Professional Sketch

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Professional Sketch:

    • 5 Photoshop Actions
    • 18 Photoshop Brushes and 15 Patterns
    • File format JPG or RAW
    • File type - ATN
    • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and higher, Creative Cloud
  • Comercial Use 5
  • Size704 MB
  • Downloads1288
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Photoshop Sketch Effect Action

If you dream of turning your pictures into professional pencil sketches without much effort, this bundle of Professional Photoshop Sketch Actions will be really helpful. Designed by experienced digital artists, they will become indispensable tools for property, traveling, portrait, landscape and architecture photographers. 

This collection consists of 5 sketch Photoshop actions that are easy to download and use. Whatever Ps action you choose, your image will instantly become a realistic sketch painting. Keep in mind that some types of pictures don’t really look nice being converted into sketches, so be attentive while adding a Photoshop actions sketch effect. The best choice is images that look nice with lover contrast and muted colors. Keep in mind the details – if there are lots of them in a shot, you’d better don’t apply the sketch Photoshop action.

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  • 5 Photoshop actions, 18 PS Brushes and 15 Patterns
  • For image editing in Photoshop* CS 6 &CC
  • Easily customizable
  • For Windows and Mac users
  • To enhance RAW and JPG photos

Pen Sketch Photoshop Action

People really like pencil drawings, so you can please your clients turning their photos into sketches with the help of this sketch painting Photoshop action package. These photos can be used as a present, for printing or other creative purposes. Being absolutely simple to work with, such tools ensure gorgeous, natural-looking results in a matter of seconds. If needed, you can adjust the actions to your taste. Even beginners can take advantage of such Photoshop actions, while experienced photographers will be pleased to broaden their collection of professional Photoshop actions  with new ones. 

The Photoshop action sketch effect you get in images perfectly imitates lines and shading of a pencil drawing. Even the most talented artists have to spend several hours to draw a beautiful picture, while you can achieve the same results in a quicker way thanks to Photoshop capabilities. Downloading this bundle, you get limitless possibilities to bring a sketch theme to your projects. Use these Photoshop sketch actions in everyday photo editing and digital drawing workflow.

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