Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action - Free Pack

Apply this Free Photoshop sketch Actions to your photos and make them look stylish easy and fast. It has never been so easy to create a pencil sketch drawing effect in •such Photoshop versions as CS3-CS6, Creative Cloud and PSE 11-1. Now it is possible to turn your images into amazing and advanced sketches in several clicks. Just download, install pencil Sketch Photoshop Action Pack, and then click the Play button. You can customize every sketch Photoshop action according to your individual photographic style and lighting. 

Pencil Sketch Ps Action #1 "Drawing"

pencil sketch photoshop action

Sketch Photoshop Action #2 "Pen"

sketch photoshop action

Photoshop Sketch Action #3 "Pencil"

photoshop sketch action

Sketch Action Photoshop #4 "Cartoon Strip"

sketch action photoshop

Pen Sketch Photoshop Action #5 "Live for Action"

pen sketch photoshop action

Pencil Sketch Ps Action Free #6 "Superhero League"

pencil sketch photoshop action free

Related Sketch Photoshop Action Free

You can try to create the sketch effect on your own following a step by step instruction. But we assure you that this Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action Bundle is created by professionals to simplify this process for you. These actions are easy to use and you will definitely achieve an excellent result. Regardless of your photography experience, this Photoshop plug-in will allow you to shorten your image editing workflow and receive a sketch effect by performing simple photo manipulations. 

Photoshop Pencil Sketch Action #7 "Cartoon Art"

pencil sketch action photoshop free download

Sketch Action Photoshop Free #8 "Color Comic"

photoshop sketch actions

Photoshop Sketch Effect Action #9 "Pop Comic"

architecture sketch photoshop action free download

Architecture Sketch Ps Action #10 "Pop Art"

action sketch photoshop

Photoshop Sketch Actions #11 "Tricolor"

download pencil sketch photoshop action

Action Sketch Photoshop #12 "Vector Cartoon"

sketch photoshop action free download

Photoshop Action Sketch #13 "Brush Drawing"

photoshop action sketch

Pencil Sketch Action Ps #14 "Digital Painting"

pencil sketch action photoshop

Sketch Actions Photoshop #15 "Drawing Details"

sketch actions photoshop

Sketch Photoshop Action Free #16 "Drawing on Canvas"

sketch photoshop action free

Free Photoshop Sketch Action #17 "Drawing Palette Knife"

pencil sketch art photoshop action

Sketch Painting Photoshop Action #18 "Paint Strokes"

pencil sketch photoshop action download

Sketch Art Photoshop Action #19 "Sketch Art"

photo to sketch photoshop action

Photoshop Action Sketch Effect #20 "Watercolor Art"

free photoshop sketch action

Free Pencil Sketch Ps Action #21 "Painting"

sketch painting photoshop action

Free Sketch Action Photoshop #22 "Comics"

photoshop sketch effect action free download

Photoshop Actions Pencil Sketch #23 "Drawing"

sketch art photoshop action

Photoshop Actions Sketch #24 "Poster"

photograph to sketch art photoshop action

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

Photoshop sketch actions allow creating a classic effect of a line drawing that will give a professional look to the picture. These plug-ins are designed by Photoshop creators for users to save their time while editing photos. The action is a series of tasks which are played to apply a particular effect (or several effects) to a single photo or a bunch of photos. It is possible to install these plug-ins directly in Photoshop and have constant access to them. When you select the Photoshop sketch effect action, you will need to run it and enjoy the automatic process of applying an effect to your image. 

Photoshop Actions Sketch Effect #25 "Low Poly"

pencil sketch photoshop action free download

Free Sketch Photoshop Actions #26 "VHS"

photoshop pencil sketch action

Photoshop Sketch Actions Free #27 "Sparkle"

sketch action photoshop free

Free Photoshop Sketch Actions #28 "Glitch"

photoshop sketch effect action

Sketch Free Photoshop Actions #29 "Shimmer"

architecture sketch photoshop action

Pencil Sketch Ps Action #30 "Reflection"

pen sketch photoshop action free download

Tips for using Photoshop Sketch Actions Free

  • Apply free Photoshop Sketch Actions to all kinds of images. It works especially great with portrait, street and landscape photography.
  • After making a picture look like a drawing, you will receive a well-structured file with well-organized folders and fully editable multiple layers. You can change the settings later to enhance your photos
  • Apply pencil sketch action Photoshop to high-resolution photos with good lighting to achieve the best results.
  • Photoshop pencil sketch action with a brush imitates a beautiful pencil drawing effect giving a unique atmosphere to your photographs. Turn a photo into a pencil drawing with several clicks and receive impressive results.

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