Sandstorm Photoshop Actions – Free Collection

In order to create a successful design of a printed ad, invitation or business card or enhance the photo, you need to spend time photographing and then more than one hour editing or retouching. Service FixThePhoto designed old paper texture packs for Photoshop to achieve excellent results much faster. All designers need a paper texture for Photoshop. Such textures are universal in application. In this Photoshop old paper texture collection 10 different variants of paper are presented, such as vintage, classical, and embossed paper.    

Sandstorm Photoshop Action #1 "Wild Dance"

sandstorm photoshop actions free download

Sandstorm Photoshop Action Free #2 "Irrepressible"

photoshop actions sandstorm

Sandstorm Action Photoshop #3 "Motion"

photoshop sandstorm actions

Photoshop Action Sandstorm #4 "Color Explosion"

sandstorm photoshop action

Related Sandstorm Action Photoshop Collections

Whether you are a blogger, amateur, or professional photographer, you can apply any sandstorm action Photoshop free of charge. They will make photo editing fun and easy. These effects are simple to use and can be combined with actions or filters from other kits so you can bring your most unusual ideas to life. You can customize all these actions when applying them to your photos.

Sandstorm Action Photoshop Free #5 "Secret Dreams"

sandstorm photoshop action

Photoshop Sandstorm Action #6 "Dance of the Light"

sandstorm photoshop action free

Sandstorm Action for Photoshop #7 "3 Colors"

sandstorm photoshop action free download

Free Photoshop Sandstorm Action #8 "Black & White"

sandstorm action photoshop

Photoshop Sandstorm Action Free #9 "Dispersion Effect"

photoshop action sandstorm

Free Sandstorm Photoshop Action #10 "Gradient"

sandstorm photoshop action download

Free Photoshop Sandstorm Actions #11 "Imposition"

download sandstorm photoshop action

Photoshop Actions Sandstorm #12 "Lomo"

sandstorm effect photoshop action free download

Photoshop Sandstorm Actions #13 "Muted Color"

sandstorm action photoshop free

Sandstorm Photoshop Action #14 "Monochrome Magic"

free download sandstorm photoshop action

Sandstorm Photoshop Action Free #15 "Action Style"

download sandstorm photoshop action free

Sandstorm Action Photoshop #16 "B&W Art"

sandstorm action photoshop free download

Photoshop Action Sandstorm #17 "In the Shadows"

photoshop sandstorm action free download

Sandstorm Action Photoshop Free #18 "Terrifying Signs"

photoshop sandstorm action

Photoshop Sandstorm Action #19 "Ice"

sandstorm action for photoshop

Sandstorm Action for Photoshop #20 "Lake"


Free Photoshop Sandstorm Action #21 "Motion"

free photoshop sandstorm action

Photoshop Sandstorm Action Free #22 "River"

photoshop sandstorm action free

Free Sandstorm Photoshop Action #23 "The Waves"

free sandstorm photoshop action

Free Photoshop Sandstorm Actions #24 "Water Surface"

free photoshop sandstorm actions

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

Our Sandstorm Photoshop Action free pack is easy to use and delivers high-quality results. It is suitable for professionals and amateurs with basic photo editing skills. Pictures enhanced with these effects will look fantastic both on Facebook or Instagram and in a printed album. In addition to these incredible actions, you can find a huge variety of effects that allow you to enhance your image in no time. Created by professional shooters and photo editors, these actions will become an essential part of your workflow.

Photoshop Actions Sandstorm #25 "Frame"

sandstorm photoshop action free

Photoshop Sandstorm Actions #26 "Fall"

sandstorm photoshop action free download

Sandstorm Photoshop Action #27 "Polaroid"

sandstorm action photoshop

Sandstorm Photoshop Action Free #28 "Watercolor"

photoshop action sandstorm

Sandstorm Action Photoshop #29"Landscape"

sandstorm photoshop action download

Photoshop Action Sandstorm #30 "VHS"

download sandstorm photoshop action

Tips for Using Photoshop Action Sandstorm Free

If you have shots of a model captured in motion, a sandstorm action for Photoshop is a perfect solution to emphasize the energy and strength of your subject. If you apply them to photos with dark backgrounds, they will look more impressive. However, you can use pictures with any other backdrop and replace it with a black one for a better effect.

These actions work great with ballet photos. They enable you to enhance smooth lines and draw the eye towards the dancer's movement. These actions are not intended for color grading. However, they can help you hide some imperfect tones and tints.

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