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HitFilm Express 2022
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  • Version: 13.1
  • Compatible: Win / Mac
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Free HitFilm Express Benefits:

  • High-level tracking and screen simulation
  • Sky replacement tool
  • Masking and layering
  • 3D Models
  • Sci-Fi visual effects


  • May I use HitFilm Express free forever?

Yes, but there are certain limitations. There are two versions of this program. One is free HitFilm Express and another is HitFilm Pro, which is paid. The former has a limited set of features, but most users, who are looking for a program to do basic video editing, will find it sufficient.

  • How do these two versions differ?

When you get HitFilm Express free, you can fulfill any task connected with trimming and combining the footage, adding a soundtrack, creating transitions and titles, adding mask, transformations and special effects (you can also create your own), perform color correction on an unlimited number of tracks, etc.

The HitFilm Pro version supports multi-track video editing, which allows you to use 3D particle simulation and tracking system to add more than 150 high-quality special effects to your video. These may include flashes, explosions, fire, splashes, shooting effects, lighting and many more. What also makes HitFilm Pro different from HitFilm Express is the high video processing speed.

  • Where can I get HitFilm Express free for my phone?

Unfortunately, this program only has a desktop version.

  • Can HitFilm Express version work both on macOS and Windows?

Yes, it can. This program is available for both macOS and Windows users.

  • Where can I find HitFilm Express lessons?

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube. If you prefer to read about HitFilm Express, there are more than 70 lessons on the official website. Either way, you will be able to learn how to use the program quite quickly. Watch HitFilm Express tutorials to know how to edit videos using this program.

Another Way to Use Final Cut Free

I have already mentioned the paid version of HitFilm Express, known as HitFilm Pro. You can buy it for $299 or download the demo version, which can be used as long as you want. However, all of your videos will have watermarks on them.

HitFilm Pro 2022
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  • Reviews: 54
  • License: Demo
  • Downloads: 2.4K
  • Version: 14
  • Compatible: Win/Mac
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Free HitFilm Pro 14 Pros:

  • Intuitive UI
  • Many video effects
  • High-level audio editing
  • Great stabilization control

This video editor has a well-deserved reputation of being a professional tool targeted at filmmakers. You can use the program separately or as a built-in element of Sony Vegas video editor. The amazing selection of tools and features allows you to fine-tune the materials of your project.

HitFilm Pro is popular among users for a reason. It has all the tools for filmmaking conveniently located in one place. You don’t need to use additional software for creating special effects because HitFilm Pro already has them onboard.

Insecurities of Using Pirated HitFilm Express Free Versions

If you don’t want to worry about the fact that you used HitFilm Express Free download link on the unofficial website, I would advise you to never use pirated programs. There are lots of disadvantages and problems you will face.

  • What will happen if I download pirated software?

Downloading pirated software may lead to prosecution for copyright infringement. The fine is usually about $1,500.

  • Is there a chance of infecting my computer with viruses?

Definitely! There is a 60% chance this is going to happen. Every third pirated file is one way or another infected by computer virus and is a threat to your PC. This can be simple adware or a more serious one that will take over your system and block or delete most of the files you need.

  • Where can I buy license software?

It can be the official website of the developer or another reliable website. For example, HitFilm Express or Pro can be downloaded from the official FXhome website or from one of the partners’ websites.

  • What are the advantages of using licensed software?

Technical support is an essential benefit of using license software. Another important point is that legal programs are updated regularly, which means fewer lags and crashes. For example, HitFilm Express update is automatic and free of charge, which is a common practice. When using license software you may be confident that it is going to work properly.

5 HitFilm Express Free Alternatives

The selection of free video editors is very wide today. So, finding a good and free HitFilm Express alternative is not a problem. I have chosen some of the most efficient and simple-to-use video editors. You can download and try them out for free.

1. Lightworks

hitfilm express free alternative lightworks
  • Available for all operating systems
  • Supports 3D video
  • Exports videos in HD, Full HD, 2K, and 4K
  • Requires registration
  • Some important features are missing

Lightworks is an excellent and effective video editor, which, surprisingly, requires not much storage space on your hard drive. To use the program to its fullest, you need 3GB of RAM, so it isn’t compulsory to invest in a powerful computer to run this program. Lightworks developers claim that their product has been used in Hollywood to edit films like Pulp Fiction and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Lightworks allows you to create several workspaces within one project. The Edit tab contains windows for audio and video editing and also has the preview option. You can move the clips onto empty tracks or timeline; you can also delete separate frames.

To crop out a part of the video, you can use a built-in viewer, which can additionally create a subclip based on it. Lightworks allows you to dolive-view multi-camera editing. It also supports stereo feature, group montage and special effects. A feature that I would like to see in Lightworks, though, is a smart content analyzer.

hitfilm express free alternative davinci resolve
  • Records audio
  • Supports multiple takes
  • Edits audio
  • 3D sound effects
  • The screen looks cluttered
  • Complicated shortcuts

I have mixed feelings after using DaVinci. On one hand, the set of tools and UI make it really stand out among other free programs, it looks like a really efficient and professional video editor. On the other hand, DaVinci Resolve requires a rather powerful video card, because all the changes are applied in realtime. As a user, I’m impressed, but then, if your computer is not powerful enough, working with the program will have lots of limitations.

Besides the basic video editing tools, DaVinci Resolve offers professional color correction, cropping, sound mixing, work with text, and OpenFX plug-in support to add transition effects. DaVinci supports most of the popular video file formats, however, ProRes it the preferred one, so, converting a file before starting to edit it is advisable.

Color correction is the most advanced feature of this program. If you are not looking for Hollywood level picture, then, perhaps, you’ll give up trying to understand the settings (my case). However, as far as the tutorials show, DaVinci can work wonders with color.

hitfilm express free alternative blender
  • Ultra-realistic rendering
  • Animation effects
  • Wide range of features
  • Open-source code
  • UI may confuse beginners
  • Not enough documentation in the base package

Blender is a software package that is used to create 3D computer graphics. It can do 3D modeling and visualization. It will be helpful to create animation and special effects and is often used to make animations and short cartoons. Blender can also be used for video post-processing and creating different special effects in films, combining 3D and video footage, character animation in video games, etc.

So, what are the characteristics that make this 3D graphics package unique? First of all, it is a free 3D modeling engine. It means that you can use it for both personal and commercial purposes. Besides that, it is an open-source program, so, if you have programming knowledge and experience, you can change it in any way you want.

By the way, the program has a sculptor so you can really experience what creating a sculpture is like. There are plenty of tools available in Blender. When saving the project, all the textures and resources can be saved into a single file, which means you will never lose them, as it may happen with other 3D editors.

hitfilm express free alternative vsdc
  • Built-in effects and transitions
  • A lot of audio filters
  • Excellent UI
  • 4K video support
  • Windows-compatibility only
  • Doesn’t play video in the main window

The free VSDC video editor from Flash-Integro, LLC is a great program with a lot of features and intuitive UI. If you are a beginner videographer o filmmaker, VSDC will help you learn fast and also give you access to an amazing library of audio and video effects. It supports various video types and formats. You can perform non-linear video editing in VSDC, which is not common for a free program.

VSDC alsoprovides fast video and audio converting and it has a built-in DVD burning tool. This software was mainly designed for education but both businesses and individual users can benefit from it. With its help, you can create a variety of videos to upload to different video-sharing platforms and extend your brand’s popularity.

hitfilm express free alternative kdenlive
  • High compatibility with different media formats
  • Multi-track and unlimited files in the timeline
  • Plenty of add-ons
  • Creative video effects
  • Too difficult for beginners
  • Updates are slow
  • Doesn’t have powerful effects

Kdenlive allows you to work with several video and audio tracks simultaneously, with a possibility to move, block, turn them on and off. You can import practically any known video and audio file formatwithout having to convert them in advance. There is a large built-in library of effects and transitions both for video and audio. Most of them are adjustable with a curve tool to help you change their speed.

Kdenlive also has a built-in title editor, called Titler. It can create 2D titles. It supports such features as font selection, changing of spacing between letters and lines, selection of color, shadows and outlines, rotation, scaling, and more.

You can also set up hotkeys according to your needs. The capabilities of the program can be extended with additional resources that you can download and install with a special built-in resource manager.


You can download the following LUTs bundles for creating and saving color grades that can be used in your HitFilm Express projects.

Free Wedding Final Cut Pro LUTs

freebies for hitfilm express free freebies for hitfilm express free

This LUT will fix dull and simple colors in your footage.

High Tide

freebies for hitfilm express free freebies for hitfilm express free

With this LUT, you will add intensity to the colors, making the footage more expressive.

City Building

freebies for hitfilm express free freebies for hitfilm express free

This LUT has a beautiful light blue tint. It’s perfect for videos recorded outside.

Download HitFilm Express Free

download hitfilm express free

HitFilm Express and HitFilm Pro Demo are the only two options for you to get a HitFilm Express free. Simply download and install them on your PC to test video editing capabilities and professional tools. It’s perfect for beginner video editors, students or content creators that cannot afford to buy professional software to improve footage.

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