Free LUTs for Premiere

If you need to alter the coloring of your clips, these free LUTs for Premiere will come in handy as they can make tones warmer, more saturated, add bluish tints, rich shades, etc. You’ll find many high-quality premiere Pro LUTs that suit different video styles – vintage, cinematic, wedding, travel, Landscape, etc. Using these tools, you can save your time and shorten the video editing process twice. All the LUTs are developed by experienced specialists, so the final result doesn’t require fine-tuning.

LUT Premiere #1 "Obsidian"

lut premiere

Lut Premiere Pro #2 "Creamy Sun"

lut premiere pro

Free LUTs for Premiere #3 "Vibrant Colors"

free luts for premiere

Luts Premiere #4 "Desaturated Style"

luts premiere

Free LUTs for Premiere Pro #5 "Dramatic"

free luts for premiere pro

Premiere Pro LUTs #6 "Filmic Contrast"

premiere pro luts

Premiere LUT #7 "Venice"

premiere lut

Luts for Premiere #8 "Blush"

luts for premiere

LUTs for Premiere Pro #9 "Green Push"

luts for premiere pro

Free Premiere Pro LUTs #10 "Bashful"

free premiere pro luts

Premiere Pro LUTs Free #11 "W&B"

premiere pro luts free

LUTs Premiere Pro #12 "Cinematic"

luts premiere pro

Free LUTs Premiere Pro #13 "Warm Shadows"

free luts premiere pro

Premiere Pro LUT #14 "Contrast"

premiere pro lut

Free LUTs Premiere #15 "Matte"

free luts premiere

Premiere LUTs #16 "Nature"

premiere luts

Adobe Premiere LUTs #17 "Old Style"

adobe premiere luts

Free LUT Premiere #18 "Saturation"

free lut premiere

LUT for Premiere #19 "Warm"

lut for premiere

LUT Adobe Premiere #20 "Cold Tint"

lut adobe premiere

Free LUT Premiere Pro #21 "Coffee Tint"

free lut premiere pro

Best LUTs for Premiere Pro #22 "Retro"

best luts for premiere pro

Premiere LUTs Free #23 "Bright Colorful"

premiere luts free

Free Premiere LUTs #24 "Blue Tone"

free premiere luts

Adobe Premiere LUT #25 "Brown Matte"

adobe premiere lut

Free Adobe Premiere LUTs #26 "Matte"

free adobe premiere luts

LUTs Adobe Premiere #27 "Sunset"

luts adobe premiere

Best LUTs for Premiere #28 "Colorful"

best luts for premiere

Adobe Premiere LUTs Free #29 "B&W"

adobe premiere luts free

Premiere Pro Free LUTs #30 "Cross Process"

premiere pro free luts

More Free LUTs by FixThePhoto

There are so many LUTs for Premiere Pro and you can find many color grading filters to give your video footage a professional look. You can create LUTs on your own but there is no need to do it, as we have compiled a collection of the best LUTs for Premiere that is available free of charge. All the LUTs in this package help regulating basic parameters such as brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation to make your footage look refined.

Free LUTs Adobe Premiere #31

free luts adobe premiere

Download LUTs for Premiere #32

download luts for premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro LUTs #33

adobe premiere pro luts

LUT for Premiere Pro #34

lut for premiere pro

LUTs for Adobe Premiere #35

luts for adobe premiere

Free LUTs for Adobe Premiere #36

free luts for adobe premiere

The Main features of LUT Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere has been one of the main programs for video editing for a while. That’s the main reason why video editing specialists decided to improve its functionality even more with the help of LUTs. Premiere Pro is a perfect tool for video post-processing, no matter what footage you are going to enhance. The software is equally popular among professionals and amateurs. That’s why we decided to please our users with a powerful kit of the best free LUTs for Premiere.

All LUTs are available in the universal .cube format, so you can use them in other video editing programs as Vegas Pro, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve and more. Either you need to improve colors, give your footage a certain mood or turn it into a Hollywood-looking movie, you can safely rely on this set of free LUTs for Premiere.

The diversity of plots they go well with is truly endless – romantic, trip, urban, nature videos and anything you can imagine.

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