FCPX LUT Free Collection

If you use Final Cut Pro X for your video editing needs, this collection of high-quality FCPX LUTs will be especially helpful. You can use these plugins to edit videos of different genres, be it wedding, cityscape, traveling, landscape, or GoPro footage.

These LUTs help you make colors brighter, remove inky shadows, and accentuate details without manual editing. They are available in .cube format and work perfectly in Final Cut Pro X.

FCPX LUT #1 "Nature Color"

fcpx luts

LUTs for FCPX #2 "Brown Veil"

free fcpx luts

Free LUTs for FCPX #3 "Purple Tint"

free luts for final cut pro

LUT FCPX #4 "Saturation"

final cut pro x lut

Final Cut Pro LUT #5 "Bronze Skin"

free luts fcpx

Final Cut Pro LUTs #6 "Dark Movie"

lut final cut pro x

LUTs for Final Cut Pro #7 "Luminance"

luts fcpx

FCPX LUTs #8 "B&W"

best luts for fcpx

Free FCPX LUTs #9 "Film Grade"

free final cut pro luts

Free LUTs for Final Cut Pro #10 "Matte"

fcpx luts free

Final Cut Pro X LUT #11 "Deep Shadow"

lut final cut pro

Free LUTs FCPX #12 "Dark Shine"

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LUT Final Cut Pro X #13 "Greeny"

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LUTs FCPX #14 "Insta Look"

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Best LUTs for FCPX #15 "Vibrance Tint"

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Free Final Cut Pro LUTs #16 "Faded Film"

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FCPX LUTs Free #17 "Blue Matte"

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LUT Final Cut Pro #18 "B&W"

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LUTs Final Cut Pro #19 "Juicy Colors"

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Free LUTs Final Cut Pro #20 "Landscape"

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LUT for FCPX #21 "Cityscape"

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LUTs in FCPX #22 "Blue Depth"

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Free LUTs for Final Cut Pro X #23 "Cinematic City"

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LUTs in Final Cut Pro X #24 "Matte Sunset"

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Final Cut Pro X LUTs #25 "Landscape"

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Free LUT FCPX #26 "Dark Skyline"

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LUT for Final Cut Pro #27 "Fresh Light"

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LUT Final Cut Pro X Free #28 "Saturation"

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Free LUTs Final Cut Pro X #29 "Black & White"

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Best LUTs for Final Cut Pro X #30 "Retro"

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More Free LUTs by FixThePhoto

Here you can find the most popular free LUTs for FCPX that allow both beginner and experienced photographers to give their videos special charm. Some LUTs can fill your footage with a nostalgic mood, while others allow creating really breathtaking scenes. If you are after creative experiments, you can combine these LUTs with effects from other packs.

LUTs for Final Cut Pro X #31 "After Effects"

best fcpx luts

Final Cut Pro LUTs Free #32 "Mavic Pro"

luts for fcpx free

Free LUT Pack FCPX #33 "Davinci Resolve"

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Free LUT for FCPX #34 "Premiere"

fcpx luts pack

LUT FCPX Free #35 "Photoshop"

fcpx free luts

Free FCPX LUT #36 "Ground Control"

best free luts for fcpx

Free LUTs for FCPX

The best thing about these Final Cut Pro LUTs is that they are rather universal, so you can use them for different types of videos recorded in the morning, in daylight, and even in the evening.

If you see that colors in your video look faded and uninteresting, you can use any FCPX LUT to make them livelier and brighter. These filters are also helpful if you want to accentuate details in the foreground while keeping the horizon area a bit blurred. If you like how black and white footage looks, there is a special LUT for achieving this particular effect.

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