InstaCopy Content Creation Platform Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 13 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: If you often write texts for your brand, then you will be interested in this InstaCopy review. I have my own photo business and I actively promote it on various platforms and resources, so I know the value of high-quality text content. I was impressed with the amazing texts this service generates. They are great for professional social media accounts, websites, and marketplaces.

I really like that I don’t have to make a lot of effort for this – the whole process is streamlined and allows you to quickly generate texts. As a result, every time I get a top-quality text that contains a minimum of inaccuracies (or does not contain at all), which saves me a lot of time on checking and correcting errors.

  • Unique texts without plagiarism
  • Great for creating both long and short texts
  • AI-driven process
  • Incredible ease of use
  • Poor customizing capabilities
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As an AI-driven text generation tool, InstaCopy offers you hassle-free creation of unique content for social media, blogs, and websites. The results obtained do not contain plagiarism and do not change the meaning of your text, thus it frees you from contacting pro-grade copywriting agencies.

InstaCopy: Main Features

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The highlight of InstaCopy is the implementation of AI technologies. With it and just a few configurations required from the author, the result is pro-level text. In addition to the fact that produced texts are literate, free of errors, and written in a single style, it does not look like it was generated by a machine, it feels the participation of a person.

It comes with several text creation and enhancement tools, eliminating the need for additional text editors, proofreading software, and so on. To learn more about all the benefits, features, and prices of this resource, read this InstaCopy review to the end.

What’s more, you don’t have to buy a subscription right away. The resource offers a free test for 25 free copies without linking your credit card.

Extremely Simple Process of Text Generation

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Creating unique and competent texts is now becoming a no-brainer task that does not require any extra programs and knowledge. Generation is seamless thanks to an intuitive interface and is performed in a matter of minutes – just three steps and the text is ready! This is very important for me as a photographer, as I can devote more time to my main activity.

First, you need to choose the purpose of your future text, for example, for publication on a social network, blog, or mailing list. Next – typing short data in several fields. You need to fill them all in so that your text reflects all your goals.

Next is the grouping of your text. For this, filters and categories are used – from Advertising to YouTube, from Facebook to Email, from Copywriting to Twitter, and so on. Upon completion, you will be prompted to enter the number of texts required.

If you have done everything properly, then you can start the generation. If you select one text, you will receive it immediately, and if you select several, you will have to wait for a while. Upon receipt of the finished texts, InstaCopy will offer you to export or save them to your account.

Various Types of Text Content Creation

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As I wrote above, with the help of this resource you can create many different types of texts. In order not to get confused, the developers have provided categories, so finding the right one is not difficult.

Perhaps the most popular is the category of social networks. Here you can generate ideas for your new YouTube videos or even their scripts, Twitter publications, quora responses, and many other useful options.

InstaCopy is also a godsend for those who maintain their own website since here you can generate meta descriptions and titles for search engine optimization. Among other things, you can get interesting options here for the name of your products and services, their textual descriptions, and even persuasive bullet points.

Advertisers will also find this resource useful for its powerful promotional texts. For example, you can generate ad copy from the product description or Google ad headline, and more. You can also benefit from the Sales Copy and Blog categories, which cover the fundamental needs of just about every relevant niche.

Creating Unique Short and Long Texts for Different Purposes

Being a real boon for writers and marketers, InstaCopy offers both short and long copy generation. Short content is up to 1200 words, while it is customary for marketing specialists to count up to 1000 words. This framework perfectly fits the description of one main idea of ​​the story. Examples here are email newsletters, social media posts, or infographics. You can also select this option to write about a specific section of a large topic.

Long content refers to texts over 1000-1200 words. Such a text will help to illuminate a specific problem in detail. Examples of this option are guides, e-books, blog posts, and so on.

Typically, photographers and other non-copywriters spend a lot of time improving readability and achieving high uniqueness. Using InstaCopy you’ll never need any plagiarism checkers or similar services, as all you need is already here.

Detailed Info about Marketing and Copywriting for Better Understanding

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If you want to delve deeper into the topic of writing and marketing in general, the InstaCopy blog has everything you need. These articles will tell you about the principles and secrets of efficiency required for online promotion.

Publications are conveniently divided into two main categories – Content Marketing and Copywriting.

The first category contains a bunch of tricks and tips to grow your blog, increase traffic, and improve the quality of your writing. Here you can learn about winning and proven development strategies, fundamental concepts of the art of marketing, and more.

The second category can teach you the necessary knowledge in copywriting, advise on effective tools AI-based, and talk about the basic concepts for creating texts for social networks. In addition, you can get professional work templates, study examples of successful texts, and download the necessary materials to boost your skills.

InstaCopy Prices

In terms of cost, you can choose 1 of 3 plans on InstaCopy. The free version offers you 25 texts to generate, but only in a short format.

Paid subscriptions offer monthly and yearly payments. The Copywriter plan is $39/mo ($399/year). In return, you will get the opportunity to generate short texts with no restrictions on the quantity.

For long texts, the Content Writer plan, which costs $49/mo ($399/year), will suit you. It is not limited to the number of generated words per month, as well as to the length of texts (short or long).