Adobe Audition Torrent

Adobe Audition Torrent

Would like to get Adobe Audition torrent but don’t know where to do it without lags? Read more about a safe way to download Adobe Audition for free.

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How Does Adobe Deal with Piracy?

Adobe Audition is a professional digital audio editing software that you may use to create, mix, and design sound effects easy and without much experience.

In 2013 Adobe company makes a decision to update their business model completely. If earlier you were able to purchase a so-called licensed product outright for which you could pay once and use it throughout the time, now you must pay each month.

By means of the Creative Cloud subscription, developers significantly reduced the percentage of illegal use and decided to offer some bonuses or additional opportunities for those who use the official version. Among these functions are cloud storage and close integration with other Adobe products.

Why Should You Stop Using Torrents?

A few years ago, 5 most influential American Internet providers presented their way to deal with illegal Adobe Audition torrents. If you’re noticed or just suspected in downloading software illegally, you will receive a copyright infringement warning on your e-mail.

The following letters usually contain information about the fine. If you don’t stop using torrents, the provider will disconnect you. If it doesn’t work, you will be sued and then followed by legal proceedings.

Adobe Audition Torrent: Pluses and Minuses

Everyone should know the main advantages of illegal softwares, however, how well do you understand the consequences that may arise after downloading it?


You get a professional instrument completely for free

One of the main reasons why Adobe Audition torrent has become so popular is its price. For the official version, you will have to pay $20 while torrent offers to download it completely for free.



Don’t play with fire!

As I have mentioned before, using pirated softwares is illegal and the consequences that might arise are fines by the amount from $1500. Now think again what is more profitable – to pay $20 per month or give the government your monthly salary.

Lack of updates

In order to keep their software in top 1, developers often have to provide different updates as well as additional instruments, fix bugs and enhance a program. In case you use illegal software, you won’t receive updates and the reason for this is simple – your software is portable.


Your software will lag all the time

The next issue appears together with the previous one. The thing is that it’s completely normal for an application to lag, be slow, etc., especially if it’s on the stage of beta testing. In order to fix these lags, developers constantly update their software, but you will have to get used to it.

Viruses will become your alter ego

If your PC is full of ads, an application constantly closes or simply stops opening, the system notifies about different errors – your computer has got viruses. Oddly enough, this is quite a common problem for torrent.

It comes with viruses that some hackers like to integrate into “free” programs. The repairs of your PC will be more expensive than a monthly fee for using legal software.

You won’t be able to solve a problem with the help of technical support

I’m sure that not many people use customer support for their devices and programs but its availability is already a huge plus. For example, if once you are unable to open Adobe Audition and all the known methods of fixing an error don’t work, you can just contact customer support and immediately receive detailed instructions, which will help you solve this problem.

How Can You Get Adobe Audition for FREE?

Unfortunately, you can’t get unlimited access to Adobe Audition download free legally. However, there is a way to install the software for a 30-day trial period with access to all functions.


Adobe Audition free trial version offers a great opportunity to test instruments and possibilities of the software as well as additional functions of Creative Cloud during 30 days for you to compare them with alternative applications. You don’t pay anything and get unlimited access to cloud storage and close integration with other Adobe products. In order to get Adobe Audition free trial version, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Visit the official Adobe website.

STEP 2. Sign in and log into your Adobe ID account.

STEP 3. Open the “Creative & Design” tab and select “View all products”.

STEP 4. Choose Adobe Audition and click “Start free trial.”

STEP 5. Perform the registration once again and enter your bank account data. Select a payment variant.

STEP 6. Run the default Adobe Audition setup.

STEP 7. You’re good to go! The trial period will begin when you run the application for the first time. When the trial period finishes, you will have an option to pay for the next month.

  • If you do music, you may need free Photoshop to create a logo or a preview photo for your album.

5 Free Adobe Audition Alternatives

If you’re a beginner or simply don’t want to overpay for the Adobe software, check out my list of 5 best Adobe Audition free alternatives.

1. Audacity

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: FREE

audacity logo USE FREE
  • For dialogue, sound effects, music tracks cuts
  • Supports multi-track audio
  • Batch processing
  • Limited functions compared to Audition

If you want to launch a podcast, record music or you simply need an instrument to build and convert some audio samples, then Audacity will be a great choice for you. Robust and free open source audio editor is available completely for free.

Audacity works smoothly with the sound up to 32 bit/384 kHz with built-in anti-aliasing. The program allows to easily import, mix and combine audio tracks (stereo, mono or even multi-track record) and play the output data as a whole.

It also offers flexible music editing up to the sample level as well as a spectrogram and spectral presentations for frequency response analysis.

2. Sound Forge

Platforms: Windows, Linux
Price: FREE trial or $399

sound forge logo USE FREE
  • The user interface is customizable
  • Fast digitization of vinyl records
  • Only for Windows
  • Not suitable for professional tasks

Sound Forge Audio Studio is a basic free audio editor for beginners. It’s cheaper than its professional analog Sound Forge Pro. Nevertheless, Sound Forge Audio Studio still offers a few instruments for sound restoration including the possibility to digitize vinyl records right in the program if you have a vinyl converter.

Sound Forge Audio Studio comes with 11 pluggable DirectX audio effects. In selected effects, there are 90 sound presets that help easily find a necessary sound. You can also preliminarily check out the effects before applying them to your audio.

Sound Forge Audio Studio doesn’t have extensive plug-ins for sound restoration, like Pro Studio has, but its main instruments for sound restoration do a great job eliminating unwanted noise from bad audio records.

3. Ardour

Platforms: Windows, Linux
Price: FREE

ardour logo USE FREE
  • Completely free
  • Supports plug-ins
  • Open source
  • Possibility to compose and play virtual Midi instruments
  • Lack of Midi virtual keyboard
  • The installation comes without demo tracks

If you prefer to use something open source but want more than what Audacity offers, I highly recommend you to try Ardour. This full-featured sound workstation provides many useful functions for composing and music editing. It’s free and completely open source.

The app can edit a large amount of commercially available plug-ins such as VST, Ladspa and lv2. Also, I like that there is an opportunity to connect to the jack server, OSC and Midi controllers for synchronization with other applications and equipment.

4. WavePad

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone
Price: FREE

wavepad logo USE FREE
  • The best library of virtual instruments
  • Simple interface and instrument presentation
  • Not compatible with Windows

WavePadis is a professional and paid app, however, it has a trial version. Its virtual library of instruments is stunningly authentic and includes everything you need to create different complicated compositions.

I would like to mention Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer emulations.

This software is compatible with external instruments and effects plug-ins that use audio unit format (AU). The collection of vintage equalizers imitates popular hardware ones from such companies as Neve, API and Pultec.

5. GarageBand

Platforms: iOS
Price: FREE

GarageBand logo USE FREE
  • Advanced VST
  • An extensive list of plug-ins
  • Only for Mac OS
  • Some instruments require refinement

Apple knows how to make everything look beautiful. Even their basic software – GarageBand has a minimalistic design.

The main feature of GarageBand is its VST and VSTi elements. This mainly allows you to compose music in DAW and record all types of songs on different instruments.

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