Adobe After Effects Torrent

Adobe After Effects Torrent

Are you searching for Adobe After Effects Torrent to save $21 per month and work with motion graphics and visual effects for free? If you don’t want your After Effects lagging or viruses, read more about how to get After Effects torrent for free and safe.

adobe after effects torrent

How Does Adobe Deal with Piracy?

Since 2013 Adobe company made a tough decision concerning ‘pirate’ users and completely redesigned the existing business model. Earlier you could buy a licensed software outright, a so-called key, which activated your software.

Now, you should make a monthly payment through Creative Cloud. This helps developers significantly reduce the number of illegal After Effects versions, although it wasn’t their main goal. Guys from Adobe knew that there are going to be “smart” hackers that will easily crack the new system.

However, they won’t be able to hack some bonuses that you can have using Creative Cloud, such as cloud storage, tight integration, technical support, updates, etc. In other words, customers can still use torrent resources but without the bonus features that make the work easier.


Why Should You Stop Using Torrents?

A couple of years ago, 5 most influential American Internet providers: Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Cablevision and Time Warner, presented their method of fighting illegal Adobe After Effects torrents. If they notice or suspect that you have illegally downloaded the software, you are sent a warning email about copyright violation. The following emails usually contain information about a fine. Unless you stop using torrents, the provider will disconnect you. If it doesn’t work, you will be sued.

Adobe After Effects Torrent: Pros & Cons

Each of us probably knows about the main advantages of using illegal softwares. However, is there a clear understanding of all the side effects for your PC when you download Adobe After Effects Torrent?


1. Software is absolutely free

Your main motivation to download the software through a torrent is that any of its versions will be free of charge. You don’t have to pay anything, not once, not monthly, you just need to download a torrent.


1. $10 a month or $1,000 fine?

adobe after effects torrent

We all love the word ‘free’ and everything that comes with it. However, when it refers to the Adobe After Effects free download with crack, you violate existing law and may get a fine of $1,000.

2. Viruses will become your alter-ego

Ads, lagging when the app starts up or performs an action, then the operating system is telling you about failure and that the system cannot be loaded. It comes with viruses that some hackers like to integrate into the “free” softwares. To repair your laptop will be more expensive than a monthly payment for using the legal software.

3. Forget about updates

Imagine you have just downloaded the software through a torrent but then you notice that it’s an old release and it doesn’t have a necessary tool. When you buy Adobe After Effects licensed software, you can simply update it. But in case with Adobe After Effects torrent, you can forget about the updates and just enjoy whatever you have.


4. You don’t have access to customer support

I’m sure that you don’t often use customer support on your devices, but having access to them is a great advantage. If one day your After Effects fails to run and you can’t launch it, simply contact customer support and get immediate guidance on how to deal with the problem.

However, if you use Adobe After Effects torrent, you should just look for another illegal version online, although no one can guarantee that it will work better.

5. Do you like bugs and lags?

You probably didn’t know that before uploading the software as a torrent, the hacker makes considerable changes to its source code. They re-write some edit controls and, quite possibly, change the sequence. In the end, you get a broken source code structure and you will notice some failures and bugs.

How Can You Get After Effects for Free?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can legally get unlimited access to Adobe After Effects free download. However, there is a way to get the software for a 7-day trial period with access to all of its features and functions.

Use Adobe After Effects Free Trial


Adobe After Effects free trial offers you an excellent opportunity to test the software tools and features, as well as its Creative Cloud for 7 days so that you can compare them with alternative apps. You pay nothing and get unlimited access to the cloud storage and to the tight integration with other Adobe products. In order to get After Effects free trial, follow the steps below:

STEP 1. Go to the official Adobe website.

STEP 2. Register and log into your Adobe ID account.

STEP 3. Open the tab “Creative & Design” and choose “View all products”.

STEP 4. Find and select After Effects. Then click “Start free trial.”

STEP 5. Go through the second registration and submit your bank card information. Then choose a payment option.

STEP 6. Run standard Adobe Illustrator setup.

STEP 7. Done! Your trial starts when you launch the app for the first time. When the trial period ends, you will be offered the option to pay for the following month.

Free After Effects Alternatives

Look through these feature-rich and free After Effects alternatives that are user-friendly.


Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: FREE

natron logo USE NATRON FREE
  • Open source
  • Supports plugins
  • Rather inconvenient interface

Natron is a completely free open source video editor that you can run on any platform. Even if you’re not an expert, you can still edit your videos like a pro. Many users are aware of the Natron vs After Effects rivarly and frequently choose the former as it offers some tools to add stunning video effects in an instant.

As an additional bonus, it supports Open FX plugins, which means that if you want to make your app more similar to After Effects by adding various tools, you can easily do that. In case you work with high-resolution videos, Natron will be great for that. Finally, you will be able to play around with its tools for interface customization.

Blackmagic Design Fusion

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: FREE

Blackmagic Design Fusion logo USE BLACKMAGICDESIGN FREE
  • Convenient interface
  • Many visual effects
  • Some features are paid

If you feel like After Effects is too complicated for you, Blackmagic Design Fusion can become a great free alternative. The application has a powerful selection of tools with a convenient interface. Besides, it supports 3D space and virtual reality, has functionality for network rendering on any number of computers and GPU acceleration.

Moreover, this After Effects Mac alternative was used by quite a few Hollywood studios, which made it even more popular. You You can do compositing, keying, vector graphics, and animation in real 3D space, change the playback speed, set the tracking and stabilization of an image.


Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: FREE

blender logo USE BLENDER FREE
  • Open source
  • Professional tools
  • Interface may seem complicated

Blender is a free open source software that can be used to make animated graphics, visual effects, interactive 3D applications and video games.

Blender offers 3D modeling, video editing, unwrapping, texture mapping, sculpting, animation, compositing, etc. At first glance, a beginner may find its interface complicated, but it is rather easy to learn. Blender is a direct rival of Adobe product and you can find lots of reviews of the Blender vs After Effects stand-off.

Wondershare Filmora

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Price: FREE

  • Supports 3D animation
  • User-friendly
  • Demanding in terms of system specs

Wondershare Filmora is the ultimate choice for beginners and amateurs alike. It offers a selection of more than 300 visual effects, which will instantly take your video to a new level. It includes all the tools necessary for video editing and will help you create home “Hollywood” videos with transitions between scenes, titles, visual effects from broad video formats, audio and photographs.

Extended features include picture-in-picture, fast/slow motion, voice change, recording of video and audio, all of which are intuitive to use. It can be an excellent alternative to After Effects because it stands out due to its simplicity combined with outstanding efficiency.

Autodesk Smoke

Platforms: Mac OS
Price: FREE trial or $1,500 per year

  • Professional tools
  • Optimized for slow PCs
  • Simple interface
  • Paid subscription

It’s an efficient video editor that's on par with Adobe After Effects. Autodesk Smoke is optimized for slow PCs and is easy to master. Although it's only available to Mac users and costs $1,500 a year, its developers welcome newcomers and offer them a free 30-day test of the app, which is definitely more than Adobe After Effects free trial.

The Smoke Video Effects software combines the video post-production with compositing based on nodes in a timescale editing environment, which lets production studios improve efficiency. Among other available features, there are also smoke and FCP X, dynamic cropping, 3D text and geometry, ConnectFX node compositing.

FREE Color Grading LUTs for After Effects

In order not to waste much time on video color correction, there are plenty of free LUTs. These are presets that will transform your videos with just one click.

Free LUT "Pink Grade"

This film LUT will add a beautiful pink tint to your video and make the whole color palette more saturated.

It works well for the video recording outside, but only if there aren’t too many multicolored objects in the frame. It will bring out the warm tones of the scene in case the video was recorded with little sunshine and a clear sky.

Free LUT "Vintage"

If you are a videographer who loves the vintage effect, this free LUT will become your most favorite tool in the collection. This is a truly universal plugin that can be used with any kind of video.

It makes the colors more dramatic and improves the skin tone, which makes it perfect for low contrast scenes. You can use it for both portrait and event videography.

Free LUT "Shine"

This Cinematic LUT increases contrast and makes shades cooler. You’ll see that skin tone becomes warmer and tones, in general, become more saturated.

I recommend this LUT for videos recorded outside in the daylight so that you could add an atmosphere of warmth and coziness to your shots.

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