Free Glitch Photoshop Action Bundle

You can apply a glitch effect Photoshop action to photos of almost any genre. They are suitable for enhancing portraits and street-style pics, indoor and outdoor photos. With them you can make colors brighter, highlight particular objects, fully transform the style of your photo and even enhance contrast if necessary. These actions are compatible with Photoshop CS3-CS6 and Creative Cloud. You can use them to edit photos in RAW and JPG formats.  

Glitch Photoshop Action #1 "Lost Footage"

glitch action photoshop free

Glitch Effect Photoshop Action #2 "Ambiguity"

free glitch photoshop action

Glitch Action Photoshop #3 "Retro Technology"

free photoshop glitch actions

Photoshop Glitch Action #4 "Unheard Frequency"

glitch art photoshop action free

Glitch Photoshop Actions #5 "Scarlet Queen"

glitch effect photoshop action free

Glitch Photoshop Action Free #6 "Music Inside"

glitch art photoshop action

Related Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions

You will find a lot of similar actions for enhancing photos in Photoshop. They can be combined or used separately. You can customize them for better results. The actions are easy-to-apply, which makes them perfect for photographers, bloggers, travelers, etc.

Glitch Action Photoshop Free #7 "Ice"

photoshop glitch action free

Free Glitch Photoshop Action #8 "Lake"

photshop actions glitch

Free Photoshop Glitch Actions #9 "Motion"

glitch actions for photoshop

Glitch Art Photoshop Action Free #10 "River"

photoshop glitch actions free

Glitch Effect Photoshop Action Free #11 "The Waves"

glitch actions photoshop

Glitch Art Photoshop Action #12 "Water Surface"

free photoshop actions glitch

Photoshop Glitch Action Free #13 "Neon Lights"

free actions for photoshop glitch

Photoshop Actions Glitch #14 "Playfulness"

photoshop glitch effect actions

Glitch Actions for Photoshop #15 "Cinematic Touch"

free glitch photoshop actions

Photoshop Glitch Actions Free #16 "Digital Noise"

photoshop actions glitch effect

Glitch Actions Photoshop #17 "Colorcast"

glitch photoshop action

Free Photoshop Actions Glitch #18 "Retro Spirit"

glitch effect photoshop action

Free Actions for Photoshop Glitch #19 "Abstract"

glitch action photoshop

Photoshop Glitch Effect Actions #20 "Geometry"

photoshop glitch action

Free Glitch Photoshop Actions #21 "Polygonal"

glitch photoshop actions

Photoshop Actions Glitch Effect #22 "Drawing"

glitch photoshop action free

Glitch Photoshop Action #23 "Pen"

glitch action photoshop free

Glitch Effect Photoshop Action #24 "Pencil"

free glitch photoshop action

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

You can use these actions to make your pictures stand out. They allow you to apply a variety of effects and are suitable for photos of different genres. Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, they will become a part of your Photoshop toolkit. After enhancing your pictures, you can save them or print them out.

Glitch Action Photoshop #25 "B&W"

glitch photoshop action

Photoshop Glitch Action #26 "Low Poly"

glitch effect photoshop action

Glitch Photoshop Actions #27 "Oil Paint"

glitch action photoshop

Glitch Photoshop Action Free #28 "Sandstorm"

photoshop glitch action

Glitch Action Photoshop Free #29 "Sepia"

glitch photoshop actions

Free Glitch Photoshop Action #30 "Pop Art"

glitch photoshop action free

Tips for Using Glitch Photoshop Actions Free

When applying a Photoshop glitch action, pay attention to the lighting. You might need to adjust it if your photo is too dark. By customizing these actions, you can highlight a particular color and create a glitch effect.

You can shift strips, customize their size and select the distance between separate lines. These actions will come in handy if you need to add a stylish touch to your pictures. By using these effects, you can make your photos more eye-catching.

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