Applify Company Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 22 days ago, Apps and Software

Applify Company

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Verdict: Applify is a trusted company that builds cross-platform digital products. I like that it creates custom projects and caters to the needs of its clients. Its team takes into account the wishes of company owners and builds apps and sites that help them develop their businesses.

Another advantage of this service is that it can bring your product to the market quickly. It has a well-thought-out project execution process and can fully develop a viable app within the set deadline. The team includes experienced developers and designers who use professional software and create solutions based on the newest technologies.

  • Quick turnaround
  • 100+ team members in 5 countries
  • Experienced team
  • Streamlined project execution
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • No set prices
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What I like the most about it is that the Applify company has a variety of exclusive offers for its clients. You can order its services with discounts and ask it to integrate third-party solutions. The team can create apps for iOS and Android devices as well as build digital products supported by Apple Watch and other wearable gadgets.

Applify Company: Main Benefits

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To develop your business, you need to have a convenient app. It will allow your potential clients to access your products and services in a few clicks. This is why startups and businesses are looking for trusted web-development companies that can build applications and websites. Using an app and an online platform, you can expand your outreach and boost your conversion ratio. Applify is an all-in-one solution for developing your company and improving your online presence.

Building and Managing Remote Teams for You

According to stats, 60% of mid-size companies have a backlog of 10-20 tech projects, which hinders their workflow. Only 6% of companies have teams that include all the tech professionals they need. The key advantage of the Applify company is that it has a team of remote professionals from all across the globe. It includes engineers who know everything about recent technologies, including Blockchain, AI, and AR. It allows the team to solve the most difficult tasks more efficiently.

After contacting the company, make sure to explain what issue you want to solve. Applify will assign the team that will take care of your project. It will save you much time as you won’t need to hire remote professionals by yourself. In addition, it will enable you to complete your project on time.

Build Custom Digital Solutions for All Platforms

applify company development

If you are interested in a full range of services, you can opt for the DevelopX package which includes app design, product development, and deployment. It is a great option for startups and other companies that need to build top-grade digital products. You just need to come up with an idea and allocate funds for your project. The team will take care of the rest. Thus, you can save much time and get a viable digital product.

After the first meeting with the representatives of the company, the team will start building your product. Whether you need a basic mobile app or a more complex digital product, you just need to provide these professionals with clear instructions. The company has been developing apps for more than 10 years and has a high level of expertise in this area.

It can create a mobile app for any platform using the newest technologies. What I like about them is that you will be assigned a personal manager who will track the progress and analyze user feedback to help the team improve the functionality of your product.

Easily Convert Ideas into UX and UI Designs

applify company prototyping services

If you order the StartX service, you will get a blueprint for any digital product. The team will use your ideas to create UX and UI designs. The professionals will select the most suitable style, structure, and shades as well as create a clickable prototype based on your idea.

The team will start working on your order by clarifying what product design you want to implement and how to make your digital product more convenient to the end user. Then, it will create a UX design and use it for building a clickable prototype.

This stage takes about 5 weeks to complete. The professionals will define an issue, conduct research, find possible solutions, and create a prototype. If a project is more complex, it might take them a week longer to complete it and build a clickable prototype. The team mostly uses Figma and Adobe XD, but it can also use Sketch, Axure, and other similar tools, depending on the client’s wishes. Make sure to discuss your preferences and requirements before the team will start to work on your project.

This option will be useful for those who want to elaborate their ideas or present them to investors to secure funding. Thanks to the services provided by the company, you can also get an interactive prototype of your digital product.

Effective E-Commerce Development and Web Consultation Services

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To build a website that will boost your sales, it’s important to have a well-thought-out digital strategy. Applify provides a range of services, including web consultations, buyer persona analysis, audit, value proposition, and site architecture development. The company will help you set clear goals and analyze the available data to improve the usability of your platform.

Applify has established itself as one of the top professional eCommerce development companies that work across different industries. It will help you build a great eCommerce website and improve the shopping experience of your clients. Use its services if you want to boost your profits and expand your client base.

The eCommerce professionals working for the company will integrate CRM, streamline the checkout process, add several secure payment options, integrate plugins, and make the UI more interactive to improve user experience and ensure that your products and services are available 24/7.

Create Innovative Blockchain Solutions and NFT Assets

applify company blockchain

Being known as a leading blockchain app development company, Applify has extensive experience in the industry and deep knowledge of blockchain technology. It creates blockchain-based apps from scratch and integrates existing apps with blockchain. It makes its services perfect for those who need to create apps using recent technological advancements. The team knows how to develop existing digital products by adding extra value to them. It includes professionals who specialize in blockchain solutions and regularly organize workshops for those who are interested in this technology. By attending them, you can learn how to use blockchain solutions for scaling your digital products.

I also like the fact that the company provides NFT minting services. By ordering them, you can convert your assets into tokens that can be sold in the NFT Marketplace. Applify is known as one of the top NFT development companies. It will assist you with using your digital assets for getting maximum profits. You can also order its marketing services to make the most out of your NFT assets and boost your sales.

Delivering User-Centered App Solutions

applify company app solutions

The company has been delivering effective solutions for years. Applify specializes in app development and works across different industries. If you want to get an edge over your competitors by releasing an intuitive app with extensive functionality, make sure to contact Applify.

The company has a professional team of top-level developers who have years of experience in app development. What I like about Applify is that it focuses on building safe backend solutions that function across different platforms and can be scaled depending on the needs of your company. The team analyzes user behaviors and takes into account their needs to create a solution that will fully satisfy them. The developers also consider user feedback and use it to improve the usability of their apps.

To ensure user satisfaction, the company provides continuous maintenance services and regularly updates its products. During the first 30 days after the release of an app, you can use maintenance services for free. Applify created more than 400 apps for companies from all across the world.

Applify Company: Prices

Similarly to other app development companies, it doesn’t have a fixed price list, as its prices depend on the complexity of an order. When calculating the estimated price, the managers also take into account specific features, cloud integration, and business processes. Besides, it may cost you more to get a cross-platform application.

To get the price quote for your order, you need to contact the company’s representatives directly and tell them more about the specifics of your business niche. Make sure to describe the app that you want to get in detail. You need to fill out an online form on the official website by providing all the necessary information. It will allow you to book an appointment with managers who will consult you on your order and set the terms of its completion.

The company works with businesses of all sizes. It offers 3 packages of services:

StartX – This package allows you to implement your product idea. It was created for individual entrepreneurs who don’t know much about product design yet. StartX includes user interface design services, UX analysis, pitch deck presentations, and the creation of a clickable prototype.

DevelopX – This option is suitable for startups that need to build a native app. It allows companies to use the services provided by tech experts. By ordering DevelopX, you can get apps that prioritize user experience and are based on the newest technologies. In addition, your app will meet the widely-accepted standards.

TeamX – Order this package if you need to work with remote employees. It’s suitable for companies that specialize in digital product development. In case you are interested in hiring remote employers, TeamX enables you to boost your effectiveness by 10x and decrease hiring expenses by 50%.