Linkio Cold Outreach Platform Review: Pros And Cons

By Kate Gross 15 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: Lack of competence in marketing websites should no longer be an obstacle for creatives. The solution to this problem, Linkio software, already exists and is highly recommended. This cold email app allows you to grow your audience and promote your web resources better.

I feel excited because all the processes Linkio offers are automated, so I can focus on my work and save time that would otherwise be wasted on manual settings. Then, I am about to celebrate the offered tools, which are just point-and-shoot and in no way overcharging.

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Linkio is a cold email app that helps you with outreach acquisition and automation. It comes with automated services related to anchor text generation, URL prospecting, backlink monitoring and management, ranking tracking, etc.

Linkio: Main Features

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Linkio’s success stems from redefining search engine optimization, link building, lead generation, and more, igniting scalable, sustainable growth with proven ROI. All processes are automated to simplify the launch of digital marketing campaigns.

It allows you to replace buggy applications that require tedious manual intervention with clever automation. Flexible, well-synchronized, easy-to-use tools exceed expectations, not to mention space-saving static techniques in data silos. The app's core element is an innovative engine, a catalyst for continuous improvement, and new products that keep raising the bar and never stop.

Automated Process of Cold Outreach

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Linkio saves you the fees you’d otherwise pay to digital marketing agencies, as it gives you excellent features for cold outreach to keep your inbox full of positive responses from bloggers.

The app has superior deliverability via Gmail and lets you stay inboxed. Since multiple email accounts are integrated, you can scale each campaign with inbox rotation. Then you can also customize tools that allow you to apply custom fields and add tags.

Easy Process of the Cold Outreach Campaign Launch

Even if you have no experience with SEO software, Linkio is a breeze to use: it will help you organize an outreach campaign as easily as ABC. To get it done quickly, follow the manual available on the website.

The first step is to create an outreach list. Apply the following options to get comfortable: 12 ways to bulk filter, 3 ways to bulk search emails, and 8 formulas to bulk select the best emails. Once this is done, you should create a sequence that includes unlimited steps and various email templates.

When setting a schedule, Linkio uses a human-like broadcast algorithm. It allows you to set the delivery time to business hours. This way, you can be sure that your potential customers will receive your email within the specified time frame, and this information won't pass them by.

All that’s left is to let the following actions run automatically. For example, you can stop the follow-up after a response is detected or check a response out-of-office. You can also continue after a response is received if necessary.

Quick Preparation of the Qualitative Potential URLs for Outreach

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Without using professional research tools for bulk URL analysis, Linkio creates a list of URLs ready for outreach prospects in just 11 clicks. The app requires no effort or preparation on your part and quickly creates your outreach list without compromising data quality.

Linkio also allows you to remove lousy outreach prospects with bulk actions. This way, you can trim URLs, filter TLDs, filter Ahrefs Top Million, filter by domain, prioritize URLs, and more. You can use one of 3 ways to find potential contact emails: by author name, vis hunter API, or website scraper. Then you can decide which emails are best to contact.

Effective Tools for Working with Backlinks

In addition, Linkio has all the options for handling backlinks and anchor texts. It helps to define the most effective anchor texts. There are 13 different anchor text types making up an ideal backlink profile. Linkio shows you exactly which anchor texts you need to build next and in what order, as some advanced website backlink checkers do.

This app endows you to set the ideal percentage of anchor texts for your content. The rate of anchor texts depends heavily on the specific keywords you want to rank for. Linkio integrates with your Ahrefs account to automatically retrieve all relevant data. And it automatically tracks and imports new backlinks to keep your data up to date.

Linkio Prices

Linkio suggests 4 different pricing plans, which you can pay monthly or annually. You can also try the software for free for 7 days.

The Personal plan costs $19.99/month and covers 3 websites. You can perform an analysis of 10000 backlinks, track 150 keywords and get 1 inbox.

The Starter plan for $49/month offers the following options: Support for 10 websites, 40000 analyzed backlinks, 500 tracked keywords, and 2 inboxes.

For the Standard plan, you’ll pay $99/month and will be able to use the following features: Coverage of 25 websites, 100000 analyzed backlinks, 1200 tracked keywords, and 4 inboxes.

The Plus plan for $149/month allows you to support 20 websites, analyze 200000 backlinks, track 2200 keywords and take advantage of 6 inboxes.