Oil Painting

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Oil Painting:

    • 5 Photoshop Actions
    • + 20 Photoshop Brushes and 11 Patterns
    • File format JPG or RAW
    • File type - ATN
    • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and higher, Creative Cloud
  • Comercial Use 5
  • Size697 MB
  • Downloads1395
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Oil Painting Action Photoshop

Download these Photoshop Oil Painting Actions to turn your ordinary pictures into beautiful paintings in several clicks. Creating a picture using oil paints is a complex and time-consuming process. It usually takes 1-2 months to paint one picture. We give you a chance to become an artist on your own and turn photos into paintings in just a few minutes.

After you apply these Photoshop Actions Oil Painting, your pictures will become brighter, acquire depth and beauty of color transitions. Using these tools you can give your works a subtle charm typical for oil paintings. 

This bundle contains various Photoshop actions Oil Painting effects. You will find lots of actions that help you imitate different painting techniques. Experimenting with density, texture and thickness of the strokes, you can not only emphasize the volume and achieve impressive results, but also develop your own image editing style.

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  • 5 PS Actions, 20 PS Brushes and 11 Patterns
  • Absolutely customizable
  • Flawless work in Photoshop* CS6 & CC
  • Mac and Windows-compatibility
  • Can be used for RAW and JPG files editing 

Photoshop Oil Painting Action

Every Photoshop Oil Paint Action from this bundle is very easy to use. In addition to professional actions, you will also find 20 PS Brushes and 11 Patterns that increase your chances to get true-to-life and beautiful results without wasting much time. 

Turning a picture into an oil painting with these tools is a fast and funny process. It is also possible to make your photo even more voluminous and realistic by dint of textures. This bundle of Photoshop Oil Painting actions may be useful for photographers shooting people, landscapes, animals, property and even doing conceptual and abstract photography.

If you like both photography and art, dream of merging them into one project, any Oil Painting Photoshop Action will be of great help. Choose the photo you like and convert it into an artwork, using this set. No need to perform complicated image manipulations, just open a picture, select a suitable action, apply it and enjoy the results.

Try all the actions available in the bundle to see which Photoshop filter perfectly suits your aims. You can also combine them with other Photoshop actions for photographers if you like creative experiments. Mind your target audience, while editing your images with the help of such actions. Make your style catchy and intriguing.

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