5 Best Video Editors For Low-End PC in 2024

The best video editor for low end PC is a great way to optimize your workflow. We have prepared a list of the best options to help you make the right choice.

Since modern video editors are designed for powerful computers that are quite expensive, it is extremely difficult to find a program for budget computers. It should meet your needs without taking up a lot of resources.

Top 5 Video Editors For Low End Pc

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro - For beginners
  2. Wondershare Filmora - Multipurpose editing software
  3. VSDC - Efficient text processing
  4. Shotcut - Drag and drop capabilities
  5. Lightworks - Non -Linear

We have carefully researched the market and tested various tools to help you find the best video editor for low end PC. It will allow you to process videos using budget equipment. If you want to get more detailed information, we recommend checking out the official websites as well.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro - Our Choice

For beginners
  • Plugins and Libraries support
  • Slow Motion FX plugin
  • 4K video editing supported
  • Price is high

Verdict: Adobe Premiere Pro video editor for low-end PC operating systems is not the most feature-rich editing software out there, but it has all the tools that you could possibly need to make professional-looking videos.

Although this open source video editor can be used for a lot of uses, most people who use it are looking for ways to add some creative flair to their work. For example, one person may use it to make a music video or perhaps a home video featuring some special effects done on a home camera. Most good editing software will allow you to quickly and easily move through the different steps to get the type of result that you are shooting for.

adobe premiere pro video editors for low end pc interface

2. Wondershare Filmora

Multipurpose editing software
  • Split-screen presets
  • Advanced text-editing
  • Color grading presets
  • Need to pay to unlock all features

Verdict: Wondershare Filmora is one of the most effective tools that will assist you in your endeavor to create the perfect videos that will attract customers for your business online and offline.

Features that make this Wondershare Filmora Video Editor for Low-End PC Product a must have included an innovative Photoshop option, a wide range of templates, a unique document protection feature, an amazing scratch and paint technique, and many other features that allow you to create professional quality videos without having to worry about technical skills.

wondershare filmora 9 video editors for low end pc interface


Efficient text processing
  • Lots of Blending modes
  • Custom Color correction
  • Subpixel accuracy
  • Pro editing features are missing

Verdict: VSDC is a free video editing software package that is made by Microsoft and is one of the better products to come out of the Microsoft camp in recent years. There are many features in VSDC that can be set to different options, allowing you to create the perfect video for whatever purpose you may have in mind.

If you are someone who is looking to make videos that can be uploaded to YouTube or other such sites, then you will definitely find this particular program quite useful.

vsdc interface

2. Shotcut

Drag and drop capabilities
  • Video compositing
  • Lots of output formats
  • Chroma keying and filter effects
  • Few transitions

Verdict: Shotcut video editor is amongst the most popular and widely used editing software for PCs. Shotcut is very user friendly and allows you to make very good use of the editing possibilities with this particular software.

If you are on a low-end PC, then Shotcut might not be the best editing software for you, but it does have many advantages over other video editors out there.

shotcut interface

5. Lightworks

Non -Linear
  • Real-time effects
  • Edit multicam sources
  • Borix FX plugins
  • Limitation on effect library

Verdict: Lightworks is a video editing software for Windows that is perfect for both new and experienced users. The best video editor for Low-end PC can be considered as the one that meets the needs of the average person and does not cause too much trouble in terms of compatibility as it is one of the most popular video editing softwares these days.

It has been noted by many professional video editors that Lightworks is a great editing solution for both beginners and experts at the same time because of its various tools, features and easy to use interface. This editing software has also won several hearts because of its professional looking output.

lightworks video editors for low end pc interface