13 Best Video Stabilization Software

Top 13 Best Video Stabilization Software

Video stabilizers are special programs created to reduce the "shakiness" automatically. If we talk about technical aspects, it affects the blur caused by the camera’s movement during exposure.

However, which video stabilization software to download for Windows, Mac, and a smartphone? The developers offer lots of both paid and free options that we will overview below.

1. Adobe Premiere Elements

Easy to use
  • 4K is available
  • Great audio editing
  • Perfect stabilization
  • Excellent text tools
  • 360 VR and 3D editing aren’t supported
  • Lack of Multicam feature or screen recording

Verdict: It is the best video stabilizer software due to a number of reasons. It provides the ability to work with different courses, such as .vob format, that are present on DVDs. You can convert videos to other formats for playing them back.

This software contains basic clip editing tools, such as transitions, join, titles, cut and trim. You can also edit and create DVDs using the appropriate burner. Adobe Premiere Elements is a great choice for those who need entry-level clip editing software. It is not very expensive and offers pretty good features and tools.

  • best video stabilization software adobe premiere elements
  • best video stabilization software adobe premiere elements

    2. AVS Editor

    For basic work
    • Straightforward UI
    • Lots of video guides and tutorials in the extended library
    • Compatible with most popular formats
    • Excellent video rendering speed
    • Supports only one video track
    • Lack of 360 video
    • Few online tutorials

    Verdict: This software is great for PC users who are looking for fast video stabilization software for free. It has wide functionality and is easy to use. AVS Editor contains a wide range of cool tools and features. Blu-ray video support, the capability to share videos directly in social platforms, many effects, multilingual support and the ability to stabilize videos are available to you.

    This Windows video stabilizer includes many useful tools providing top results. Take advantage of dual audio track features, HD support, Single video track and non-destructive editing.

    You are not a pro at video editing, but want to start doing this? Probably you need help, so our Home Video Editing Services are going to make your editing process easier.

    • best video stabilization software avs editor
    • best video stabilization software avs editor

      3. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

      For experienced users
      • Easy and convenient interface
      • 360-degree VR, 4K Ultra HD, 3D media are supported
      • Stop-motion feature
      • Ability to use lots of fun video-creation tools
      • Keyword tagging for media isn’t available

      Verdict: This software can be used as a quality tool to stabilize shaky videos. Although it has ample scope for clip editing, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate has modest stabilization capabilities. Moreover, not every beginner will be able to figure out how this free video stabilizer software works.

      It won’t be an easy task to get rid of the image shakiness taken with the action camera. Therefore, if you are not an experienced user, you should pay attention to simpler software, such as WonderShare Filmora.

      • best video stabilization software corel videostudio ultimate
      • best video stabilization software corel videostudio ultimate

        4. WonderShare Filmora

        For multiple editing purposes
        • Video and audio uploading is rather quick
        • Capability of 4K video and GIF output
        • A great collection of effects, overlays, transitions
        • It’s impossible to add new audio
        • You can work only with 2 video tracks
        • Lagging occurs

        Verdict: Its interface is very clear and easy to use. Using this software, you can make professional video projects. Fillmora has several other cool features besides the ability to stabilize shaky videos.

        You can easily perform various manipulations to make your videos look amazing. Another advantage of this software is the ability to convert video to one of the available formats, including MP4, MKV, WMV and others. Moreover, you can eliminate noise from footage materials and even burn the video clips into DVD.

        Complete Filmora Video Editor Review

        • best video stabilization software wondershare filmora
        • best video stabilization software wondershare filmora

          5. VideoProc

          Full GPU acceleration
          • Fast and simple installation
          • Great customer support
          • User-friendly interface
          • 4 toolboxes available – Video, Recorder, DVD, Downloader
          • Adjustable editing features
          • No version for Linux

          Verdict: VideoProc is considered to be one of the best video stabilization software by many users. It allows you to edit videos in various ways: cut or resize, split or merge, convert large videos, and even audio files. You can work at the highest speed without losing quality thanks to a special full GPU acceleration feature, which makes the software unique and outstanding among the competitors.

          If you need to change video or audio codec, alter the frame rates (30/60/120 fps) and format, or compress large video files, you can do all this with the help of VideoProc. All in all, if you need to edit a video and get a high-quality result, with VideoProc you will cope with this task quickly and easily.

          • best video stabilization software videoproc
          • best video stabilization software videoproc

            6. Final Cut Pro X

            Video stabilization for MacOS
            • Quick operation
            • Amazing effects and transitions
            • Available only with a subscription
            • A perfect option for YouTube vloggers
            • Compatible only with Mac OS devices
            • Color correction features are limited
            • Costs much

            Verdict: If you are a Mac user, then this software is just for you. It provides high-quality editing, including the ability to stabilize shaky footage.

            This video stabilizer software for Mac has many professional-level features. Moreover, it contains cool automatic tools. You can use Easy export, ProRess Codecs, iChat Theater, Alpha Transition, full DVD support and many more. This is a great solution for both beginner videographers and experienced users. However, it is worth noting that this software costs a lot.

            Complete Final Cut Pro X Review

            • best video stabilization software final cut pro x
            • best video stabilization software final cut pro x

              7. iMovie

              Hollywood effects
              • Simple split movies
              • You can trim start and end of videos very fast and easily
              • Extracting audio from video is possible
              • Capability to upload images, video and other media
              • Unavailable for Windows

              Verdict: iMovie is the best image stabilization software for those who are looking for basic features. In addition to the ability to stabilize video, you get a huge range of functions, including iDVD integration, green screen capabilities, editing control, slow motion and more.

              Most of its tools cannot be found in low quality and basic software. Some Mac devices of the latest versions already have iMovie pre-installed. It is possible that you already have this software, but you just did not notice it. If you still need to purchase iMovie, then you won’t spend much.

              • best video stabilization software imovie
              • best video stabilization software imovie

                8. LightWorks

                Good for social media and YouTube
                • Cross-platform
                • Supports HD resolution
                • A perfect choice for vloggers
                • Compatible with all platforms
                • Lack of full HD or 4K support
                • Too little tutorials
                • Mac OS version has limited functionality

                Verdict: This software has a cloud base and contains many powerful tools for working with your footage. Its functions include effective editing tools as well as options for creating video clips and uploading them to social networks. Provides 4K video creation.

                LightWorks has a positive reputation in the cinema world and has been used when editing many successful Hollywood movies. Thanks to the use of the drag-and-drop method, this software allows you to edit videos quickly and easily. It is also suitable for working with the color palette of your videos. You can apply color grading and blending to enhance the image.

                This video stabilizer also allows you to use keyframing to make the transitions between the videos look smooth. It works with Blackmagic Fusion. This option provides video editors with the ability to create video effects during image compositing. Thanks to the built-in plug-in, you can apply filters, graffiti, transitions, graphics from Boris and a special visual effect solution to your videos.

                Сomplete LightWorks Review

                • best video stabilization software lightworks
                • best video stabilization software lightworks

                  9. HitFilm Express

                  For budget films
                  • Powerful timeline editor
                  • Fast due to playback options
                  • Export features are flexible and simple
                  • Possible to resume during export
                  • You can lose special effects because of some playback options
                  • Export performance could be faster
                  • You have to pay for some features

                  Verdict: This video stabilizer app is a great tool for video stabilization and adding visual effects. It has a stylish and intuitive interface that allows you to download videos and insert sound and visual effects into them. You can find free versions for both Windows PCs and Mac devices. HitFilm Express contains useful tutorials to help you make scenes and effects from Hollywood movies.

                  HitFilm Express is a great solution if you want to edit and stabilize video free. In addition to the ability to fix the shaky videos, it includes a number of excellent editing tools. You can use audio and video filters, compositing options, cutting tools, masking, layers and even green-screen effects.

                  Complete HitFilm Express Review

                  • best video stabilization software hitfilm express
                  • best video stabilization software hitfilm express

                    10. Cyberlink PowerDirector

                    Best stabilization options
                    • Simple export to social networks
                    • 360° Video editing
                    • Quick rendering and Multicam editing
                    • Supports 3D and 4K resolution
                    • Rather difficult for beginners

                    Verdict: This is the best video stabilization software in the mid-price niche. It contains many top features and tools that demonstrate high-quality performance. The software’s video stabilization capabilities are incredible, and its rendering is very fast.

                    All tools and functions work stably. I didn’t notice any bugs or crashes. To be sure that the edited video isn’t lost, you can view a special tutorial on how to automatically back it up.

                    If you need professional video stabilization software, then you should give preference to Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere CC. They provide more options for working with your videos. However, if you do not need all of their advanced features, then PowerDirector is right for you. Although its tools collection lacks a few options, you can find the appropriate replacement in the CyberLink’s library.

                    • best video stabilization software cyberlink powerdirector
                    • best video stabilization software cyberlink powerdirector

                      11. Nero Video

                      Universal software
                      • Cheap
                      • Lots of amazing video effects and audio tools
                      • Supports 4K content
                      • Burns DVD, Blu-ray, AVCHD
                      • Old, unfamiliar interface
                      • Lack of 360 or 3D support
                      • There isn't direct output to social networks

                      Verdict: If you need affordable software with good stabilization capabilities, then Nero Video may come in handy. It contains powerful and reliable tools to enhance your video content and create stunning slideshow presentations.

                      This stabilizer software provides you with many top features, such as audio filters, keyframe animations, burning video contents to CDs and DVDs, applying transitions and effects, showing content on TV screens and mobile gadgets.

                      Nero Video allows you to create video clips in various formats. Thanks to this, you can play your content on almost all video media devices.

                      • best video stabilization software nero video
                      • best video stabilization software nero video

                        12. Pinnacle Studio

                        Good for intermediate users
                        • Fast rendering
                        • Huge choice of effects
                        • Supports multi-track editing
                        • Great masking tools
                        • Occasional fails in testing
                        • Motion tracking can lag
                        • Poor 360° VR implementation

                        Verdict: This is popular video stabilizer software for Windows users. It is a shortened version of more powerful software pledged by the same developers. Many users call Pinnacle Studio the best video stabilization software for computers running on Windows OS.

                        It offers such features as DVD authoring, title and cover creation, drag and drop editing of HD video, time-line based editing of up to six tracks. Moreover, you have an opportunity to add different effects, transitions, sounds, music, and also get access to free training.

                        • best video stabilization software pinnacle studio
                        • best video stabilization software pinnacle studio

                          13. Magix Movie

                          The most updated software
                          • Works with all media types
                          • Accurate frame editing
                          • Fantastic animation and effects
                          • Supports 360° media
                          • No import and organization features
                          • Movie project rendering isn't fast
                          • Lack of guides on difficult procedures

                          Verdict: Magix has been a leader on the audio and video software market for many years. In particular, their Movie Edit Pro is one of the best software that allows you to manipulate 4K and 360-degree footage.

                          The latest 2023 version has all the necessary tools to be a good video stabilizer. Besides, this software has a more customizable interface, eight times increased productivity, automatic gap closing, a collection of new animations and a wide selection of fonts.

                          Movie Edit Pro contains top features, such as beat-based editing, motion tracking, action-cam templates, as well as an integrated plug-in store. Although the latest update has brought many positive changes, this software is more difficult to use and inferior to its competitors in some aspects.

                          • best video stabilization software magix movie edit pro premium
                          • best video stabilization software magix movie edit pro premium

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