15 Best Sitting Poses for Girls to Try in 2024

By Tata Rossi 20 days ago, Photography Tips

In this overview, you’ll find the best sitting poses that allow creating fantastic images. The list includes poses for sitting on a chair, floor, table, and other surfaces. Interested? Keep reading. When it comes to a model's first photoshoot, the sitting poses can make a big difference in the outcome of the photos. It's important for models to practice and perfect their sitting poses before the shoot to ensure they look natural and confident in front of the camera.

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Sitting poses can also create different moods and vibes in the photos, so it's important for models to consider what kind of feel they want to convey with their poses.

1. With Legs Crossed

funny sitting poses for pictures

If you are looking for sitting poses for pictures to demonstrate a casual, relaxed feel, this one will work perfectly. You need to choose a place where you will be sitting and then cross your legs like a pretzel. Actually, this pose immediately radiates cheerful vibes no matter whether you are sitting on the couch, floor, or any other surface.

2. Half Turn to the Camera

sitting poses for pictures for girls

This is one of the best relaxed poses actively used by Instagram bloggers and influencers. You need to sit with your side to a photographer and then slightly turn your body towards the camera. You can either look to the side or directly into the lens.

3. Sit On the Stairs

sitting down poses on stairs

If you want to experiment with sitting poses without relocating a lot, I highly recommend you to find a place with stairs or steps and get down to work. The thing is that such linear, horizontal structures provide great possibilities for playing around with sitting poses. A model can pose alone or together with her friends, creating a kind of a hierarchical system.

4. With One Leg Extended

sitting down poses classic

Sitting poses photography allows for flexibility and much depends on how well you feel your body. A model pose with one leg extended and the other bent works best for elongating a body and creating a flattering look. Taking such a pose is easy as it doesn’t require doing anything unnatural. Depending on the height of the surface you are sitting on, the extension of your lag will vary.

5. Sit and Lean Forward

sitting poses photography

Another cool modeling sitting pose that accentuates girl’s tenderness and femininity. While sitting, you need to move slightly forward for a relaxed look.

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Your face will seem slimmer as it is far from the camera and you can push the chin a bit forward, while pulling the shoulders away from your ears.

6. Holding Hands near Chin

sitting poses for photoshoot on chair

This is one of the best sitting poses for photography if you are after simple and natural postures. Here is the main accent on the hands that serve as a support for a chin. You can either entwine them or use just one hand for holding your chin, while the other one will relax on the knee. Such portraits always look captivating as a model is gazing straight into the camera.

7. Chair Sideways

model sitting poses for photoshoot

Adding visual interest to a photo is actually simple and you need just to turn a chair slightly to the side. Now, you need to be inventive with how you sit. There are no strict rules, so you can either bend your legs, keep one extended, show a totally careless mood, etc.

8. Sit with the Knee Raised

girls sitting poses

Such portrait photo poses are popular among models because they are easy to take, while the resulting images create a feeling of relaxation and even carelessness without going overboard. A photographer can take shots from the side or stand directly in front of a model. Besides, these sitting down poses ensure good posture with hands naturally resting on the knee or near one foot.

9. Keep Legs to the Side

cute girls sitting poses

In most cases, sitting poses don’t impose limitations on where you can sit, but this one is a bit different. Since you need to stretch both your legs in one direction, you have to look for a wide surface such as a bed or ground. Your hand will become a support being extended to the opposite side. With this pose, your body will make flattering lines and angles, which add even more interest to a picture.

10. Squat Sitting Pose

squat sitting poses

Taking a squat pose is great for showing a boisterous mood. If you aren’t an athletic type, it may be slightly difficult to take such a pose but your efforts will fully pay off with atmospheric images. Another advantage of this posing variant is that your clothes won’t get dirty. Keep the hands near the face and move the shoulders slightly forward for a more defined angle.

11. Look over the Shoulder

sitting poses for insta bloggers

If you are interested in glam photoshoot ideas that don’t require time-consuming preparation, I suggest you start with this model sitting pose. You need to sit with your back to a photographer and then look back over your shoulder while he/she is taking images. You may show different emotions depending on the concept of a photoshoot. This pose works best if there is a vast landscape in the background.

12. Embrace Yourself when Sitting

model sitting pose to try

This is one of the classic Insta poses, so you are sure to see such images in different variations. Keep in mind, that this pose works equally well for male and female models but there are some nuances to consider. While men opt for a wider pose by crossing their legs and putting one ankle onto the opposite knee, women cross their legs, holding the knees together or making a small rift between them.

13. With the Back to the Wall

model sitting pose with back to the wall

A win-win sitting pose for any model regardless of her physique, height, and other physical parameters. Everything is extremely natural with this pose. You need to find a convenient place on the surface and then push your body back till you reach the wall for leaning on it. This variant is also suitable for a photo session with friends if you want to make participants feel comfortable before switching to more sophisticated poses.

14. Pretend to Kick Something

sitting pose pretending to kick something

Though this isn’t a typical female pose, you should still try it to add some dynamics to photos. Raising your leg is easier when sitting on a chair or bench, but sporty girls can also do it on any surface. The main idea is to raise your leg so high that it is parallel to the other one.

15. Lean Back

sitting pose leaning back

Girls sitting poses when the back moves backward till you reach any support, be it a tree, fence, wall, etc., immediately evoke the feeling of comfort and even tranquility. You can add some carelessness to the pose by stretching your legs to the camera.

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