Logic vs Ableton

Which DAW software is more appropriate for your purposes – Logic vs Ableton? If you read this article till the end, you’ll know the answer.

Logic Pro X is the program, many people who work with electronic music, podcasting, and other media projects use every day.

Ableton is an electronic music studio and an open-source sequencing software that is used extensively in the music industry.

Final Verdict:

Unlike many other leading software sequencing systems, Ableton offers a wide variety of instruments, loops, and other sounds that can be mixed and arranged with the computer, rather than having to be loaded onto a laptop or other device.

Ableton is the winner >

Ableton Features:

  • Wide range of audio effects
  • Multitrack recording
  • MIDI effects library
  • Track freeze option
  • Various file formats

What is Logic?

logic interface

Logic Pro features four built-in drum looping tracks, four drum library styles, four guitar loops, three different types of sample playback, two types of virtual percussion sounds and two types of voice loops. The benefits of using this software instrument for audio engineering are that it is easy to use because of its user-friendly interface and is very versatile with regard to what types of plug-ins you can use with it.

Some of the things it was designed to do are to emulate or to complement the abilities of popular recording software like recording from tape machines or computers, playing sample-based music files and recording vocals and acoustic instruments, editing digital audio and more.

Another great feature of Logic is the fact that it comes with a built-in audio interface that lets you connect to your computer through a USB port. It also has a very useful option of a "Quick Sampler" that allows to experiment with the reverb and also the other compressor features at the same time. 

What is Ableton?

ableton interface

One of the most popular features of Ableton is the drum sequencing that allows users to sequence the drums using various methods such as dragging and dropping. The user can also use a combination of these methods to adjust the length and other dynamics of each of the samples.

One thing that many people appreciate about Ableton is the large number of virtual instruments that are available for it to expand its capabilities even more. When you buy the program, you will gain access to over two hundred and fifty instruments, although only a handful of these instruments are exclusive to Ableton.

Some examples of these exclusive instruments are the Parquet of E Minor, pentatonic guitar, piano fragments, the time signatures mode, audio patch register, the sustain and release modes, the octave divider, and more. In addition, the use of digital samplers is popular in the production and sequencing process because it offers one to manually adjust each sample, which is useful for crafting intricate drum fills.


logic logo
ableton logo

Logic & Ableton Features:

  • Convenient visual interface
  • Time signature tools
  • Stock content
  • Audio recording
  • Songs mixing
  • Drum rack options
  • Audio slicing tools
  • Hybrid reverbation features
  • Tempo settings
  • Video editing capabilities

Logic and Ableton Price:

STARTING PRICE $199.99/license $79.00/license
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Logic Pro X is among the software instruments that you need to have if you are serious about audio recording and producing.

In addition to being popular in and producing music, it is also used in the production of video, web design, and animation.