahogany swirl that perfectly suits images taken in late fall. Feel free to experiment with autumn leaves overlay free and you are sure to create attention-grabbing picture. 

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