DaVinci Resolve vs Movavi: Find Your Perfect Software

By Eva Williams 11 days ago, Software reviews

Comparing DaVinci Resolve vs Movavi, it becomes clear that both programs attract editors with their comprehensive editing capabilities, allowing users to handle each task with ease. The strong points of Movavi are intuitive UI and quick video editing workflow, whereas DaVinci Resolve boasts advanced color grading and a pro-level editing toolkit.

Final Verdict:

Movavi Video Editor is definitely a winner because of its simplicity, which makes it an ideal option for novices and intermediate editors. It beats the competitors with a range of features namely straightforward UI, speedy processing, a great variety of effects, extensive audio editing toolkit, simple exporting options, etc.

Movavi Video Editor is the winner >

Movavi Video Editor Features:

  • Tracks motion with AI technology
  • AI background deletion
  • Slow-mo editing functionality
  • Comprehensive editing toolkit
  • A rich collection of filters, transitions, and effects

Movavi vs Davinci Resolve: What Is the Difference?

movavi logo
davinci resolve logo
Davinci Resolve


  • Straightforward UI
  • Transitions with sound
  • Tracks movement and offers pic-in-pic tools
  • Chroma-keying technique
  • Creates movies in a flash
  • Extensive editing toolkit for precise control
  • Easy-to-understand and well-designed UI
  • Supports motion graphics and allows editing of audio
  • Quick rendering process


  • Absence of advanced trim modes and does not offer video pre-trimming
  • Does not work on Apple Silicon M1
  • High usage of system resources
  • Steep learning curve


STARTING PRICE $30.95/year Free, $295/one-time
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Supported Formats

Popular video formats (MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.)

Popular audio formats (MP3, WAV, AAC, etc.)

Popular image formats (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.)

High-end codecs

4K, 8K, HDR

ProRes, RAW

Frame rate variability

What Is Movavi Video Editor?

movavi video editor logo

Movavi Video Editor is a highly functional program designed for aspiring and intermediate users, offering them an extensive range of tools and options. The main difference between Davinci Resolve vs Movavi is that the latter boasts an extremely intuitive interface making the creation process a worry-free task.

The range of distinctive features offered by Movavi is quite rich and the AI-fueled toolkit is one of them. It simplifies the workflow, especially such tasks as denoising sound and swapping backgrounds. Artificial Intelligence makes the UX of content creators enjoyable and stress-free.

Additionally, this free video editing software for gaming offers a so-called video library where all the projects are kept so it eliminates the need to deal with multiple folders, duplicates, etc. You can also benefit from its drag-and-drop functionality to move one file from one folder to another, so it is easy to manage your media by dividing it by category, year of release, etc.

If you are looking for an intuitive editor with a wide set of features, an excellent collection of effects, and a handy export option for creating pro-level videos in no time, Movavi is what you need. It attracts users with accessibility and excellent functionality that ensures a seamless and impressive editing experience.

movavi slow motion

Important Features of Movavi

movavi ai motion tracking
  • AI-fueled denoising. Leverage AI-powered denoising technology to erase any noise that can spoil your audio and get crystal clear sound.
  • Background deletion. There is no need for green screens to delete and swap backgrounds in your clips, so dynamic scene changes are guaranteed.
  • Impressive variety of effects. Spruce up your project with more than 180 filters like Glitch, Blur, VHS, and more to add some chic to a video and make it stylish.
  • Effective editing toolkit. To make sure that your video looks exactly like you want, trim, merge, resize, flip, and crop it without paying much effort.
  • Colors upgrade. To upgrade colors in your video and achieve its polished look take advantage of highlight effects as well as efficient color correction features.
movavi video editing tools
  • Fast exporting. Export videos quickly at high speed to share on various platforms and collect your likes.
  • AI motion tracking. Benefit from a smart motion-tracking tool to detect moving elements in your clips, which is great for adding titles or bringing focus to some objects.
  • Easy-to-understand interface. User-friendly UI and drag-and-drop functionality simplify the editing workflow making it enjoyable for novice users.
  • Stabilization. Eliminate shakiness and stabilize your clips to achieve pro-looking content with ease.
  • Audio editing. Leverage audio editing options to change sound levels, and add music and audiovisual elements to your content.

What Is DaVinci Resolve?

davinci logo

DaVinci Resolve is a color correction and non-linear video editing (NLE) program designed for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Writing this Movavi vs Davinci Resolve review, I’ve noticed that the latter is primarily oriented toward the professionals who work in such industries as film, television, and advanced video production. Users choose this tool because of its all-inclusive toolkit for editing videos, correcting colors, adding visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production.

Its advanced color grading tools let editors achieve pro-level results when correcting colors and working with HDR files. Besides, it offers Fusion and Fairlight suites for adding impressive visual effects and performing sophisticated audio editing correspondingly.

Another advantage of DaVinci Resolve is its ability to work with all common formats and support of various workflows, so no wonder that many editors consider this tool a winning option for professional users seeking top-rated post-production capabilities. But the major plus is that you can use and install it free.

davinci resolve editing tools

Important Features of DaVinci Resolve

davinci resolve color grading
  • High-end color grading. Leverage its sophisticated color correction options to upgrade and enhance colors like a pro.
  • Fusion visual effects. Check eye-grabbing visual effects and motion graphics offered by Fusion to create impressive node-based designs in no time.
  • Fairlight audio post-processing. Take advantage of the pro-level editing toolkit for tweaking, mixing, and performing other manipulations with audio tracks.
  • Collaboration with other users. Create a team of collaborators to work on the same project in real-time, making the workflow as efficient as it is possible.
  • HDR workflows. The ability to process HDR allows you to create impressive high dynamic range content in no time.
davinci resolve fusion visual effects
  • Supports many codecs. The ability to work with ProRes and RAW formats makes editing workflow more versatile and efficient.
  • Flexible frame rate. Working with various frame rates increases the flexibility of editing and production.
  • Supports high-resolution content. The tool supports 4K, 8K, and other high-resolution files allowing you to create impressive content.
  • Editing features. Comes with a high-end editing toolkit to perform any editing operation with extreme precision.
  • Regular updates. The developers release updates on a regular basis to fix bugs, enhance the program, and upgrade its functionality.

Movavi vs Davinci Resolve: Price

movavi vs davinci resolve prices

Movavi has several pricing packages for every taste and budget. To use the Movavi Video Suite 2024 you’ll need to purchase a yearly subscription to get access to Video Editor, Video Converter, and Screen Recorder.

Video Suite + Photo Editor is a more comprehensive package that provides users with a range of handy options including AI image enhancement, photo restoration, and background removal. Its cost is $35.95.

If you want to get access to all of Movavi’s video and audio editing options, be ready to pay $55.95 for the Movavi Unlimited subscription. But unlike its opponent in the DaVinci Resolve vs Movavi rivalry, the program lacks a free version.

DaVinci Resolve does not only offer a free version that supports various video formats including Ultra HD 3840 x 2160, but also offers multi-user collaboration and HDR grading.

If you want to access the tool’s high-end features, be ready to spend $295 and get DaVinci Neural Engine, Resolve FX, noise reduction, stereoscopic 3D support, and 10-bit video at higher frame rates, 4K and higher resolutions.

FixThePhoto Choice:

Movavi is a lightweight video editor, which is an ideal fit for users seeking a user-friendly yet functional editor. Its straightforward UI and intuitive toolkit make Movavi ideal for novices and creators looking for a highly capable and simple video editor.

On the contrary, DaVinci Resolve is one of the best video editing software for Windows, macOS, and Linux for seasoned and professional editors looking for high-end features for a more intricate video editing workflow. Its color grading and post-production capabilities are amazing.

However, if your priority is an intuitive workflow without compromising on quality, Movavi is the most suitable option that combines simplicity and multiple easy-to-use tools.