FastBound – FFL & 4473 Software Review 2023

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Conclusion: FastBound Firearms Compliance Software supports Federal Firearms Licensees by saving them time spent on serial number data entry, documentation, and inventory management. I find it appealing that FastBound FFL Software is consistent, trustworthy, and well-featured. FastBound's Electronic A&D with digital signature support and guaranteed legal defense are just a few reasons why FastBound is the leading software provider for maintaining compliance with ATF regulations.

  • Firearm industry leader
  • Guaranteed ATF compliance with attorney-backed legal defense peace of mind
  • Unparalleled customer support
  • No hidden or transaction fees for pawn shops, retail stores, NFA firearm sales, or POS interfaces
  • Automatic firearm inventory transfers between Federal Firearms Licensees
  • Open API and vibrant list of integrated software partners
  • Affordably priced for FFLs of any size
  • Ease of use for Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) new to electronic record keeping
fastbound software interface

FastBound software is installed by separate persons and companies to register their recently purchased firearms and obtain new licenses. FastBound Programme enables people to get the so-called “Bound Book”, which stands for a gun acquisition and disposition (A&D) record, letting users manage comprehensive files.

With the help of this software, a customer can convert any device like a computer, smartphone, or tablet into a cooperative 4437 that is also equipped with an automated signature feature.

FastBound Software Review: Main Features

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Since 2010, FastBound firearm compliance software has processed over one billion firearms compliance transactions for thousands of Federal Firearms Licensees. Because the ATF doesn't review software, FastBound was the first to retain subject matter experts in the design and development of their software and retain attorneys to back that up with a guaranteed legal defense related to the use of their software. Others make similar claims, but you will only find the complete package with FastBound.

Federal Firearms Licensees are legally obligated to keep detailed records related to the acquisition and disposition of firearms. The state of Illinois requires the use of electronic systems, but no such Federal law exists. Still, many Federal Firearms Licensees use inventory management software to make this process faster and more accurate.

Advanced Federal Firearms License Manufacturing Module

To purchase, sell, or produce complete firearms or their parts legitimately in the USA, you are to possess a valid FFL. There are various types accessible depending on diverse factors of purchasing, vending, producing, exporting or importing ammunition, firearms, or their parts under NFA regulation.

FastBound software enables performing loads of work connected with FFL form application and completion, specifically FFL forms of Type 07 requested by NFA gun regulations. Discarding a unit and regaining of those items into a completed part is one of the biggest challenges to people who produce firearms or their parts, including OEM.

FastBound license management software allows the system to accomplish the procedure for you and saves the time and effort you would have to spend in case of manual completion.

FFL Bound Books for Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) Records

fastbound software bound books

All Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) are legally obligated to maintain records of Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) or FFL Bound Books. While states like Illinois require FFLs to maintain Electronic A&D records, there is no such Federal requirement. A&D records are critical to the health of your FFL and the ongoing relationship with the ATF and Industry Operations Investigators (IOIs) you will encounter during inspections.

According to ATF regulations, you must record a firearm's acquisition and disposition within a certain period, and in a specific manner, in your A&D / Bound Book. At the time of writing, type 1 dealers must record the acquisition in their A&D no later than the close of the next business day. Manufacturers must record an entry in their A&D no later than the seventh day following manufacture or acquisition. Importers must record the acquisition in their A&D no later than 15 days following the date of importation or acquisition.

As with any A&D record, these entries must include when and from which individual or FFL the firearm was acquired and the firearm details, including the serial number.

FastBound license management feature allows FFLs to easily track file copies and other records related to other Federal Firearms Licensees.

Electronic 4473 Form with Digital Storage

fastbound software 4473 form

FastBound transforms any PC, tablet, or even the buyer's smartphone into a compliant electronic form 4473, complete with digital signature support and available electronic storage options, so FFLs no longer have to print and store paper 4473s.

With half of the top ten most commonly cited ATF violations relating to form 4473, FastBound puts a lot of attention and effort into ensuring that the buyer completes their 4473 entirely and correctly and that the seller is also completing their sections correctly. It is critical for any firearms compliance software to be evaluated by subject matter experts to make sure that it's not coaching a buyer. There is a fine line between completing a 4473 correctly and coaching, which is illegal.

FastBound always has the latest versions of approved forms. Many FFLs can relate to recent years where forms were retired with little or no notice, and new forms had not even been printed yet, let alone distributed to FFLs -- that is one less thing you'll have to worry about when using FastBound.

FastBound processes millions of 4473s per year, and conversations with Federal agencies responsible for background checks confirm that FastBound processes more 4473s than any other firearms compliance software available.

Like any good document management software, FastBound also automates digitally storing 4473s.

Manufacturing Module for Type 7 Federal Firearms Licensees

To manufacture a firearm in the US, besides having the expertise to do so, you must possess a type 7 FFL. Additionally, the manufacturing process requires acquisition and disposition records are made, and those records vary greatly depending on how the firearm or parts were acquired, marking variances, and many other factors.

Luckily, FastBound includes (for free) a manufacturing module that ensures these records are created completely and correctly, again saving you time (and money) and giving you the peace of mind that your records are compliant.

Multi-State Background Check Automation

fastbound software multistate check

Many FastBound customers operate locations in multiple states. FastBound automates background checks in all states that use NICS as well as POC and partial-POC states, including the California DROS Entry System (DES), Colorado CBI InstaCheck, and others.

The time spent by FFLs accurately entering buyer information into systems for background checks takes a long time and is error-prone, leading to denials, delays, and unhappy customers. In most states, FastBound accelerates the entry of buyer and firearm information (where required) to a couple of mouse clicks with only an occasional question or answer needed for something FastBound didn't capture.

Reports of Multiple Sale

Violations related to Reports of Multiple Sales are another one of the most commonly cited violations by ATF. There are a lot of rules and what-ifs related to this topic, and frankly, I don't know how someone would do a thorough job of this without the use of electronic A&D software like FastBound.

It was explained to us that many FFLs think they only have to "look back" on the business days they are open or listed on their Form 7 application, but they are wrong. Unlike their competitors who hide behind "well, you didn't update your business days, not our problem," FastBound has the most compliant and comprehensive method available for identifying potential multiple sales that you just won't find anywhere else.

FastBound Software Prices

FastBound subscriptions include all features, and they don't have contracts. You can downgrade, upgrade, or cancel at any time. This is refreshing and rare in an industry where multi-year contracts lock FFLs in and limit their ability to respond to changing market conditions.

The only difference in FastBound subscriptions is the number of items acquired in the trailing twelve months. That's it. FastBound doesn't charge per transaction (i.e., charge you once to acquire an item and again to dispose of the item) like their competitors. The plans listed on their website range from $9 per month for 100 items per year to $99 per month for 10,000 items per year.

They have plans measured by tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of items per year for larger manufacturers and distributors, but they ask that anyone doing that kind of volume contact them for volume pricing that best fits their needs.


FastBound firearm compliance software has helped thousands of FFLs complete over one billion gun transactions with an attorney-backed compliance guarantee. They don't charge extra for NFA, pawn, or importers. Users, workstations, and bound books are also unlimited with all plans. They don't even charge for technical support, compliance support, or software updates. All things considered, FastBound stands out from the rest; comparing them to others would suggest that they are somewhat equal. FastBound describes itself as not being a jack of all trades but a master of one: firearms compliance.