Pro Tools vs Cubase

Learn Pro Tools vs Cubase features in order to understand which one is more suitable for your particular needs.

Pro Tools is a powerful music creation, mixing and mastering software featuring revolutionary professional audio editing. It delivers professional quality sound recording and playback, and is the industry standard for electronic music production.

Cubase is among the most popular music production software applications on the market today, which provides a range of functionality and workflow enhancements, and its interface allows you to quickly and easily visualize and control your audio tracks.

Final Verdict:

Cubase is by far one of the most popular music production programs on the market. If you're going for a professional home studio set-up, then this software will be your ideal choice.

Cubase is the winner >

Cubase Features:

  • Dynamic EQ
  • Wide array of plugins
  • Splice option
  • Advanced mixer
  • Comprehensive audio editing

What is Pro Tools?

pro tools interface

Pro Tools music software gives you the highest quality digital sound effects with an incredible feature set that includes flexible recording, composing and editing features as well as a host of innovative musical tools that are easy-to-use. The extensive library of inspiring instrument sounds and musical samples allows you to create your own personal signature sound.

One of the greatest advantages of using Pro Tools is the convenience that comes with a comprehensive audio interface that connects the studio and computer via a high-speed FireWire interface. This allows to share and collaborate with one another, as well as perform and record live in real time.

The Pro Tools system comes with over 500 MB of RAM, which ensures a smooth and responsive workflow. It also offers control surfaces, professional sound modules, a complete set of rack-mount applications, and a large library of inspiring sample sounds, loops, and musical instruments. You can even import popular MP3 and other audio formats, such as WMA, FLAC, AU, and ME, directly into the program so you can instantly begin tweaking or playing with the samples.

What is Cubase?

cubase interface

Cubase includes a full range of digital sound processing capabilities. With the VST or VSTi extension, it has a large number of effects, including compressor and equalizer effects, a great deal of reverb sounds, a plethora of virtual instruments, and a large amount of compression options. Cubase also comes with industry-standard digital delays, which can be used for adding groove, chorus, and other rhythmic effects.

One of the main advantages of this program is the tight integration with standard computer hardware such as MIDI keyboards, sound modules and audio interface devices. With Cubase you can easily control and use MIDI hardware like keyboards, sound modules and other electronic instruments through the onboard plug-in architecture.

The most common plug-ins are Cubase Reaktor LE, Cubase Pro Piano, Cubase Maschine LE, Cubase Ultimate Lead, Cubase Superimposedrums, Cubase Velocity 8 and Cubase Wetware. The MIDI hardware plugs into the MIDI data rate that is present on the computer and is then sent to the host application where it is processed and delivered to the audio interface device.


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Pro Tools & Cubase Features:

  • MIDI tracks library
  • Presets for tracks
  • Professional audio editing
  • 4K video support
  • Range of sounds
  • Piano Roll editing
  • Shortcuts settings
  • Arrangement tools
  • MIDI sequencing options
  • A lot of presets

Pro Tools and Cubase Price:

STARTING PRICE $29.99/year $99.99/license
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Along with some great virtual audio post production tools, Pro Tools also offers a full feature DVD movie maker and several composing tools, including a large variety of effects.

Cubase offers two main benefits over others: it's a cheap solution to buying a full-featured synthesizer and it allows you to learn MIDI sequencing and performing with MIDI keyboards from your computer.