Matchbox Design Group Review 2023: Your Web Design Partner

By Kate Gross 11 days ago, Apps and Software

Matchbox Design Group

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Verdict: The level of professional expertise at Matchbox Design Group surprised me, as did the staff’s ability to communicate, ask the right questions, and seek answers that met my expectations. While working together, they brought my design ideas to life, and by and large. I was also amazed at how carefully they approached every step of the design's creation and building.

Also, I felt that Matchbox really understood the core of my business and what I wanted to achieve from a design standpoint. The guys are very punctual — they delivered every single step as requested.

  • Over 15 years in the branch
  • Talented and experienced staff
  • Keep to the deadline
  • Communication runs smoothly
  • Fair price point
  • Sometimes, transitions can be a bit disorganized
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Matchbox Design Group offers the following services to its key customers: website design, website development, keyword collection and copywriting, maintenance and support, web security, and hosting. They have worked with various market niches, from photography and real estate to healthcare. Their major clients include such companies as Volpi Food, Quincy University, Mak Grills, Meds & Food For Kids, Imperial Sports, Washington University, etc.

Matchbox Design Group — Main Features

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Matchbox Design Group creates custom digital and branding solutions to help its clients grow. The company’s team comprises more than 10 employees, all experts in their respective fields. Among them are optimization, content strategy development, UI & UX, print marketing, and branding specialists.

Precise Workflow

During the initial production phase, they took an in-depth look at my technical requirements and business goals. We got in touch by phone, and I answered a series of questions about my brand. Then they researched my competitors, industry, and current performance to get a broad picture.

After everything has been approved in the discovery phase, we move on to the design. This phase is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts because you get an accurate idea of what the website would actually look like. Also, the staff at this web design company has presented me with a style guide that specified the colors, fonts, and other visual elements for my future website. I was given two comparison rounds with plenty of time to review and give feedback.

The next phase was the workout of an organized folder structure with documents to reflect the design in order to help you better understand how the content should appear on the site. I was excited about the in-house team of copywriters who can help take content from your current page, write new content, or coin proper phrases to the content you provide.

Once content creation is complete, the next phase - website development - comes up. This is the point in the process when the team of engineers pours themselves a big cup of coffee and starts working their technical magic.

Then comes the testing of the entire website. It starts with internal approval, where a member of each team (design, optimization, and development) goes through your new website and makes sure everything looks and works the way it should. Following that, a website training session is scheduled where you'll be walked through the back end of your site and learn how to enter content, create pages, replace images, etc.

Before they start over, the experts test the website again. You can also sign a support agreement so that they can continue to make technical corrections and updates for you in the future.

My website was completed within 2 months. I liked the design and functionality, and the collaboration with Matchbox revealed itself as satisfying.

Strategic Design Approach

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At Matchbox Design Group, they treat strategic design as crucial, which means it is less about art than performance. This form of design considers various aspects of the digital strategy, such as UI/UX, accessibility, content strategy, etc.

I also like their working techniques when making designs. Instead of working separately, they come together and share ideas to create designs that have been touched by content strategists and developers.

More than that, the Matchbox team emphasizes responsiveness, which means they go the extra mile to ensure that your website looks and works well on all devices. They assist in establishing this cross-platform visualization by creating comparisons for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Developing Custom-Built Websites

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The custom websites engineered by Matchbox Design Group with precision provide users with a seamless front-end experience. This web development company shapes websites that are easy to manage and update. They create custom templates on WordPress that give you an intuitive interface and virtually unlimited plugin integrations. I also found admirable the transparency of all processes in the development phase.

Content Marketing for Business on Different Levels

They are specialists in Search Engine Optimization and content marketing, from small businesses to large enterprises. The Matchbox in-house team consists of technical experts, content strategists, and copywriters who are passionate about any possible data. This content marketing agency will be your personal team of marketing advisors interacting with you about a strategy and deliver results.

To start, they conduct a site-wide audit where they dive deep into the deepest components of your website, looking for technical errors and other issues related to usability or content. Any bags they encounter are documented in a master log. This way, it’s possible to determine which fixes will take priority and make the maximal difference.

Once the audit is complete, they will share their findings with you and present a strategy for how to proceed further. The first thing that needs to be addressed is technical fixes. This implies bags, such as 404 errors, broken links, faulty redirect loops, harmful backlinks, duplicate content, etc. These fixes will help to draft a sound foundation to build upon.

Finally, after the fundamental technical bags are fixed, they’ll start adding content. They will present you with a content strategy deck that will help you define your target audience and draw up the strategic approach to getting your content goals within reach.

Matchbox Design Group Prices

There are no constant service prices on the agency’s website. The price is up to a few factors, such as task complexity, your requests for the functionality, design, and so on. The price will be given to you after discussing the project details.