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adobe audition portable

adobe audition portable

Adobe Audition Portable is the version of the well-known Adobe program that doesn’t need installation and can be run even from a flash drive. All you need is to download it and you’re ready to start working. However, have you ever thought if Adobe Audition Portable is legal or not? Do you know what are advantages (or disadvantages) of using it?

What Is Adobe Audition Portable?

You were wrong if you thought that Adobe Audition Portable was a free program from Adobe. Quite the opposite, a “portable” program like this is usually hacked. Why? The main reason is that you get the possibility to use the program separately. This seems great and it is very easy to download and run the program. However, everyone should beware of the possible problems of using pirated software.


Adobe Audition Portable or License Version?

adobe audition portable or adobe audition license

When using Audition Portable you may feel like you are saving a lot of money. But do you know what kinds of issues you are going to have because you use hacked software? Some of them are not going to be obvious from the very beginning but, sooner or later, you are bound to encounter them. I firmly believe that the best way to use this program is to pay for it.

Adobe Audition Portable Disadvantages:

  • Bugs and Glitches. Hackers have messed with the source code of the program. So you shouldn’t expect it to work just as you would expect the license version to perform. Lagging may come unexpectedly and at any time. In Audition Portable, there is a high chance of audio files or soundtrack not being reproduced correctly.
  • Viruses. You risk downloading a virus together with your “portable” program, the chances are very high. You will be lucky if these are minor, less harmful viruses. What if you get a Trojan? These are a pain to get rid of. Just the idea of infecting your PC with one of them should stop you from downloading Audition Portable.
  • No Technical Client Support. You may sometimes experience problems you don’t know how to solve even with your legal software. In this case, the most common solution is to talk to technical support. When using illegal programs, you don’t have this option for obvious reasons.
  • No Updates. Adobe releases regular updates for the software it develops. Pirated programs cannot be updated. So, there will be no new features or fixed bugs for your Adobe Audition Portable.

Adobe Audition License Advantages:

  • Reliable & Secure. A legal version of the software is more reliable and secure. The developers will be fully responsible for their products. It means that you can be safe when you decide to buy and use the program.
  • Regularly Updated. Updates are the way developers support their users. Every company like Adobe makes sure that updates are regular and that they improve their users’ experience. If Adobe stops releasing the updates for one of their programs, it usually means that they will discontinue it. That is definitely one of the key advantages of using license Adobe Audition.
  • Customer Service. As I have already mentioned, you may have some issues with the program and googling the solution may not help at all. In this case, you always have the possibility to contact the customer support when you have the licensed version of your program and sort all the problems out.

What Version to Use?

If I have managed to persuade you not to use the illegal program, you will have some options to choose from. I am going to talk about two subscription plans with which you can get Adobe Audition from the official website.

1. Single App Plan

Adobe Audition
  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $20.99/month
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

This subscription plan allows you to download Adobe Audition CC, gives you plenty of cloud storage to save your projects, and also gives access to a few features that Adobe includes with all plans (a mobile design tool, a collection of fonts, and a tool to create your online portfolio).

You will enjoy all the tools and features that Adobe Audition offers. These include audio extensions, spectrum and phase analyzers, a distortion meter, a variety of audio effects, a parametric equalizer, etc.

With multi-track mode, you can work on several channels at the same time. You will also be able to make all sorts of adjustments, like phase, tone, removing audio defects, etc.

2. All Apps Plan

Creative Cloud + Adobe Audition
  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $52.99/month
  • FixThePhoto Editors’ Rating

With the “All Apps” plan, you will get everything that comes with a “Single App” plan and all other Creative Cloud Apps, like Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

These are the only two ways how to download Adobe Audition for free legally and to be able to enjoy its functionality to the fullest.

Adobe Audition Portable Alternatives

If licensed Adobe Audition is too expensive and you don’t want to get into trouble using Adobe Audition Portable, your only option is to find a good free alternative. Luckily, there are a few programs you can use and I have listed the best ones below.

1. Audacity

adobe audition audacity free alternative USE AUDACITY
  • Great for sound effects and cropping
  • Supports multi-track audio
  • Supports plug-ins
  • Open-source
  • Can’treplace a sound workstation
  • Destructive editing

If you need a program that can work on Windows, macOS or Linux, Audacity is a great variant. It has enough tools and capabilities to help you edit a podcast or trim short audios with sound effects. The functionality of the program is quite extensive and, at the same time, you won’t need a powerful computer to be able to use it. As a bonus, the fact that it is open-source makes it possible to adjust anything the way you want it.

With its help, you can record 16- or 24-bit audio, convert different file formats and then combine the audios into one file. It works with WAV, AU, FLAC, AIFF and Ogg Vorbis file formats, allowing you to import, edit and export them easily. Some other tools that Audacity has.

are custom fades, correcting levels and stereo positions, and disabling selected tracks.

2. Ocenaudio

adobe audition ocenaudio free alternative USE OCENAUDIO
  • Easy to operate UI
  • Large selection of tools and features
  • Audio file analysis
  • Free
  • Some features need improving
  • Some effects are not accessible

Ocenaudio is another cross-platform program for audio editing packed with features. If you need something simple yet with a lot of power, this is the tool for you. Learning how to use this program is so uncomplicated that you will hardly need any tutorials to help you.

A very intuitive and easy to navigate interface is one of the biggest advantages of Ocenaudio. It is based on the Ocen Framework with a powerful library to help you create audio editing programs for different platforms.

In addition to the standard features, the software allows you to not only use a variety of effects but also preview them. It lets you multitask with editing several parameters simultaneously too.

Ocenaudio supports VST modules, making it possible to add noise or digital tones, shows statistics, supports iPhone ringtones, etc. The only drawback is that the program is not open-source, you won’t be able to change anything about it.

3. Ardour

adobe audition ardour free alternative USE ARDOUR
  • Open-source
  • A lot of plugins available
  • Allows you to create and play virtual MIDI instruments
  • MIDI virtual keyboard is not available
  • No demo tracks included

This program is a digital audio workstation and a hard disk recorder at the same time. You can use it on different operating systems, including Linux and FreeBSD. The creator of the program, Paul Davis, claims that his original intention is to create a program that will meet the requirements even of the most demanding professionals.

Ardour will work with most of the commercial plugins, which include Ladspa, LV2, VST, etc. In addition, there is a direct console that allows you to mix channels and create your own plugins or edit existing ones. All of these are completely free of charge but with a limitation – you cannot create a project longer than 10 minutes.

This is an open-source program, a remarkable Adobe Audition Portable alternative that will allow you to do almost anything you can think of.

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